The Journey

Beloved, you place yourself upon the path
set sail on the winds of love
the light sea holds you in its mist
and Its Greater Love in arms and breath.

You are the sands and the sea
the merchant and the goods
upon the winds you trust
and sturdiness of vessel
that carries you unto Itself
this pure land

As you step upon the path
place heart toward the Highest
the least will bow unto This
the Only One.
And you shall be carried
as to your intention.

Take heed
for your true desire
of heart and action,
mind and fears,
worries and wants
limit or open these doors.

Take heed and trust
throw yourself upon
the wind of mercy
and hope shall be yours
for you will be carried
to your true heart's goal.

And once there, standing with the thrushes, sounding lightly all their songs,
amidst the thorns and flowers of the rose
all this shall open up
and the path becomes a way
that stepping stone again,
here further
for your intentions
shall open that door wide
or close it shut.

Subtle are these differences
in hope and faith,
trust and knowing;
placing yourself toward The Highest alone
becoming will be yours
again - once more.