Initiation and Daily Life

When you accept initiation into the Way through an Order, (or Ordering to be more functionally precise) and are accepted by those within and carrying forward a transmission through and from the finer planes; you also take on, accept, the work, purposes, and intentions of those beings and the qualities, attributes, and means or ways of this transmission. In these manners you also become part of the expression and guidance for the reasons of its being.

This all means that you too become and accept more becoming toward the work and effort of this Ordering of the Way and transmission into the world. You do become part of it and along with receiving guidance from all those beings making up its lineage, you do place yourself with bringing forward, doing whatever you can, to properly facilitate the ends sought in this particular work or effort. This means that in daily life you actually turn your attention and efforts toward fulfilling the work and expression of the source of the Ordering.

There is a spiritual interaction which takes place "behind the scenes" so to speak. It expresses at all times; and sometimes is more visible than hidden. It expresses through the people or beings connected to it; both in the finer and denser levels. For one to understand, perceive, and be in harmony with this process, he or she must attune to it and do. Work, effort, in many levels is the understanding in motion; applied through daily activities. As one does this more and more, his or her understanding, abilities, and capacity grows.

This is why it is valuable for a person seeking realization and understanding to put himself or herself into service through the world. It completes the process and intention of the One, and, at the same time, gives a part of itself - you - the opportunity to complete your purposes, reasons for incarnating. "Now" is the time to do it; for that is the only which is available to you.

This is done by making space and time available to understand the purposes of your intiatic heritage and also understand, become more and more aware of why it was brought into being, who comprises it, and what is now being attempted to accomplish; both in this dense plane and also in and through the finer realms. As you become more aware of this, through your cooperative efforts, attention, and harmony, you will find an unfoldment of talents, abilities, and increasing purpose for living.

This is done by placing yourself each day into guidance of activity. By opening the way for this to continue to unfold you will be led, step by step in daily activity.

Tuning yourself to both your Ideal, The Beloved One, and to those within your Ordering is how you continue to bring yourself into harmony with their actions and larger purposes - toward which you grow.

Speaking with your guide and listening to his or her comments on work opens up one level. Following through on activities suggested or offered brings more: greater balance and growth. Reading of the history of the work, or studying from an inner perspective through meditation opens the way for an understanding of that which has come, and the more complete work or effort to come to you always. Placing yourself in service is the means through which it can complete the cycle, the process. You become an active participant in its expression.

At this point you should have enough theory and preliminaries to understand the purposes and processes we are discussing. Now is when the application begins.

Too many time, often it seems, that persons on the path remove themselves from going further by satisfaction with the knowing intellectually. You who are sincere and wish to move toward the Real, understand the value of work. It is here one gets the greatest benefit, and also here where problems or difficulties might arise or come to the surface.

To apply what you have learned intellectually, which is no learning at all from another perspective, means you will need to make time and apply effort. This takes away from other things you may be doing. There may need to be a reordering of priorities and scheme or pattern in your daily life. How you approach that will help determining some of your success or ability, ease, in which you can reach your goals of action in service. It will also determine much of how you proceed upon the path toward realization and function.

There are many thousands of activities which can be chosen to do. How do you, or can you - are you able - to make these choices of what to do or not to do?

If you have a guide who is able to distinguish your condition and needs, and also discern what the next step(s) to take are; that person "may" be of help. Of course it is also up to him or her to offer assistance in whatever may be the "best", which means the most correct and appropriate, manner(s). So this person may or may not be of assistance in the level of selecting or beginning work. More often than not the person who is really helping may turn it back to you to decide - feel your way through.

Why? Because the emphasis and purpose of learning and gaining function in this and other realms takes attention, intuition, and guidance from and through the Real. This is toward which you point and of which one seeks to grow - knowing as a by-product of this growth.

So you first try to set aside some time, on a regular basis, in a growing manner to consider what is needed to do, and seek guidance prior to approaching another. See what comes to you; how your feel, and to where or what you are led.

Placing yourself within the framework of the efforts, work, projects, aspirations, and approaches of the ordering through which you are initiated is useful. Then, attuning to this, and becoming receptive to guidance and assistance from the inner, see what comes or bubbles to the surface as inspiration or feeling. This understanding may come to you in a flash or unfold over time. It is up to you to discern when to stop "pushing" and when to listen; when to exert effort and how to feel yourself being guided or led. Unfolding takes place in many ways.

You can facilitate this by setting aside a time and place that is consistent each day to reflect upon what is needed to do. Breath is the connecting link and here, a receptive and responsive breath is helpful. Place the emphasis, the energy of the breath focus in the left nostril and emphasize the inhalation with a natural exhalation.

Prayer or recitation helps. You can use many prayers of service. The choice, if up to you, is what resonates in the heart. If by a guide, he or she will help select or point you to one which is appropriate. Here are two prayers you may use. Feel your way through. Sincerity is needed for you to achieve results of your outer goal; for intention is the composite of all your desires, aspirations, fears, reluctances, and attitudes. Limitations of activity and levels of function is also up to you in the main - although guidance of The One and the Guiding Spirit of and through the hierarchy are the more Real and last "arbiters" and openers of the Way.

prayer-of-service 1 ... prayer-of-service 2

Place yourself into service and you will grow in it day by day. Daily service requires you to attune to needs and move away from your selfish desires. It requires you to make space and time for the guidance to come and then to act upon it. It may mean you will need to learn further skills and increase your abilities. These can come in many ways, from inner unfoldment and revelation to outer guidance and assistance, and learning how to learn - to pay attention to the guiding spirit in its many faces and through its multitudinous expressions. You will have to be attentive to these.

Trial and errors or success in the next step. You will get, receive, feel, know the approach to take as you attune to guidance and then open the door for that level of unfoldment to come. You will then need to apply that guidance. It is here where you may adapt it to the circumstances and change it - slightly or greatly - if that is needed. The last thing to be caught in is rigidity. You must me able to adapt to the circumstances, situation, people, and approach as needed and most appropriate. Conditioning is a great barrier. Freedom, fluidity, and faith are antidotes and can clear you well toward the Real approaches.

By placing yourself daily in this process, there is no doubt you will gain and grow in accordance with your efforts and work. You will gain more by doing and not-doing at the same time. That is the framework of support, service, action, and reliance upon the Real One to do. That which provides all beings support and life will also do that, provides for you, if you are open, and truly rely upon It. Placing yourself in and through service opens the way for love to guide and lead you home.

The thing to keep in mind while giving is that a person gets as they give. Satisfaction of greed brings greater greed; and the corrective or balance in life will no doubt offer you opportunities.

The balance to greed is giving selflessly, without thought of return or how you feel or the benefits of actions. Thoughts also are action in motion on the plane above the physical world. These manifest also, bringing their fulfillment, so intention and clarity is of utmost importance in clarifying what is brought or the affinity through the action that takes place.

You put yourself within the heart and it responds in kind. Now you have a basis upon which to move toward the Real, the only One.

Placing yourself in harmony through action, thought, feeling, and intention is the way. Love is the carrier, goal, and means.

Attunement of self toward the highest, of which you are a part is the key to moving closer to this. For what you place your attention on you become. How you hold yourself, in whatever manner, draws the similar impact or corrective - balance - to yourself. These are aspects of initiation through daily life, for the process of the transmission which is taking place.

If you do place yourself, with all your heart and soul, toward the One, you will become of that.

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