About the World Light site.

This site is now in the early growing stage. You will see additions to it from time to time.

Here you should be finding qualities, teachings, and practices dedicated primarily to the use of the Light, Love, Breath through the every day world.

These will likely be expressed through practices such as exemplified by the Universal Worship Service, Healing groups and works, and the application, through your inner guidance of what is needed in and through these worlds; and especially in this denser orb.

There likely will be applications of guidance and assistance in daily living, such as through one's own life - your own if you apply it. A person can seek and find a greater purpose to living than simply making money or doing independently.

By and through connection to That Which Is, and to all those beings, seen and unseen, who are part of the One Body, then you also find yourself becoming of this work, the current effort toward helping the world and all those withing this plane, coming into and going from it. You are part of the solution, leading the way toward greater growth in joy, love, happiness, peace, and being human.

Here you will find a few steps and way to go further in the being of it. Should you desire more writings and practices of a spiritual nature, including texts, reference work, teachings of the path toward realization, and so forth, please also consider visiting the associated site huuu.org.

Peace and Love - being Joy, Being One, Real.

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