Purification of the Elements: Going Further

This writing introduces a higher manner of working with the element purifications. It goes beyond the person and reaches toward to greater being, of which one is. It is here that the body and personality grows. These practice include a combination of breath, heart, and sound/recitation combined.

For recitation, use and name that conveys, reflects, and lifts you toward That Which Is, The Truth, The Real; of which you are. Some examples are: Ram, Ahura Mazda, Allah, Abwoon, Yahuva. There are more. The sounding/recitation is inwardly, quietly, on the breath, until function is caught.

Tune yourself to one, as one. Place yourself in breath and call upon the Name. Recite this in your heart.

Earth: The earth element affects all that is manifest. This includes the body you call the person and all else in form; as you grow to include this as part of yourself. That means that the extent - range - of the practice increases, in which you are attentive and purifying. Earth is the breath of the nose, in and out. The quality is of that which is manifest, in form. Here let your attention and awareness be of that which you do and let this mold itself to that of your Ideal. May the breath and mind and heart clear action, deed, to that of The One. Increase yourself to this.

Water: Higher, more refined and lasting than the physical form is the subtle body. This contains what are called the chakras or centers of energy. They exist in this level of the vehicles. Here they are cleaned and purified. These centers relate also to the level of through, or mind, and thus grows to include all thought within oneself.

Water is the quality reflecting thought. Through breath and heart and mind, reciting the Name internally, as you do, may all that is of thought, manifest or not, be cleansed and raised to the mind of your Beloved. In-breath through the nose, and out-breathe the fine mist through the mouth. As you do, become the fountain of life and merge with the sea which cleanses all.

Fire: reflects desire and feeling. It points toward that which is of the hearts desire, the souls desire, as well as the passion of the person. It also is the realm which relates to and acts up to the cellular body. This is higher and more lasting than the subtle body in which are found the centers or chakras.

Placing yourself in the fire, may it burn the lesser of the personality and raise it to the Higher. Let self-attachment decrease and become of the Only One. It is the heart which rises. So fan the fires in the center of the Cell of Soul - not the solar plexus of the body or the subtle body, but that which becomes the living being when both physical and subtle energies are gone. Let this grow, the heat dissolve self-attachment and be raised and expelled, cooly through the Heart of Heart. It may seem to be the physical heart at first, but seek that Heart which is of the Only One. Here, in-breath through the mouth fans the fire that burns desires and that of the lesser self. The out-breath through the nose, and Heart, and rise, saying the Name which guides you, leads you, reflects, and shows the way to your Ideal. May all dissolve toward One.

Air: is of the breath, the Spirit, Ruh. Here, become of the breath Divine: through all things, through all form, flowing and connecting all. If there are impurities or should there be blockages or harder nodes, let these dissolve until you flow as the breath through all form. It is becoming of this Ruh, the soul and spirit of The One, this breath. May you clear and clean, and harmonize, identifying as the Breath Divine, become. Here the fineness of the in-breath and the out-breath are through the mouth; and then can switch through the nose refined. Be clear.

Ether: is the refinement of the Heart of Love until there is no movement. Be of this. Between the in-breath and the out-breath, where the turning stops is this, purifying your heart, rest and become. The joins through ALL. Here become of The Name, and let is step from your tongue, until there is no recitation but love.

There are the five elements in their higher purifications.

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