Classes, Meetings, and Learning Opportunities

There are some scheduled Learning Opportunities.

There are other opportunities at all times. Use your initiative. You are also welcome to help out with the work in Mentone or your own location, or come for a private meeting.

More information on classes, should we have one, are below. You will find this information and what it leads to, useful in applying to Learning Opportunies also.

Here is some general information on classes.

Classes - open to all people. They are for the purpose of assisting those who are seeking real spiritual experience, and willing to go through the steps to learn in the right ways. This work is presented from the Universal perspective. Real guidance may be possible. They are generally held in Mentone, Alabama.

They are primarily be experiential, with practices and talk. The topics change and are tailored and adapted to those attending. There is generally time for questions and answers if needed. There is no specific charge. Some monetary contribution is requested. Appropriate attention and effort is required. The emphasis is toward Re-Union and Re-Becoming: Remembering and functioning. Both individual and group work may be given out to continue between meetings.

Ways and means toward Realization are presented and experienced. Sometimes there are discourses, meditations, and the use of other spiritual practices and methods. The processes of learning and experiencing are considered; as are practical and useful methods of tuning oneself toward greater consciousness, heart, unity, and function in one's daily life. Sometimes there are extended or in-depth practices. The roles of real guidance, initiation, and organization are also sometimes considered.

This is part of a much larger work. It is an ongoing process for the purpose of assisting those who seek real spiritual experience and living. It is this toward which all the mystic teachings, spiritual paths, and methods point. The "ways" stem from, are part of, and lead to the One Way.

If you are considering this, please review the info on Mentone classes and other writings on this site. Then, if you are still interested, please send an E-mail requesting driving directions and explaining a little about why you would like to attend.

If you seeking Real spiritual experience and are unable to attend a class, it is possible to arrange for a personal interview. Please E-mail if interested.


Go to the contact page to be notified about the next class or retreat.
Please include information on what you are looking for and why.

Learning Opportunities Offered | The Purpose of Regular Meetings.

Occasionally classes may be offered in other areas. If you have an ongoing group and wish to have something extended to you, that is a possibility. Please E-mail. Include information on what you are looking for and why.
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