Daily Meditations

Placing yourself in the position of service, ask "What can I do today"?
Guide me, Beloved, in what I should do today.
Guide me, love divine as I can fill what needs are within my purview,
see what is needed to see,
know what is needed to know,
and do what is needed to do.

My love, lead me to selfless service,
that I may fill the hole of earth
in the same manner as I plant the seed.

Beloved one, glory of being,
let me move from me to You
and You to doing - as is needed.

Beloved guidance, take my hand
and lead me to extend it.
Take my breath and turn it toward ones in need.
Take my heart and use it as Your instrument.
And take my will and make it Yours.
For You are the only doer, one doing, and done.

Beloved, You are the way
and I the use of Your hand.
Let no thought of self keep me from this.
Guide me to do what is needed today - now.

Breath/Heart toward One
one includes all.

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