Group Learning and Activity

The group is the primary way through which the teaching is both brought into reality in the world and perpetuated. However the group does not have to concrete in the sense of a church or organization; nor must it have a meeting hall, residences, Ashram, or center. While it can have any of these things, they are not vital in the New Age function, and will tend to assist the crystallization of the teaching rather than the expansion.

What is necessary, however, is an initiation of the members into a universal path rather than a sectarian one; and a functional attunement and ability to work together for a common goal as one unit.

The group also provides many other opportunities for the individual member to gain the experience necessary to become aware of, and then make the transition to, being a member of a larger, more unseen group and function.

Through a group, a teacher or guide can bring together those people who can learn to harmonize. They will certainly have to overcome individual differences in order to do that. The group will be the receptacle for the everlasting light, and then, as the members attain to an awareness of this, they may be able to perpetuate it.

The reasons it is so important to learn to function in a group as one Being are twofold. First, and most obvious, is that should there ever be a "peoplehood" in which we live together as one unit, it will have to be in a very large group. Secondly, in the process of becoming the ideal society, there must be guidance. There is that now, as there has been. However much of that takes place on a level or plane which, while it includes the physical, is also higher in vibration and unseen to the human eyes, and is more refined than the physical senses can experience. To be able to not only become aware of this group, but also to be able to function as part of it, a person must be able to move past the "ego" portion of personality in which he or she wants to provide something individually. In addition, the member of that group must be able to attune to what is needed to be done without the physical cues or feedback that is usually present in a physical group - not matter how dispersed it may be or how infrequently it meets. The physical group gives the individual part of the practices that are necessary to grow through it to be a part of the larger, less physical or non-physical one.

The physical group also gives a means to perpetuate the teaching. This is through attunement of the Heart and Breath and the brightening of the kindled Divine Light that flows through it. Larger and stronger that the sum of the individuals, together the group can feed off of it, and in common feed into it.

The works that the members will do in their daily lives will reflect both the common purpose of the group and their own. This group purpose may and will change over time. Initially it will be started and impelled by the inner knowing, revelation, and purposes as understood and brought through the teacher or guide acting as central sun. Later it will hopefully evolve as it grows in both spirit and life. It will then continue as an entity through which it can be a self-promoting presence.

As more and more people, through various paths or ways are initiated into the common Universal Way and begin to function more and more from that perspective, the group will naturally grow. What will take place is the natural blending and harmonizing of those on the same wavelength listening to the same symphony, and acting as part of the higher group. As this happens, the individual people will also be able to function in the world more and more as members of the same body.

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