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Peace in the World

Universal Peace, Personal Action, and Global Healing

There is a continuous work taking place all the time toward global peace and the increased experience of "Universal Peace". This is a growing cooperative effort from and through many beings on many levels. Peace in the World expression here has offerings by many persons. We can become aware of and enter into this ongoing concentration and activity. You can take part and help.

One must first create peace in oneself
if one desires to see peace in the world;
for lacking peace within,
no effort of this can bring any result.

You can begin today by reading, listening, attuning, practice, and then by doing. You are invited to become one of those many beings helping to promote and convey Universal Peace through all the world, and to help heal the ills of the planet. If you are doing so already, some of this material may be of assistance in going further.

We discover peace through (and in) the realization
that the whole of existence is reflected in the parts,
and from the parts comes the ever-greater whole.
We discover the whole world needs the whole world.

Here you will find many writings and audios. They include information and practices to become of this work. Follow your heart and follow your breath. They will guide you to action. Starting with what is below and then acting on these steps with your intention to help - you will. It is experience and doing, not just words.

Your neighbor is your unknown self made visible.
His face shall be reflected in your still waters,
and if you gaze therein you shall behold your own countenance.

On the NEXT page [link below] among other things, you will find three talks on the subject of Universal Peace and personal action. Should you be inclined to actually get in to the work and effort, they would be valuable to listen and attune to. All are mp3's. They last in total about 40 minutes. They also can be found on the audios page. They are titled Peace 1, Peace Overall, and Peace Further. You might also find some value in taking a quick look and overview of what so far is here - and then return here and read below. To do that, please visit The Peace Contents Page.

To offer something to be considered for inclusion here,
please read the submissions page.

Should you find some errors, typos, things that are unclear, difficulties in navigating this work, or suggestions to improve it; please Contact us.

Some statements and sayings to consider.
Try contemplation first. Then, try application second.

Here is a short writing on approaching contemplations.

Of all the things written here, above, or through the rest of these pages, no matter how high or sublime, if you are able to simply be a caring and considerate person, helping where help is needed, then you will have done more than all the scholars and interpreters of wisdom. No action is more valuable than you being a person of peace, love, caring, and helpfulness. If you can live each day doing things of some real benefit to others and the planet, then all will be well.

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