Daily Prayer

Beloved universe, divine ideal,
my heart and breath go toward You -
only You, beloved.
I put my self within Your arms
for You are the only one of value, lasting.
Trusting in You is easy.
Surrender is easy, for you are myself.
I know this, my heart feels it.
I remember "home".

My love, guide me and take me to yourself. Raise me above the distinctions of two. I do not know how of myself, but You can. I know this.
Raise me and lead me to myself so I may dwell in Truth; You of which all comes and returns as self.
Lead me to Your way so I may fulfill Your wish.
Use me for Your purpose and lead me straight.
Unfold and keep me toward You.
I pledge myself, giving in heart with as much as I now can.
Divine one, bring me toward You and increase my capacity to realize, perceive, know, and act - express and bring You forth as the only one.
I place myself in Your arms and ask that You raise me and use me as You will.

Breathing Love
placing yourself in your ideal's arms
relax in peace and trust.

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