Vision of Love: Universal Worship

The Universal Worship Service

A way for all people of all beliefs to come together in worship and praise of The Only, That Which Is, and to share in that Love, Heart, Breath, and Light of The Real, Truth.

Brought forward initially through Inayat Khan, the Universal Worship Service is now extended to all persons who would take part in conducting and conveying this. You are given the authority to do so through your attunement of heart, breath, and alignment of intention. A link to a detailed explanation of this is below.

The Universal Worship Service is a means for all to come together at one altar and in one place, to worship the Only Divine One. On the introduction page (link below) is a brief description of the general framework of this service. Detailed steps are provided later for your use in developing the awareness and abilities to conduct and convey this transmission. You will be able to modify these and other aspects as you are so guided to meet the needs of your particular situations or meetings.

There are also many reference works included for your use so you will be able to gain a more complete sense of this work. The current effort is to include all persons who seek to be able to convey this. It is offered to anyone without regard for path, religious affiliation - or no religious affiliation or inclination, and with or without initiation into a path or any office. There are detailed audios of each step with which you can work. All of them can be modified. None are so sacred that they can not be altered in some way according to your True and Real guidance and inspiration. You are the conveyor. Found here is a framework and starting point. This service and its effectiveness will be developed and grow with and through you as you place yourself within it.

Authorization for you to conduct this service.
Introduction to the service

Universal Worship Contents
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