An Apprenticeship to living the mystic life

What to expect in approaching this guidance and transmission

All people of heart are welcomed into this transmission. If you are a follower of the path or teacher of the Way, you are welcome in sincerity, if this is where you are led. If you are a follower of a way or seeker of Truth, come in. Enter in love, bliss, joy, peace, and harmony as it is brought through this means. If you are a seeker of the path of unfoldment and realization, drawn to The Light, come forward and be accepted upon your journey to begin in earnest. Should you be leaving a particular approach and are drawn to The Way, The Universal, know also that there is but one work, and this is of It. As you seek, so you are given. Welcome.

To each according to need and potential. This is the offering of The Real. It is open to all. But all are not equal in terms of present capacity and background. These are variable and will be treated differently. This is through the discernment of needs in moving forward.

To the one who has been taking place in a true transmission under or through the guidance of another being, you will need to demonstrate the reality of this guidance being completed and that you are being led to this step. For if you are avoiding completion through a Real Work, why would you do any differently here? Completion of previous steps is needed first to be free to go on. Otherwise, repeat your failures.

To the one who has completed the way through a path, then you are welcome should your knowing bring you to this door. Heart and Breath expands and grows. And you can learn much here and take place in an expression of The Way growing in this world. But you must be sure that it is of Real Guidance you are led to this door. If so, there is much more to do.

For the one who has sought yet not been involved with the direct experience of transmission or guidance; there is much you will need to learn to accommodate the way. Even though you may have great experience, you will have many areas in which to correlate and know the position of your station and how these experiences compare to those of various traditions or expressions. This is needed to understand your base before moving forward too much more. Yet, you too are welcome to take part. What may be given you will be different than another seeker. And for you also, much more awaits. The Teaching is of Heart and while it unfolds of Itself, to learn of The Way through another's eyes is important and valuable.

For the one to whom the way of the spirit is now just unfolding and awakening is beginning or now coming stronger to the fore, where you are desirous of your journey; know also that you are welcomed to start. But your work will be even more than the others, for there is no background with which you can work. However, your way may also be easier in a sense, for there is little unlearning of or attachment to a process or method. Here you may start fresh, so to speak. BUt there are many preliminaries toward which to attend. Much of the remaining writing here is for you and for the one who has experienced without the guidance of the Real Teacher. Here you will be told a little of the process and means offered through this transmission and how it may work. For the others, approach and see what response is given.

For the seeker of interest or person who is sincere but shallow; go forward and develop roots which will allow you to hold to the path. If you desire the superficial or are easily satisfied, or just want to see if something can meet your limited needs, to feel better or know a little, or have someone or something take care of you or berate you, or provide a fellowship or support; then go elsewhere for these things. You are not in the right place.

There is a teaching and it exists. Here there is an effort to continue The Way of the Universal. It is to bring forward a means toward realization and experience for the true seeker, and to provide a means and way to become one of the Workers of Love, and Transmitters of Light. It is not for the timid or weak. Here you will find a way to accommodate your life's expressions and the need to fulfill the purpose of your being and living, through giving, service, doing what it is you are called to do.

And for all who come here, know that there is a Greater Work of Love and Harmony and Universality which is the expression of this age. You enter in to becoming part of the effort and way of supporting and assisting all others - should you become part of it. This is not easy, but needed in the world. You are welcomed to take part.

Harmony is needed in this effort. You are welcome to take part in the harmonization with others, to learn of and to create a ladder which will exist in this earth to the heavens. You will become a partner of The Real should you go far enough. And this is the stepping stone of The Work you begin. Later, you will be led to The Greater Body, should you become of it through going far enough. And of this you also will need to harmonize. For you must learn to become of one. This is the apprenticeship to that.

Now you know a little of the purposes of this effort. Becoming of it, should you seek the Real Work or be led to take part if you are becoming already, is open to you. Approach and be welcomed. See where this can lead. Ask, and a response will come.

Now we will move on to a discussion of the potential activity for all who may enter here, but especially for those of the unknowing or continuing. So for those of you who feel you are more advanced or are simply bored, You may want to consider going to the contents page. For the rest, please continue.

Beloveds, many times I am asked outwardly or it is questioned silently by those seeking guidance, what it is that they can expect to either go through or be requested to do before receiving real guidance and accepted in the Way through initiation.

This of course must vary according to the individual, and so will be different for each person in their particulars and how this works out. But there are several general actions, processes, and decisions that will be fairly common to all. There is a similar evaluation of suitability to the task and acceptance into guidance that also will take place. The following will give you information on what may take place, and generally in the rough order or process.

No doubt, if you have come to the point of reading this for more than entertainment or curiosity, you have spent a little time on this web site and read through some other material also. For you to really begin to consider this which is offered as a possible source of guidance or assistance to a goal of some sort, you must have at least a preliminary understanding of what is being offered, and some of the perspectives of this work. In addition, you must feel some sort of resonance or harmony. Otherwise, why go further? So the first step, if you are still inclined, is to find out as much as you can through the writings here.

You then need to pay attention to what is being expressed and how much it takes to get to the goals of realization, experience, and function toward which this effort points. If you are not inclined to commit yourself to your own personal goal of spiritual realization and function, then why would you continue on toward this?

If you still decide you are not only "inclined" to pursue this as a possible means to guidance, but also are truly clear about what you seek, then it is time to consider requesting a meeting. Of course, this means that you really are clear about what you seek. The first question usually asked of a person is something like "what are you looking for or seeking". So the step for you, prior to requesting a meeting is to spend the time feeling and getting as clear as you can about what it is that you are seeking.

Then evaluate that, as best as you can, in relation to what is being said here. Does it agree or not? Is what is pointed toward here what you are looking for? Do you want a teaching, a social group, a means to share with other people in the spiritual life? What is it in particular that you really want?

You do have some sense and ability to discern both intellectually and through feeling if this is in accord with those goals or not. You also have some degree of common sense. Use it. If there are many statements which say and repeat things like "there needs to be a commitment of self to The One and surrender only to this" or something else, for example, is this in accord with what you want to do? Do you really want to spend your life in service, giving and doing what is needed to be done through you, fulfilling the reasons for your living? Or would you be satisfied being able to feel good and balanced, and be able to get through life a little better? If the latter, there are many other venues for doing these things. You likely would be better off with them.

If you keep reading things here about the many levels of realization and experience and feel it is enough for you to become aware of a little of this; then why would you even begin to place yourself toward this work? Too much would be asked of you.

Along that line, perhaps you feel you would really like to know the Truth. Well, how much are willing to do to know that? Would an hour a week or a day be too much? How about 2 hours? What do you think would "work" for you in your life? How about your whole life? Would that become too much? Or does this seem just right? You are going to be asked for your life - asked from your own self - not by this person or this worldly effort or work. Can you put yourself toward this? That is a question of your more real intention. What do you really want to do? How far do you seek to go? How much are you willing to give of yourself to reach those goals? If your answers are something like: "oh, not too much, or this much", then perhaps another person or group would be a better choice. Or even when you say something like "whatever it takes". What does that mean to you?

Let us say you go through all this self-examination and spend the time and effort to read and work with and pay attention to the writings here, and then relate them compared to what you seek and how you feel, and then still wish to continue. Ask for an appointment and see what comes back to you. But don't do this prematurely, before you have determined, as best you can, that this feels right and that you want to place yourself upon the path to realization, becoming, and service. Why bother if you don't want to? This makes no sense to pursue further.

Let us say you decide to request an appointment and one is set up. You then will likely be questioned in several manners as to what you seek, if you have read the material here; what your understanding of the path is; and so forth. You can expect to be put to the test of sincerity.

At this point you likely will be either turned away or given some work to do. If you are not willing to do it, then this becomes a good way to weed out the superficial person, because just saying something does not make it true. Let's find out a little more about what you really are through offering work to do. This then becomes a means of evaluation. So be prepared to be asked to do something. If you don't feel you want to add more to your active life now, or if you would not be willing to cut out some things you are doing to make room for added effort or work, then it is likely you should not even have come in the first place.

If, on the other hand, you are prepared to do whatever is asked, then there is a possibility at least to proceed.

This is all preliminary to actual guidance or more real assistance. Even should you be given some work to do and perhaps a practice or two or some things to read or study, still all this is only in the preparatory stage. It is something like getting the beginning or background courses prior to being accepted to enter a school of higher learning, for example, a medical school. There are a lot of preliminaries even before entering the school for the first time. Such is the spiritual work of learning.

The difference is one of scope, intent, and learning approach. In the areas people are most are used to, there is the addition of what is called knowledge and experience on the base of information and intellectual understanding; and the addition of experience in a hands-on manner. This is usually a set course or regimen. In the field of endeavor known as the spiritual path, it is unlearning much of what previously was thought to be real, or a basis for living. Here a new set of circumstances is introduced, and a person begins to look and feel and live from a different perspective. It is the philosophy put into action.

Here also there must accordingly be the development of capacity for the finer realms and approaches more than what is so-called, normally, done. It will, or may, tax you to do this. All the preparation is a way to gather a sense and feeling for the path and approach offered. These will be tailored to the individual, so you can not generalize other than in some minor areas. One thing you can say, it is not your learning in the traditional sense. Nor is it limited to some pigeon hole, no matter how large.

This is your entire life and approaches to living and experience we are talking about. And this extends to many realms and levels of which you are not even aware, never mind live in. There has to be a way constructed which will allow you to feel and catch this. And this transmission then must deepen and be be able to assist you in further growth and eventually learning to be your own person, freely fulfilling your own work.

These steps we have been discussing are little starting points. They also provide the means for a sorting out process to take place. This involves your choices, decisions, assumptions, goals, and desires, as well as what is appropriate to offer you in terms of experiences, tests, and opportunities.

All this takes association. That means more time and effort. As you will not necessarily be living in the same house or place, or town; you will need to be either traveling here on a regular basis or find some ways to associate directly. Learning how to operate in the spiritual realm is assimilated through contact and by working, doing. These things do not come just because you wish them to. Further, if you really want to learn how to operate in these other realms and through daily life in ways you usually do not, then you will need to pick this up. Direct contact and experience of viewing, feeling, sensing, attuning to, observing, and trying are the best ways. This is why I speak of the spiritual path and learning process as an apprenticeship to living the spiritual or mystic life. It is how it is transmitted and gained.

You will be asked to do more and more in the spiritual realms as you progress until it becomes your whole life and entire way of living. This doesn't mean you have to give up your job or relationships or become a recluse or do only what are called outwardly spiritual things. But it does mean that you will be called upon to fulfill what you need to do, in the ways that are appropriate for you. In this case, it means dedicating your life to the Truth and doing whatever you should for Its transmission through your personality and body. So expect that in the training and apprenticeship stages that you will be offered more and more work to do.

This will usually be given when needed, not when sought. Whatever is offered is the work to do - or not to do. Again, this is a case where you may not understand why you are being asked to do or not do something. But that is what is seen as appropriate by the one guiding, who is a worker in this field. If you don't want to do this or open the way for this possible course of action and the degree of trust necessary to follow this guidance, then it is better if you don't even start. Why? Because there will eventually be a conflict within yourself that you won't want to do something or go further. This can be minimized or reduced when you are aware of the process even before you start. But be warned. This will come. If you are not prepared for it and willing to take on the challenges of your own desires, then don't even begin. Wait until you feel more confident and comfortable with the possibility of putting everything in your life on the line and giving all.

By the way, even if you start correctly and belive you are willing to do whatever it takes, you will find at one point that it requires even more than you thought or felt. This is just the way it is. This whole process becomes very real at some point and if you aren't prepared to make these steps, or you don't want to, then you will likely quit the process. These are aspects which develop, also. You don't generally start with all the trust and effort you end with. These grow.

In addition, these are some of the reasons why you are given work or do things in certain ways. It is to develop the attributes and abilities to go further. It is not "nice" to trick a person or offend them, or mislead them, or do many things, but all these and more may be done. You need to have or develop the faith and trust to bear them, go through them, and seek the reasons for or why only as a by-product to doing. It is not "nice". Sometimes that is called for.

In addition to this, expect to be challenged. Just when you may think or feel that everything is ok and that you have a handle on how things work and are getting comfortable doing something, it is usually a good time to shake things up and go further. So if you want comfort and ease and not doing things which challenge you, then you probably should not be doing this kind of stuff. Again, you will be tested, and the tests or trials may either not be readily apparent or in the forms you are used to.

When you place yourself toward the goals of realization - which means becoming - and functioning; which is the means through which you fulfill your life's purposes, and you seek guidance and assistance in this, you ask that guide to do whatever it takes, when it is needed, in the manner it is needed, to reach these goals. Assistance is not always pleasurable, nor does it necessarily satisfy what you prefer or like in superficial or meaningless ways. Because of this, there may be conflicts with what you want to do and with what is asked of you or offered to you. This is something, when you are in the process of being guided, you will need to reconcile and to which you will also need to adapt.

Consider (by the way, this request means, actually do consider: pay attention to, reason and feel) the relationship of a journey such as this to a much simpler journey; say, crossing the ocean or the continent when you don't know where you are going or how to get there, or have the means to cross the expanse. Rather than go into all the details through a long, extended metaphor, consider what it would be if you approached someone to guide you in the travel and were told you had misconceptions about what the place was like you were heading toward, had little understanding of the perils - and pleasure - of what you were crossing; had to develop skills (like sailing or driving, or greater strength, have a proper vehicle, etc., etc., etc.). Now apply that to an even more complicated or distant journey with many levels and planes and processes unlike anything to which you are accustomed. Would you not feel that trust was necessary? Would you not be willing to follow what was offered even if it conflicted with your preconceptions, misconceptions, or unknowing? Would you not do all you could when it was asked of you in your best interests? These, and more, are some of the qualities and approaches you must be willing to have if you are to be successful in your quest.

In addition to the more limited journey of guidance in the spiritual realm by and through a person, you will find, should you go far enough, that these are also the qualities you need to go further toward The Real and become your own person - fulfilling your life. These are aspects which relate directly to your relationship with the unseen beings, Beloved, Ideal, "God" if you will; and your relationship to Truth Itself. You need them to do and be. Here you can learn them. It is like love, itself. You learn love through the relationship of another person and then extend it to The One in a deepening of this reality. How do you expect to have it with the unseen when you can't with the present and seen? It just doesn't work that way. Further, it fulfills the unseen when That becomes present in the seen: Its many aspects and faces.

This is the path we are speaking of; and how you approach it is important. It is valuable to consider the process in light of your understanding this.

I am going to also ask you to consider the relationship of learning a craft or art under or through the guidance of a master craftsman - say a wood worker, or weaver, or metal worker, or a musician, or painter, or sculptor. And with this in mind, consider the approach to this person to take you on, accept you, as a student learner who could hang around, live with, do, work with, learn from, catch the nuances, feel your way, try out, see how the other person did things, and so forth and so on. This is what we call apprenticeship.

Further, if this was some master musician or artist or crafts person with limited time and effort, would it not be reasonable that he or she would primarily focus and work with those who had already developed the basic or preliminary skill and or abilities? If those people could get these skills and basics elsewhere, then why would this person spend his or her time and effort training you in them? Would it not first be reasonable that the person seeking guidance and assistance of the master craftsman or artist or musician first get as many skills before approaching her or him? And if this "teacher" said, "go get more, or do this or that and then come back", would that not also be a reasonable approach?

Now in the spiritual realm there are many areas in which people can get the preliminaries. Why not do that and get these first? Is it because of importance, unknowing, an overblown sense of self? Whatever it is, think about this and relate it to the spiritual realm and guidance and assistance as you would the apprenticeship of a craft or art. And how would you gain the nuances and teaching and feeling of approaches of the artist or musician or crafts person without association, time, and effort? Here too, I could go on for a long time with another extended comparison. Rather than me do this work and you just read it, I will ask you to ponder this yourself. Feel it. Examine it. Get a very good sense of what it would take to really pick up on the skills and abilities of the kind of person I have been describing; and then to grow to his or her level - or beyond. Now you get an idea of what I am speaking of in terms of a relationship with a guide of The Real, and of learning to live the life of the mystic through apprenticeship.

These are the levels of commitment and actions that are needed to progress to The Real and learn to function - unless you can get it directly. This, direct learning, by the way is possible. And it is one of the things that the real guide or assistor helps you with. That is, to develop the means to learn from and through the unseen. These are aspects and tools and abilities also gained through apprenticeship to the mystic, who helps you to transfer them in application from him or her to The Real. This is some of the way it works.

Now there are other areas I could go into which are more mundane. I might say that within this transmission you will be asked to attend classes or meetings or retreats, or do writing or attunements, learn of healing, walk, word, sound, breath, heart, light, etc., etc. And all these things may - or may not - be true, for the specific individual and what she or he really needs. But rather than say that you will be asked to do these things, just know and feel that any, or all, or more, could at any time be asked of you if that is appropriate and correct. These are some of the means of conveyance. If you don't want to put yourself in the position of this possibly happening, then maybe it would be better not to ask for guidance or assistance in this transmission. Go elsewhere if you want assurance you won't be asked for more than you would like to give or do.

I am going to stop here, for all this should give you a pretty good overall sense of approach and how demanding this work can be. Even though it is offered to all of heart who truly seek it, that doesn't necessarily mean that all would be willing to go through what it takes to live the life of the mystic - as well as being a person, a human. This is for a special few. If you really feel you are up to it; come on in, try - the water really is fine.

Now I will ask you consider some other writings. At present the ones I will point you toward are the following. They are ALL of the writings now on this web site under the section titled: Writings on The Spiritual Path. There may be others, but at least this is a starting point to go further, if you haven't read them already. If you have, perhaps a little refresher, in light of what you have now read, might be of some benefit. Try it. You might like it.

May you be well, happy, and of peace, joy, and love.

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