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You can download files from this page. Right click on the link and "save as" in the directory you wish. In time, most multiple page writings will be added to this page.

You will be able to choose between text (.txt) and document (.doc) versions. The text versions are much smaller files but lack the formatting of the documents. The size of the file is next to the link.

On Breath: 45 Lessons, practices, and subjects for contemplation
.rtf file [61K]      .pdf file [96K]


In The Way, A Primer on Teaching and Learning.
.txt file [86K]      .doc file [135K]


A Saying a Day:
Meditations and Concentrations for a calendar year.

.txt file [30K]      .doc file [68K]


Meditation, Spiritual Practices, and the Way.
.txt file [78K]      .doc file [223K]


Orders and Organizations.
Their inception, development, maintenance, and demise.
.txt file [149K]      .doc file [284K]


"The Bowl of Saki" in three parts.

Daily meditations to use for a year. A comprehensive "course" based on selected Sayings of Inayat Khan (1910-20's), Complements through Samuel Lewis (1930's - 40's), and Harmonies through Matt Lippa (2004).

There are 4 different versions of the Bowl of Saki which can be downloaded. 1. text, 2. .doc, 3. .pdf, and 4. .php. Text format is 714K, while the .doc file is 1,255K, and the .pdf is 1,395K. The .php is the interactive, web based version you likely used. It is a zipped archive of 390K.

Download and Information.


"The Nature Meditations of Hazrat Inayat Khan."

The Nature Meditations were dictated by Hazrat Inayat Khan in 1921 and first published in 1980. The phrases were given so that they could be repeated silently on the breath. Hazrat Inayat Khan called the Nature Meditations "the cream of the Message."

Download .doc file [155K]      Download .pdf file [94K]

By permission of the Sufi Order International. We thank them. You may order a copy of the book itself through Omega Publications.


Streaming Audio is available for you to listen to these recordings on the Audio page. It is all in mp3 format

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