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Cycles and Work

There are cycles of rebirth or strengthening as needed within a Teaching or through a Transmission. There are those whose job, or duty it is to revitalize a failing or quieting process when it needs to be stronger or living more fully. Those are the beings who act as Dharma Lights.

When this happens, change almost always occurs and some of the "faithful" are left behind or find that they no longer "like" or prefer the changed and growing course, but prefer the older or more settled forms.

There is in most cases a lessening of transmission in the same manner or strength as through the originator. This required a very different consciousness and approach. When others follow, there is almost always a loss of some of the vitality and awareness. It is the faith and constancy in the transmission and connection to the process of being part of and in a stream - as well as an ocean - that keeps the flame alive and motion to currency of the work. Then, when ready, another comes to renew; or others find themselves either in decay, or the inspiration returns and expands through one of the real faithful. This generally is found to be upsetting to many within the confines of a crystallized or semi-crystallized form.

Thus for fluidity it is needed to change with the Breath of The Day. Practice in this becoming is useful and needed whenever there is any loss of vitality - whether seen or felt, or not. This is one of the reasons for daily affirmation which includes a strengthening and continuation of the Transmission.

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