Associated Sites The Way and Path: Enlightenment, Realization, The Mystic Life is a web site which expresses the Teaching of the Universal in a manner not tied or limited to a particular religion, path, or expression. It is of the Universal for it stems from this, The Real, based only upon experience of That Which Is.

The endeavor of the Spiritual Learning work is somewhat larger. It includes classes, writings, information, and interactions through practices, meeting, talks, work, and other efforts. This gives an opportunity to get a taste of the spiritual path toward the Way more directly. It is an outer expression of The Teaching and a transmission passing through the Prophets, Guides, Teachers, and Workers of The Way. It is Universal, for it is from and through the Real One Being, toward which and from which all the ways or paths come and to which they return.

Spiritual Learning in the smaller sense is only the outer process and portion. It touches on and can lead to more Real guidance, assistance, and connection via the initiatic process and transmission through many means. These means are for assisting the individual to remember and become again that which he or she already is, but has forgotten for a time. It is not teaching anything new, but rather assisting in finding and unveiling that which already exists and of which that being is, and more. This is remembering and growing again in that.

The process of Spiritual Learning in the much larger sense is not Zen, Sufi, Christian, Islam, Hebrew, or of any way. Yet all come from the same source, and it is of This and to This from which the Spiritual Learning endeavor comes and to which it points.

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