You are invited to take part in the Teaching of the Ages. This is current today and expresses Itself through all paths of Truth. All those who seek to go further, to find out what is Real and True, to remember yesterday's treasure as today life, are called to the Circle of Love.

As you progress in your life so you too find the way within. The Teaching of the Ages is of the heart and it calls to all sincere souls.

Here you will find the way to The Way. It does not depend upon name or form. No teacher can call himself or herself that who places himself before you and prior to The One, for it is only through That Which Is that causes one to be able to assist and help in guidance. And assistance is no teaching, for it is only holding of the way, opening the door to helping you step through as you do, and why the guidance of The One Being who makes up yourself is True. No person leads you, but your heart. No way of religions or name can substitute for The Only. No person, however strong, can take the place of Truth.

This is the way then upon which you embark when you enter the School of Life. Come forward you who seek to enter. There is always help. It is here in this world and ever present through the heart of each person. Some of the keywords of this site are: spiritual learning, spiritual teaching, spiritual practices, mysticism, enlightenment, spiritual realization, meditation practice, meditation, meditative breathing, spiritual dance, spiritual walk, meditation classes, spiritual classes, sufi classes, sufism, spiritual breath, breath and spiritual, spiritual growth, mystical experience, samadi, spiritual experience, Zen, Zen Practices, Buddhism, Christian mysticism, Taoism, Judaic mysticism, dharma, karma, religion, spiritual books, spiritual talks, spiritual audios, spiritual videos, story work, spiritual stories, the spiritual path, the Way, chanting, wazifa, 99 names, Samuel Lewis, Inayat Khan, Paul Reps, discipleship, healing, downloads, compassion, initiation, peace practices, prayer, spiritual remembrance, zikr, universal experience, universal perspective.