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You who seek, come forward toward experience.
There is a way and it is within you, for you are the way, only you do not yet remember.

Spiritual learning is unlearning - unlearning that which shields you and veils the truth of that which you really are already, and that which already exists. It is becoming aware again of the Real of which you are. Spiritual learning includes recognition, experience, realization, integration, assimilation, and function - in this and other worlds - all as part of common every day living. It is a removing of conditioning and gaining the tools for life. It is becoming aware greater process that takes place in helping all the world and all those in it progress - as part of oneself. It is fulfilling your own life as you are led, guided, and know to do.

Here you will find:

The path and realization is one of Love.
Joy, peace, harmony, freedom (liberation), and knowing are its hallmarks.
Friendship, kindness, and service are its working out.
And being of increasing heart, bliss, and breath is the way.
Unity is One Being. You can be it, for you are it.
Come on in, the water's fine ... Continue ...

A Longer Welcome Message

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