About the Spiritual Learning Endeavor

huuu.org is a web site which expresses the Teaching of the Universal in a manner not tied or limited to a particular religion, path, or expression. It is of the Universal for it stems from this, The Real, based only upon experience of That Which Is.

The endeavor of the Spiritual Learning work is somewhat larger. It includes classes, writings, information, and interactions through practices, meeting, talks, work, and other efforts. This gives an opportunity to get a taste of the spiritual path toward the Way more directly. It is an outer expression of The Teaching and a transmission passing through the Prophets, Guides, Teachers, and Workers of The Way. It is Universal, for it is from and through the Real One Being, toward which and from which all the ways or paths come and to which they return.

It, the Spiritual Learning endeavor, is of course limited in form and scope. Such is the nature of all things and processes. However it is a step forward for all ways or paths in that there is a conscious attempt, by, and through the requests and guidance of All Those Beings who make up the One Body of Love, the Face of The Beloved, to provide and establish a transmission and process which reduces outer limitation. It is without many of the forms found in traditional schools or paths and is unnamed, that is, without calling it anything. These things, and some other approaches are methods of reducing or limiting crystallization.

There is always a question from people who contact this expression if it is connected with a path or way but just not called so. There are parallels in all schools; and this is the beginning stage of building such an attempt. Why are there so many things which repeat themselves? It is only because they are correct, or work. Expressions may change but Truth, That Which Is, exists and continues. In these ways, the Spiritual Learning Endeavor is part of this process in addition to bringing further steps through the transmission behind.

This expression stems from the request of workers and beings from and through the finer planes. It provides material with which to work, reminders to progress, practices, reference material, and information. It is not The Teaching. The Teaching is through life itself, and one, each person has within himself or herself the keys, connection, and being of this Great expression. It is finding it again that is the search.

Through this comes an initiatic process. Initiation is the stepping forward to a next stage; a step into The Real from which guidance comes. It is this linking, joining, willingly and consciously that leads to One Body. There is an initiatic process that takes place knowingly or unknowingly for all things and people. This, in the process underlying the Spiritual Learning expression, includes a conscious connection by means of attunement and transmission from the One Being and Those who make up the Larger Expression. It is joined, taking part through initiation and acceptance. This is not the "Spiritual Learning" endeavor. It is of the Universal.

The Spiritual Learning endeavor is much more limited in focus and scope. There is initiation, as stated. There are also work or efforts through which one may learn to function, or be part of the Greater Effort of helping people take a step forward. This is some of the work or effort of the inner school - something which is now just developing and in its early stages.

The direction and goal of this spiritually is assisting those who seek to go further than outer classes, talks, or limited experiences, toward a focused and concentrated means toward realization, experience, enlightenment, and liberation. Then, concurrently, going further and putting into practice through every day living the completeness of this growing transmission as a person - a human.

The guiding manner is through the relationship and transmission by means of a guide. It is expressed along with the transmission of the One at the same time. This allows for personal interaction and tailoring of the path to the individual as well as - and at the very same instant, as the person seeking the goals of realization, experience, enlightenment, and complete function, gains the guidance from and through Oneself - through that voice which is ever present and constantly speaks through the heart. This is where Truth expresses and real spiritual learning can take place.

Spiritual Learning in the smaller sense is only the outer process and portion. It touches on and can lead to more Real guidance, assistance, and connection via the initiatic process and transmission through many means. These means are for assisting the individual to remember and become again that which he or she already is, but has forgotten for a time. It is not teaching anything new, but rather assisting in finding and unveiling that which already exists and of which that being is, and more. This is remembering and growing again in that.

The process of Spiritual Learning in the much larger sense is not Zen, Sufi, Christian, Islam, Hebrew, or of any way. Yet all come from the same source, and it is of This and to This from which the Spiritual Learning endeavor comes and to which it points.

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