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      Being Only

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circle and dot

The Unmanifest, Unnamed, Universal

We have breathed out the ways. Now we breathe in to The Way.
We Remember, Rejoin, Relax, Live, and Enjoy.


The Unnamed Way

The Universal Perspective
The Way and Path
Enlightenment, Realization, The Mystic Life
The spiritual path
Classes, Learning, General writings
Practices, Exercises, Story work
Stories, Books, Writings, Texts
Downloads, Resources, Links


The Outer Work

The Endeavor of Heart
Service, Love, Giving, Doing.
Universal Worship Service Course
Peace in the World Effort
Compassion Work
101 Ways to Increase Compassion
and Compassionate Living


The Inner Life

The Tasting House
Practices and Teachings Bits and Pieces
Poems and prosetry
Tastes of the Real and Divine
Songs and Sayings
Recitations and Attunements;
Higher work of heart and breath
Becoming of The One
Spiritual Living
And for all these sections, audios, videos, reference works, practices, links, and more ...

Today's Practices

The World now needs more Love, Compassion, and Understanding. All benefits will stream through this.