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Contemplations of Unity

  1. There is One Being of which all is made and to which all returns.

  2. There is one personality from which comes a multitude of faces.

  3. There is one teacher, life itself.

  4. There is one life, that of the One Being.

  5. There is one book of knowledge. It is nature, through which we are able to learn.

  6. There is one religion, the heart and breath of Love.

  7. There is one guiding spirit; that living body of breath formed by the faces of one being.

  8. There is one humanity, the being formed of the souls of that One Being, all of that one body.

  9. There is one being which nurtures and removes, That Which Is.

  10. There is one message, that of love and light.

  11. There is one true guide, that breath of love which constantly speaks through the heart.

  12. There is one true path. It is the giving away of self identity toward The Real.

  13. There is one Way. It is beyond separateness to union and then expansion.

  14. There is one being united with all, of which one is.

  15. There is one work, the expression of love, light, and breath.

  16. There is one true knowledge, the knowing of the heart.

  17. There is one heart which is reflected in the hearts of all.

  18. There is one perspective of heart above the separate. It is of That Which Is.

  19. Union in the way to One.

  20. Consideration of union is only a step to becoming It.

  21. One breath, one life, one light, one love, one being; it is of this that one becomes once more.

  22. There is one transmission. It is That Love which shows its face as all the paths and ways.

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