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The Path

  1. Remembering: All beings and things: plants, minerals, amimals, people, are progressing through the world toward realization - rebecoming - and unity. For some, a few relatively, this is a conscious and aware decision and process; but for all this is taking place. This talk speaks to those who are progressing consciously, choosing to remember, know, and act in The Real. It touches also on some of the overview and how to go further in this process. An mp3 of 16:26.

  2. The difference between Realization and Recognition: "Knowing" from an external perspective is being intellectually aware of or having an understanding of something. From the perspective of the mystic it is being able to "live as" or is living as that thing. That is, it is part of oneself, not only as an expression of consciousness or awareness, or a conclusion, but rather, and also as a means of being. This talk goes in to these differences and approaches to living, and how they relate to the spiritual path and experience. An mp3 of 17:59.

  3. Why Do this Spiritual Stuff?: Why place yourself toward Real spiritual experience and knowing/being (realization) at all? What is the reason beyond any personal limited desire for enlightenment? Why go beyond a so-called happy and pleasant life and the enjoyment of all that is here around us? Why put yourself through possibly difficult situations, work and effort, that is beyond what many who are well adjusted and "happy" do? And why reconsider what is real and continue the process of the perfection of self? These and other questions need to be considered at one time or another as one progresses through life. This talk is a first step toward examining and touches dome of the perspectives of the mystic. More will come through later talks, as well as how to progess - take steps toward these goals of realization and enlightenment; and how to live a more full life as part of One. An mp3 of 37:33.

  4. Stages and steps in the Real: Many people experience many levels or parts of the whole. These can be beneficial not only to the person but also to others. However, is being aware of a part or portion or level - or even being able to function within a realm of expanded consciousness - what is called by the mystic as "Higher Spiritual Realization" or living in Unity? An mp3 of 11:50.

  5. Progressing in the Way: a series of talks. What now? One has a sense or knowing that experience and realization is different and deeper than the intellectual and desires to go further. This series of talks discusses some of the next steps and what is involved.
          A.The Preliminaries: 1: An mp3 of 15:50. Touching on some of the very preliminary considerations and decisions.

          B.The Question of proceeding upon the path: 1: An mp3 of 19:22. Seeking guidance and assistance through another or going on one's own. SOme more information on placing yourself upon the path and the conditions needed.

          C. A further understanding of the path: An mp3 of 6:18. On traveling the path toward realization and how to obtain and gain some of the information and feeling of this process. More decisions to consider and make.

          D. Some more aspects of going further on the path: An mp3 of 23:45. Addresses having assistance or not. Some of the benefits of working with a guide. A little on how to discern a true path, schoo, and/or "teacher". Some of what a guide does and how to relate. A taste of a perspective of realization and the path through a reading.

  6. The Unnamed Way: An mp3 of 13:26.

  7. The Universal Perspective: Some of the attributes and qualities of the Universal Perspective. An mp3 of 16:51.

  8. Spiritual Realization (1): An introduction and brief overview of some of the attributes and qualities of Spiritual Realization. An mp3 of 24:03.

  9. Universal Initiation: That which takes place through this transmission and is a stage in the growth of an individual. An mp3 of 8:26.

  10. Guidance, understanding, and real function: An overview of three large subjects. Just a beginning taste. An mp3 of 14:09.

  11. Discrimination and Common Sense - 1: Primarily information for one seeking guidance. Just a beginning taste. An mp3 of 14:41.

  12. Discrimination and Common Sense - 2: Primarily information for one offering guidance. Just a beginning taste. An mp3 of 12:11.

  13. Apprenticeship in Mystic Living: An overview an introduction. An mp3 of 18:41.

  14. The Teaching of the Age: Unification of the ways. An mp3 of 11:56.

  15. Questions to Ask Yourself: What is real? What is it that is lasting, existing?. What realms, works, and levels of being exist? What do you really want? And more. These are questions to consider as you approach or travel the path. An mp3 of 4:37.

  16. What these Questions Do: Why consider the previous questions? What do they do? This short talk addresses that. An mp3 of 5:39.

  17. 4 Aspects of the Path: An mp3 of 6:30.

  18. The Teaching and it's conveyance: a series of talks.
          A.    The source of and purpose for what is called "The Teaching": A beginning, reviewing some of the Why and What of this continuing process of self-realization and expression. An mp3 of 14:19.
          B.    An Introduction and overview.: Going a little further into the scope and extent of The Teaching. Includes some background and overall process. An mp3 of 15:55.

          C.    A Story about The Teaching: A long metaphor about how what is called The Teaching works, what it is, and our relation to it. An mp3 of 18:07.

          D.    The Speaking Voice: Calling, reminding, heart, breath, love, light, now. An attunement and rememberance. An mp3 of 9:58.

          E.    Conveyance of The Teaching: More about the conveyance of understanding and the guidance that exists. This talk deals with the reality of how it works and how you can perceive it, and take part in this process more. An mp3 of 10:17.

          F.    Toward The Teaching: A little about what it means to place yourself toward The Teaching, your intention, basic attitudes and abilities, and some of how to perceive it. An mp3 of 23:23.

          G.    Practices Toward experiencing The Teaching: A series of about 20 practices which can be done to increase one's capacity to connect to and experience the Universal Guidance that exists and to be able to place yourself toward The Teaching and perceive it more. An mp3 of 24:54.

          H.    Conveyance of The Teaching: Guidance: What is the purpose for spiritual guidance and unfolding? What really is the so-called spiritual path and way? This talk deals somewhat with these questions. Before getting too far into something it can be good to have a little understanding of what is going on and include a larger perspective in this search or activity. It also can be useful to step back a little a consider a wider perspective about what you are doing and how some things work. This is putting the cart after the horse rather than before it. An mp3 of 26:29.

  19. The Work: a series of talks.
          A.    An introduction: An introduction to the greater work, guidance, and realization; moving from philosophy to experience and living again. An mp3 of 11:58.

          B.    The Way, Realization, and The Work: On the true relationship of these elements to living: in this world and other realms. On becoming, an introduction to the larger perspective, works, and doing; the beginning once more. An mp3 of 32:27.

          C.    The Greater Work, an Overview: About filling needs, the overall purpose and how this takes place through intention, intuition, guidance, and association. An mp3 of 16:34.

          D.    Approaching The Work: Daily service and activity. Why and how this takes place and the role and relationship of what is called "service". An mp3 of 24:41.

  20. Service and The Work: a series of talks.
          A.    A Framework of Service: Deals with the nature of service in spiritual progression and a little of the qualities and abilities needed to actually serve. An mp3 of 17:07.

    The following 6 talks deal with various aspects of learning, gaining abilities and functions, and attributes of both service and work. They are interrelated and as such are offered as a "package" so to speak, and are best heard in order. Some of the topics include intention, intuition. guidance: both inner and outer, association, the roles of a guide and organization, and transmission.

          A.    Service and Work # 1: An mp3 of 18:58.

          B.    Service and Work # 2: An mp3 of 12:17.

          C.    Service and Work # 3: An mp3 of 8:49.

          D.    Service and Work # 4: An mp3 of 6:15.

          E.    Service and Work # 5: An mp3 of 11:33.

          F.    Service and Work # 6: An mp3 of 7:24.

The Way

  1. The following talks deal with aspects of the mystic perpsective. These are not comprehensive but only a selection and will be added to from time to time. The first talk is both an introduction to and little explanation of the mystic perspective, and then the actual topic as indicated.

          A.    # 1: Decisions are subject to change at a breath's notice. An mp3 of 21:05.

          B.    # 2: The Donkey you ride to the gate is too large to fit through the door. An mp3 of 12:16.

          C.    # 3: You can't ride two horses at the same time. An mp3 of 6:56.

          D.    # 4: Where you place your attention you are. An mp3 of 7:39.

          E, F.    #'s 5, 6: What you put yourself toward you become; and what you place your attention on you become. An mp3 of 14:22.

The Teaching and Work

  1. Evolution of the Teaching and Work: An mp3 of 21:06. Addresses some of the growth and changes that take place in the expression of the Work and in filling needs in this and other worlds. Touches on some of the ramifications and difficulties in doing so and the resistance to change by organizations. Also introduces 3 current works: making more material available to the world, unification of the paths, and unnamed univeral initiation.

  2. Working with Personality: An introduction and overview of some of the aspects of developing and changing personality. Includes, among other things, self-examination, transmutation, and focus upon the positive and Ideal. An mp3 of 22:16.

  3. Intention is the key to Capacity: Goes into some of the specifics of intention and how this functions. Briefly discusses grace, the actions of the Universe, and other elements. An mp3 of 19:12.


  1. The Practice of Unity: An mp3 of 5:55. Introduces and provides a feeling for working with Samadhi - experiencing Unity. Provides a stepping stone approach and conveys a sense of and rough instructions in how to proceed.
  2. Pillow Learning: A practice which is extremely useful for gaining additional perspectives and working out questions.

  3. Writing with water: An extremely good approach to attunement.

The Current Work: a series of talks.

  1. Introduction part 1: On overview and continuation of earlier talks on the Work. This talk addresses some of the overall perspective and lays a groundwork for the coming talks. An mp3 of 27:39.

  2. Introduction part 2: Finishing the introduction, this talk relates how personal work takes place and how this pattern repeats itself on other levels and bodies - including the world. It speaks to patterns and needs, and then introduces several activities that are the primary focus of the greater work today. Further talks will go more into specifics and how people can be part of it. They also get into specifics of the needs of today, and general areas of work taking place now and for the coming years. An mp3 of 45:22.

  3. An Overview of the Current Work: Going in to more details on what is needed and taking place. The perspective is large, including an overall view as well as today's activities. This is so to correlate the two. It introduces the various elements of work in a general sense. Future talks will be more specific. An mp3 of 43:49.

  4. Considerations and Attitudes: A talk about how changes are brought into society and the world. Relating to this, there are certain considerations to have in doing the work, and attitudes that are beneficial to develop in dealing with others. An mp3 of 26:10.

  5. The Greatest Work: Today's greatest work is Love. The nature of being expresses itself through the world by love, unity, compassion, and helpfulness - all naturally through love. An mp3 of 17:06.

  6. Harmonizing the paths: About the work of unifying and harmonizing the paths, ways, and approaches to higher realization and experience. An mp3 of 19:28.

  7. Guidance and Inspiration: How this takes place. Includes the effect and opening of doors to capacity, understanding, and real work. An mp3 of 12:49.

  8. Balancing and Redressing: About work being done to correct problems of control, influence, and leadership. An mp3 of 8:56.

  9. Opening of the Way to all: About the movement away from reliance upon named or titled persons such as those making up a priesthood, toward general experience of all peoples - whether involved in a path formally or not. An mp3 of 12:07.

  10. Extending information and material: About the need for and process of opening of the ways that material previously held for initiates is being extended to all. This concerns the teachings, writings, and explanations of texts and work. An mp3 of 7:39.

  11. Fulfilling the Teaching: Concerns the need and focus upon fulfillment of previous teachings. Includes restoration and renewal, strengthening, and consolidating of the current burst of expressions rather than expansion. Touches on prophethood for all. An mp3 of 6:05.

  12. On Universal Initiation: the introduction, need, and growth. An mp3 of 7:24.

  13. Unnamed Initiation. An mp3 of 2:43.

  14. Understanding through Science: relates to how through science their is a growing understaning and appreciation of some of the functions of the mystic and acceptance of the values of paths. An mp3 of 6:58.
  15. Development of One Body: How we are moving toward the growth of one human family and how we all take part in this process. An mp3 of 7:37.

  16. Introducing elements into Society: How Real mystic approaches and work is introduced into the world. Includes the promotion of peace, compassion, and understanding of the ways. An mp3 of 6:44.

  17. The use of words in real work: This first includes extended comments on the work in general, how people who really know work, some considerations in dealing with people, and more; and then, secondly, specifically some of what Inayat Khan brought through; and touch on topics such as the use of words, their sources, instructions those speakers/workers leave, what is original, attitudes and approaches, changing words even if instructed in general not to do so, statements by Inayat Khan, some interpretations and misconceptions people have, and more. An mp3 of 40:39.

Commentaries on stories about how people work.

These commentaries focus primarily on aspects of work done by "teachers" or guides. While the stories are more inclusive, the central point is to show some of the many ways the people who really know act and deal with others. This section starts with an introduction to work in general - with an emphasis on the so-called Unseen work, and then another prelude to the actual stories and commentaries. Following those the stories will be read and commented upon. These are preceded by a talk on the use of teaching stories.

  • About Story Work:
    A talk on the use of teaching stories An mp3 of 22:50. (This talk is found on the website.)

    1. Levels of Work: with a focus on the so-called higher (more refined) and unseen work, including that by seekers, guides in training, teachers, directors of orderings, and those beyond. An mp3 of 42:08.

    2. Introducing the commentaries on stories: What is covered, the sources, the focus, and a few other aspects. An mp3 of 8:46.

      Note: each of the following begins with a reading of the story and then the commentary.

    3. Story #1: An mp3 of 4:03.      Commentary on Story #1: An mp3 of 16:04.

    4. Story #2: An mp3 of 1:36.      Commentary on Story #2: An mp3 of 3:35.

    5. Story #3: An mp3 of 0:37.      Commentary on Story #3: An mp3 of 4:03.

    6. Story #4: An mp3 of 0:53.      Commentary on Story #4: An mp3 of 2:23.

    7. Story #5: An mp3 of 5:44.      Commentary on Story #5: An mp3 of 10:15.

    8. Story #6: An mp3 of 1:38.      Commentary on Story #6: An mp3 of 3:09.

    9. Story #7: An mp3 of 1:24.      Commentary on Story #7: An mp3 of 3:54.

    10. Story #8: An mp3 of 1:05.      Commentary on Story #8: An mp3 of 7:34.

    11. Story #9: An mp3 of 0:46.      Commentary on Story #9: An mp3 of 5:35.

    12. Story #10: An mp3 of 4:20.      Commentary on Story #10: An mp3 of 4:52.

    13. Story #11: An mp3 of 1:31.      Commentary on Story #11: An mp3 of 5:32.

    14. Story #12: An mp3 of 1:37.      Commentary on Story #12: An mp3 of 4:31.

    15. Story #13: An mp3 of 1:07.      Commentary on Story #13: An mp3 of 5:52.

    16. Story #14: An mp3 of 4:02.      Commentary on Story #14: An mp3 of 5:56.

    17. Story #15: An mp3 of 1:21.      Commentary on Story #15: An mp3 of 1:29.

    18. Story #16: An mp3 of 1:59.      Commentary on Story #16: An mp3 of 5:41.

    19. Story #17: An mp3 of 1:04.      Commentary on Story #17: An mp3 of 1:40.

    20. Story #18: An mp3 of 0:37.      Commentary on Story #18: An mp3 of 1:36.

    21. Story #19: An mp3 of 2:37.      Commentary on Story #19: An mp3 of 6:01.

    22. Story #20: An mp3 of 2:18.      Commentary on Story #20: An mp3 of 9:29.
      Read and save this story for work.

    23. Story #21: An mp3 of 0:35.      Commentary on Story #21: An mp3 of 1:48.

    24. Story #22: An mp3 of 1:39.      Commentary on Story #22: An mp3 of 3:56.

    25. Story #23: An mp3 of 2:34.      Commentary on Story #23: An mp3 of 3:39.

    26. Story #24: An mp3 of 1:47.      Commentary on Story #24: An mp3 of 2:25.

    27. Story #25: An mp3 of 1:03.      Commentary on Story #25: An mp3 of 5:23.

    28. Story #26: An mp3 of 2:18.      Commentary on Story #26: An mp3 of 3:38.

    29. Story #27: An mp3 of 0:57.      Commentary on Story #27: An mp3 of 7:01.

    30. Story #28: An mp3 of 1:33.      Commentary on Story #28: An mp3 of 3:37.

    31. Story #29: An mp3 of 1:52.      Commentary on Story #29: An mp3 of 3:38.

    32. Story #30: An mp3 of 1;24.      Commentary on Story #30: An mp3 of 3:31.

    33. Story #31: An mp3 of 3:15.      Commentary on Story #31: An mp3 of 4:07.

    34. Story #32: An mp3 of 3:03.      Commentary on Story #32: An mp3 of 4:07.

    The Universal Way: Teachings, Guidance, Understanding, Experience

    1. Introduction 1 : Matter of fact, grounded start to this section; dealing with evolution, spiritual realization, and function. An mp3 of 19:24.

    2. Introduction 2: Watery, soft, meditative like continuation; more of an attunement without thinking itave out. A taste, conveying a feeling, a sense, touching on The Real. Relax and experience within this, solosemething as a meditation, guided and felt. An mp3 of 12:46.

    3. Communication part 1: Communion of Heart and Breath. Talk about the connection to other beings, means of communication, and the role of attunement and becoming. An mp3 of 15:14.

    4. Communication part 2: More on communion, attunement, transmission, and realization. An mp3 of 22:58.

    5. Communication part 2: More on communion, attunement, transmission, and realization. An mp3 of 22:58.

    6. Straight talk on the spiritual path #1: An mp3 of 26:46.

    7. Straight talk on the spiritual path #2: An mp3 of 25:26.
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