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The Gift of Loss:

An essay of love and harmony

Note: This little writing was sent as an e-mail to a particular group after it had the loss of investment funds. While specific to them, it may have a little wider application in approaching what is considered as loss.

The Gift of Loss: An essay of love and harmony

This holiday season we are given the gift of loss. Why is it a gift? This gives us the opportunity to consider why we have lost money. It gives us the opportunity to examine out motives and our approaches. And it gives us the chance to put ourselves in harmony, Toward the One.

We are given a gift of reassessing. Why are we doing something? What are our purposes? Do we work together toward an end? Do we pay attention? Do we harmonize: with each other, our "founders", the lineage, and those from which it comes? And do we consider ourselves one body and act us such.

We are given the gift of being able to question why we missed something so obvious. Are we blind in some area? Do we place too much store on the outer in relation to the inner? Or is there no difference between the two but in scope and density? Do we place reliance upon the world when it could just as easily - even more easily - be placed upon the source of this bounty?

What are we given but the chance to turn again to our Ideal and depend upon This. We are gifted with the opportunity to examine our desires, our attachments, our intentions, and our methods. For no matter how high be our ideal or ideas to do good, have we placed them in the correct manner and in the right ways? Have we paid attention - 'correct' attention and listened to that guidance which comes always through our heart?

We are given the opportunity to see; the chance to love and support, for we are one body and organism only when we act as such.

Let us embrace this opportunity to move from any lesser toward the higher. Let us change what needs changing and do it in manners of togetherness and support. And let us, should we have fallen from the Ideals of remembrance, function, and lifting all humanity as part of ourself, toward the superficial or mundane; reassess in an orderly and non-accusatory way, without excess and without obsessiveness, our actions, thoughts, and deeds. May we place them toward the Essential, and look again to personal service and giving.

We are blessed through this gift of loss. It is our hope and our love. It shows the way and opens many doors. May we walk through them stronger, more focused, arm in arm and heart within heart. Let this support show us the way to be.

We are gifted to go further. Nothing ever is taken away without purpose, nor given without ends. These things take place for reasons. May we find them and adjust whatever may need to be adjusted, strengthen those things that may need to be stronger, let go of that which may be in the way or out of balance, and infuse ourself with the desire to be of help - with neither excess nor personal goals. Let us find those things within ourself that caused this momentary 'problem' in thankfulness for this great gift of loss.

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