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40 Contemplation Themes

  1. Gaining and Giving: Look not for what you can gain, but rather for what you can give. The gaining will then come of its own.

  2. How many ways can one include all? Only one. Heart holds all being. Love holds heart. One holds all.

  3. The Unseen Ones said "It is not enough to just sit with us. Be with us in Love".

  4. Theory without application is like a recipe without food.

  5. Use what you have and more shall be added.

  6. Work is doing - on any level. Real work stems from the Real.

  7. When a person seeks that which is needed, rather than that which is wanted, he can begin to learn.

  8. Travel without real purpose is useless and self-defeating, but for one purpose. That is to learn from the error and not repeat it. Looking first for the guidance, inspiration, timing, and reason will provide enough to start. The rest will unfold through action and non-action.

  9. The reason why people do what they do is almost always from desire. This can include wants or fears. Usually action is conditioned by these rather than real purpose or need. The one who first seeks the cause to act will find action comes of its own. This is done by aligning heart, breath, and desire with that One from which all real action stems, or with those ones who know and act with this capacity.

  10. The painting of the picture of reality is read through the heart pure of service.

  11. One follows the teaching to the end. The true teacher does not always explain. Neither does life, for one gets what one needs - one step before the next.

  12. To do what is needed to do is nothing more, or less, then fulfilling one's life.

  13. Simply because one knows many practices does not mean any are useful or appropriate. What is needed is what is needed, when and how, not sundry other things. A menu is useful only for study, theory, or appropriate to another at the correct time and circumstance.

  14. One right action is worth a thousand random attempts.

  15. Blind repetition, even of one who knew and acted rightly, or taught correctly for a time and people, leads to nothing but decay and loss.

  16. There are many who know, but they follow only the Knower of all.

  17. To be absorbed is the goal - and then one can begin to live.

  18. What has been before, will be again, and is now, needs helping hands to show its face.

  19. What is right and what is wrong, above and below, light and darkness, up and down, in and out? That which is and is not - and beyond.

  20. We may provide the means; and that may be very different than what is conceived of by another - especially the one to whom it is provided.

  21. That which is considered the action often is misinterpreted as to its function.

  22. Do you look for excitement, entertainment, or Real learning? Question yourself and examine well your circumstances, actions, desires, and what satisfies them. Inward or outward, your goal will show its face when you take its hand in truth.

  23. The capacity of the person must be taken into account before the action takes place.

  24. True work comes in many forms. Many times, the most effective is the least visible, or even perceived of as work.

  25. A guide is a doorkeeper, opening it to whom and that which should enter and closing it to those and that which should not.

  26. The religions are as branches to a tree. Sometimes a branch withers and dies, yet still remains on the tree. It will bring forth neither leaves nor fruit. It is absurd to call it alive and well, yet many cling to the dead branch, calling it something it is not. The tree may be cut down but the roots still live and will send up new shoots from which a tree may grow. The roots may be dug out and removed, yet there remains kernels from the fruit of the tree as nuts and seeds. They too may go or fall upon barren ground, yet trees elsewhere will send their seeds by the wind. And if they should not, then other trees will grow from the natural growth. But of all trees and this progression and replenishment there is one source from which all trees are supported and live. It is to this they aspire to and return, dead and decayed, or living and vivid.

  27. The one who does not know, quotes another. One who has attained, speaks for himself. The one who knows, does.

  28. The work of an individual is in proportion to his realization and capacity.

  29. Increase your need to increase its filling.

  30. To increase need raise your intention higher in true service and giving.

  31. One's work is to increase Love, Joy, and Peace in this world. From this, one knows.

  32. Placing yourself in the highest means becoming a servant of all.

  33. How breath and heart work together with intention is a mystery. An understanding of this solves mysteries and answers questions.

  34. Seeking happiness is an effect. Become aware of its cause.

  35. Joy pervades the universe. To partake, breathe.

  36. Passing Joy, or Peace, or Love on makes room for more to enter and pass through.

  37. When thinking of service or passing on a quality, this process is blocked and no more will come - until it actually is conveyed or done in selflessness.

  38. To cooperate, become aware of another's point of view. This is done through attunement of breath. The rest will follow, according to your intention.

  39. Attention in all things to the degree needed is beneficial. Pay attention. What? Attention, attention - now. What? Attention, attention, attention.

  40. Life always guides. The questions are: 1, if you turn to it; 2, if you recognize it; and 3, if you follow it. Do you? Attention.

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