Initiation [3]

Initiation is a stepping forward and moving to the following stage. That which is moved toward may be known or unknown. That is, awareness of the step or stage can be preconceived and felt, yet it is not until the step is taken that actual initiation begins. If it is unknown, then there is also the becoming awareness which is needed as a preliminary to learning - which is the becoming stage of knowing and the experience. When it is assimilated, one then reaches being - as the ballerina who dances or the musician who plays, fulfill their roles.

Through initiation there is a stepping toward something. In spiritual initiation there is a movement toward an Ideal or process, a stepping stone, stage if you will. One connects with the goal or intention, and sets, or is set in movement toward it.

Initiation within the highest of that which one is able to conceive moves him or her toward that ideal. Reception is only one of the two aspects of this connection. The other is fulfilled by placing oneself toward becoming that which one idealizes.

In spiritual initiation through an Ordering there is a transmission which avails itself to help and aid - connect or be - toward that one seeking closeness. To receive, one acts in accord and harmony, seeking to reach the goal of unity in purpose, and much as one can.

Reception includes placing oneself with the intention(s) and purpose(s) of the group, body, or source toward which one points and is connected. So in the case of availing oneself of the guidance and assistance of this body, one also places himself or herself as continuing that intention, work, or effort as much as possible.

It is through the connection of action that purpose is fulfilled in this world - or any other. This takes alignment and expression, as needed in harmony. A person doing so must become aware of these purposes to fully act in accord.

This includes, but is not limited to the principles of time, place, and person or situation. We must seek to become conscious, aware of these conditions to act in accord, harmony, and with real intention.

There is a body or process that is joined through any step forward. Initiation is a placing of oneself toward this body in reception and activeness.

When attempting to reach toward the unity of being expressing in and through the spiritual hierarchy, the body of love and light, a person pledges their heart and self toward this in service; becoming its instrument.

It is through becoming the expression, as best or great or well as one can perceive and do that one climbs the ladder to actually become of this expression or being.

The pledge is of ones lifetime. This extends beyond the death of the body or forms.

What one seeks to receive, the counterpart, balance is through giving. There must be a vacancy, capacity to fill should reception take place. For selfless action to come, selflessness is given. In this manner it is attained.

Service, doing what can be done, when it can be done, in the way it should be done, is the key to this process. It must be felt and discerned to act consciously. This is through the listening of heart.

When one seeks initiation, one fulfills it through becoming. Doing through life is required to fulfill the levels of life in which one is.

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