Journey upon Journey: the path and the Way

To You all is given and from You all comes. One Being of Heart and Love. Your greatness knows no bounds, nor Your power and strength limitation. For if You, The One, would withdraw for an instant, all creation would crumble and cease to be.

Know you who seek to place yourself upon the path and process to the Real, Truth guides you in accordance with your heart's intention. Let it unfold toward the Real, the True, if you dare, for you shall be tested and tried, and dissolve you will be called to do before you are done.

And upon this path come many, but few reach its end, and fewer still return sober and are able to deal through life and lead others to its end.

Be of heart and kindness should you seek not this way if you are too timid or frightened by these words. But know also that should you truly place yourself upon the paths to the only Way, you will be guided, aided, and helped, by all existence.

There are many paths and steps, but of these all, only one True Way. It is of the Heart, Love greater than being, and Light, stronger than life - the forms. Upon this you place yourself to dissolve within and become. And from this, reach out to all the world and those within then to help.

Prepare yourself first upon this journey, and prepare yourself for trial and tribulation, and tears. Turning from the world can be difficult. But the further you travel the easier it shall be.

Upon the path there are six main stages. Yet within them each are thousands, countless stations of Love Divine. It is upon this and toward this, all of only One, you place yourself and dare to walk. Be sure your desire is in accord with your stated goal.

To move from the world to that of Truth, the Real becoming more each step, take perseverance and desire in accord with only one goal. Seek this through heart and breath and remembrance through repetition of the word. Calling only the Name of That Which Is, highest above the high, keep steady through all diversions and trials and temptations. Be of good cheer, though, for you who succeed will live in only bliss and joy, and the pleasure of constant companionship of the only Friend. Be of heart and greater, more to go, and then to leave also this behind, and become of this, your Ideal, until separateness is no more.

There are two retreats from life, the Lesser and the Greater. Upon this path, to the Way, and beyond, you of heart must choose the Greater. This retreat is of the Heart. And from this, through this, you will be in the world but not of it. The lesser retreat is of the days spent in silence or seclusion. Of this we will not discuss for it is limited in its stance. Yet upon the way of Heart no limitation is. Through this retreat you may become and be.

Of the realms I have said there are six. Countless are their number, yet we can see these balances or houses as nodes upon the matrix of life which forms and dissolves in an instant.

As the wave and that which passes through it and forms the bubbles as soon as the next comes are but mirrors of the sea, so through all flows but One whose face is upon glory and whose light and love exceeds perception. It is only through merging The One again knows Itself.

Know also, that through ages, yet only a blink of The True Eye does This One, through you in your form, upon all these seas has set sail with your form as Its ship. Upon the last sea, The One becomes again, and your merging then creates your greatest choice. Do you return or stay? Upon this all the teachings and prophets are based and have truly come forth.

Help and assistance comes in many manners to those who step upon the path of remembrance. For remembering is what takes place. Does this bother you who have forgotten? It should; yet your household and kingship awaits.

But if you seek it here, upon this plane, not only shall you be disappointed, but many of your efforts will be in vain. You must have the yearning of your heart toward only The One Which Is and of which all makes up, and to which all goes and comes - even you - for you are all of it.

Each step is tailored and meted out to those who come, In sincerity are they guided and in misplaced greed are led astray.

For each person, and you should know that it is individually trod, the path will present itself differently. For some have strength of heart, others faith, others superstition, and to each will be meted as to the conditions apparent and hidden. It is up to you to place yourself, as much as you are able, toward the One with all your might, for only then will you come to it. And upon reaching the doors of your goals, and I say doors, for there are many, you will need to yield again, surrender not only that which brought you to the gate, but also yourself. Your own effort can not release the latch. But this is granted upon surrender.

Do know then, that what you place your heart upon and the form of your contemplations and goals will be attained. For these, transference from idea to reality becomes until you realize it; and too let this go.

Upon this world we now find ourselves, yet this way station is but a short stay of a much longer journey. Through the ages we have become and traveled and until the end, again we will still. This end can come within oneself, but of this I speak is the great in-breath, become again - from which issues forth, as I recall in darkness before the light to be once more.

Upon this path of remembrance, of becoming do we of heart place ourselves. You recall I said six. Make it six thousand or sixty thousand thousand and one still has scratched upon only the surface.

First was that primordial from which one was issued forth. As a ray of light denseness became, stage by stage, and this is of which, through all the heavens and realms we call the first.

The next is where we find ourself now. For those of limitation that is this world of forms, but for the realized one, become once more, it is all, this now. Yet we shall concern ourselves now with this world.

Upon this you have placed your desire and seek to become human. This person is the highest of the high, and only a few traverse the levels, die and be reborn, come unto the Garden of Delight and leave it to return with knowing, yet live in it always at the same time. It is this viewer, perceiver, who perceives not but is seen in all that is King. And for one to live thus, one must also forsake the world.

The giving up of self is what we call dying prior to death. The Great Death is the giving away of self. The lesser is that of the body and finer forms, used in and for traversing the finer realms.

Upon the death comes one again to the next, third stage. It is here one grows again and travels, raised upon the path of love toward unity. It is here one learns of the nature of being. The rock, the mineral speak and tell their story. Nature guides as loving arms reach through the plants, then animals, and humans themelves. And upon this, one rises until he or she knows again the elements, the formative blocks, these levels of creation. Unto these does the path unfold; and for you of heart, carries even further. The archetypes of creation, the elements of creation are number four. Heart, above bodies, mind, and form comes next.

If you seek this while in and through the body still, be prepared to die and give all away, for there can be no attachment to self or things, to travel and live in this realm. Upon this we place ourself and are raised yet further.

It is here we reach above mind. Upon the wing of Love we travel. Heart is this next realm. And if you have imagined and not traveled truly, you shall never reach this realm. Here you must give up idea and dwell.

It is thus, upon the preliminary of courtesy, the training and efforts of work; the distilling of consciousness and the ever present refinement of self, the personality, that you reach beyond these preliminaries and fulfill your works. Place yourself upon the path, doing what needs to be done, trusting in the universe to provide you all, and step by step, stage by stage, you shall reach to this.

This leads you to the sixth stage, that of the presence. Then upon entering this garden, the door of heart opening the way, all bliss and joy begins unfolding even more. More than the person, one finds the Holy Love - that which is called the Heart of God. Here dwell only for a moment, until you are done, and now move on. Further yet your goal of uniting is.

You who seek to know of this direct must all give up the joy and peace of transient love. To you, only the Real, the lasting True is enough. It is this love impersonal, beyond the self, including all, of itself that calls to you - return. It is here we place ourself and see the realms of light.

You then reach this, the One, from which all issues forth and becomes. It is behind this that dwells the unmanifest and only upon leaving this realm can you stand upon the precipice of being. Yet comes again the merging and dissolutions, so we can not speak more of this.

Then upon the return, you may find yourself, able to speak, from experience, yet nothing you say can convey. It is here you are deaf and mute - hearing not the words of folly human, nor saying that which can not be said. From here, guides Love - become. This is the journey and return.

These then are the six main stages, and upon returning fulfilling being present, caring for creation as oneself. Here one sees only the One of whom was sought; again as self, not two. Few there are who return and then go further. For many step upon the path. The Way captures more. And then upon dissolution, who wishes to come to the senses again and move from the Garden of Delight? Yet there are some who continue more. These become the workers of Light, the Masters, on Love Divine - transmitting into and through all worlds. Even now, presence is carried forward by them, supporting that which is needed to do.

How is it then that you begin these stages of the journey? Journey upon journey you place yourself, with no end in sight. Yet along the way, learn you will of your goal, until only this, the one you seek will beckon you to become. Leaving all behind is the only way this will take place.

Firstly, seek the path only in sincerity. Through sincerity will come much, paving the way for ease to give you more. But even of the most sincere, perhaps instead, because, we will expect hardship and test, trials that cause you to lose your intention. Grasping at the wind, you will lose yourself in this and have to cling upon your faith and trust of One. This is that which you call Ideal, God, Beloved, Source. To this you place yourself.

So from the first, strengthen that activity of prayer and trust. Move yourself to practice, constantly repeating the name of your Beloved, this goal to which you seek. Place your heart upon the path and renounce all that is lesser, of this world and the worlds to come.

This first step is to be careful to seek that knowledge of action that will guide you. That is to purify yourself and place your heart in prayerful surrender toward your Beloved, Goal of One, Being of Love, compassion, mercy, and creator. Upon only this you trust. This is your first step.

Then to work, to do. Follow the guidance of your heart and attempt to act as fully as you can, as guided. Not more, nor less, for what you do now is the stage of learning service. From here, much will unfold of itself and teach you the ways of action and the means of doing. Unto this you place yourself, for without activity, doing, nothing is fulfilled. Hear you learn the basis of your life and from this you will transfer your skills and knowing in the forms to activity - of higher service still. It will be upon which you learn and gain, these skills and abilities that your application more fully and of the Real will come. So do not limit yourself to what you know. Release this and let the knowing of the Mind Beloved become yours. Stepping forth in work, effort as guided is thus the next step.

Be disciplined in action, thought, mind, feeling, and intent. Do not waver if you can. For the more, the greater you train yourself in the Real you will grow. Put aside that which is heedless. Attention to the One Guide becomes the key to doing right.

Take heed of your imagination and desires. For if they rule you, you are lost. Before you have gone two steps they will mislead you. If you have not imagination under your own control, then seek the guidance of one who truly knows who can aid you. This is the guide of earth. But if, and only when you are the ruler of your mind and imagination is no longer in control, do you step out upon the path of renunciation of the world.

Know where you fit; that is, your place, your station now. For without this you will have no reference. Leave upon this first Great Journey when you know, are aware, of yourself and where you are. Then take this step in trust, as guided by the Only One.

Beware of people and their actions, for they will haunt you with the superficial. If you withdraw, be leery of their visits until neither your ear nor your heart are receptacles for their superfluous words or thoughts.

To prepare yourself for this journey, learn the Remembrance of the Heart. Repeat the phrase, the words the name alone of your Highest and stay in this. For this alone shall lead you and protect you. This is the next step.

Live in moderation. Adjust your diet and daily activities to reflect your intention, your goal, your want. Seek balance and harmony in both your outer life and inner seeking. It is upon this you make your base. When this is secure enough and sturdy, from it you may grow.

Then comes that which disturbs the tranquility, the balance. It may be of the level of desire or person, or could be of the guidance of The One through the angels or the hosts - or even The One, Itself.

Be careful in reviewing what you feel. For if you sense confusion, heat, despair or ills, know this is temptation of the false one. Here, turn your heart to the True and Only, repeating, keeping faith in word and deed. Sound the Name and call upon remembrance. It is your protection and deliverance.

And if there instead be soothing and calmness, ease of manner, peace and knowing, then rely upon this as real, truly inspired from the One. Upon this you may depend. Strengthen this with all your heart upon remembrance and The Name. Call upon your Ideal to lift you only to Itself. Here lies the secret of the way.

As you grow, rather than be distracted, use your teaching to renew your faith and strength. To all who may come and proclaim they are the true one, or through all your visions and remembering in part, the forms and means, leave them, saying thank you, but you are only part and not the All. From the One you come and are a reflection, but to the One only do I come; and only this do I seek and accept as True.

You may find you are tested by being offered greatness or pleasure or other forms of gifts. Do not linger here. Accept what is given, but go forward toward the Giver, offering you true life, from which these traps spring. All will then be given and is yours, oh king to be.

As you go further, you will receive the gift of sight. Knowing what is hidden brings responsibility. Do not speak unless it is truly needed. For revealing the secrets of a person may harm more than cure. Be circumspect and speak only when the need is there, and only let, allow, permit, the true words to issue forth. Know also that your mind, your heart, speak louder than your words, and last stronger then them too. Persistence in trying to balance action or thought is not needed if you do not issue imbalance. Stay in remembrance stronger of your God, Beloved, The Ideal One.

You may perceive forms or persons. Sense can vary according to level. By this basis know from where it comes: should you go into contemplation, are in a state of a quiet mind, and still the knowing, forms, or sense remains and it is calm, then it is of the higher, more toward truth, The Real. Yet if you lose it and it disappears, it is of the more outer level that it depends. Call upon the guidance of your heart and you shall be able to distinguish between the two.

From this, if you turn within and keep to the way, remembering through your practice, reciting the Name, you will find the knowing grow. It will then take the form most needed in your way. Continue in the practice of remembrance, saying in your heart and breath the name reflecting your Beloved. Yet give this away too. For you seek the presence of That Which Is, not just stopping at its reflections, so nice.

From here, as you enter into presence, reflection fades. It is also upon sleep you lose your way. Distinguish between the two by emptiness or bliss. One is of Real and the True, one the false and evil.

Here upon this step you are given more. Understanding of the realms unfolds. Here too you become tested. Stay not here, return to your remembrance. For if you stay with qualities, you will be lost.

Grow through each encounter and all levels. Unfoldment is yours and the knowing the comes of it. But do not linger beyond its time and attach no importance or value of self more that it is due. Else you shall become occupied with personal greatness and The Great One shall elude you. Stay no longer than to learn and then to give in service needed.

Here the things and forms of this world will be unveiled. You will be able to see and know through their perspectives. As there is a consciousness of water, earth, the elements, minerals, plants, animals, stars, the moon, the sun, so too you will be able to partake of them. But if you feel they perceive as you, then you have falsely stayed upon yourself. You must lose yourself and grow to include their vision. When you can put aside yourself, from them you will see, and now they are of you also.

After this, if you continue and do not stop, many things will be revealed. You will be shown and know, learn of how life sustains this world, what influences every being, and how it is expressed.

And if you go further, and do not stop, many more states will come. You will see how the manifestation takes place; how the dense becomes subtle and the subtle, dense. This is transformation. And if you continue, not stopping, you will be aware of the light behind and through all things. And should you be disturbed and bothered, do not fear, continue in remembrance and all will be well.

From here, should you continue, will be revealed the steps and stages of the universal order. And you will see and know the correct conduct to enter the presence of The Only One; and the approach to the Real, how to proceed, and the way to leave this Presence and partake of forms and denseness; all the while contemplating the many aspects, qualities of life.

And going further you shall learn how to receive knowledge from the Only One; how to prepare for this reception. In this manner, you shall learn to receive and give, of contraction and expansion, to protect the heart, and the spirals of The Way.

And should you continue more you will gain the understanding of the questions and problems that baffle the highest of philosophers. They will become easy and seen, known as but step and stage, not the ends they seem.

You will have revealed how life moves between realms and how to interact with finer beings; the cause of formation and growth, the reasons behind the veils of creation, and the forces at work through all. You will begin to understand the why and means, the Way of Love.

And if you continue further you will be shown the holy forms, which is the level of the religious; and you will be shown the face of beauty; for beauty and harmony, together with tenderness and mercy are keys to the face of the Creator. These are of the realm of the poet.

And if you go further, not stopping with satisfaction or fear, there shall be revealed to you the degrees which make up the realm of the true worker and Work. This is of heart. Here you will find the endlessness of endlessness. You will be granted higher wisdom and the means and way to transmit this.

And if you go further still, you will be shown that which sows discord and disharmony, why there are ills in creation; how people act against themselves. And should you go further, now you will be shown many aspects of the True and Real that are the Ways. You will have revealed how teachings and guidance are transmitted, brought forth to the world; the means of transmission, lineages, and forms of learning. And you will see how all carry the seals of beauty and love. Further, as these and more are revealed to you, you shall be greeted by those others of your station and above; and all shall welcome you with praises, relief, thankfulness, and joy. You are now of them.

And should you continue more, not resting in glory, then shall be revealed to you the land of the true King and Ruler, for you shall know of Its serenity and firmness and become aware of many of the mystical secrets behind creation.

Should you now go further, you begin to enter the Gardens of Delight and will be shown higher and higher terraces of beauty and bliss. You will also be show the depths to which one can fall and the evil that befalls one who moves from the Truth. You are shown those qualities and works associated with these two realms.

And if you do not stop, here you will rise to where some are absorbed in the ecstasy of the Divine. Here they have lost their way. And here too you will be strongly called to dwell.

Yet if you do not stop, lingering only so long as to inhale this joy above joy and light above light, you will be shown even a higher light through which you see only yourself. Remembrance is coming more really here. In this, a great love will overcome you and enjoin you and you will find your Beloved even greater than before. From this your perspective will change, and all other things will seem small.

To go further, you must not linger. If you do not cease in your remembering and being, growing fully closer to the Real, you will be shown the ongoing creation of Being, and you will know and see your place, position, among this.

Should you go further, the throne of mercy shall be opened and you will be raised to see All. Here you will know your true position, reason for being, and much of your work.

And if you do not stop, then you will be shown That which is the Source of all knowing and the True Master Teacher. It will be revealed how this is conveyed into forms.

And should you be able to go more, then you are lost. That is, that which is you is no more, for you are effaced and obliterated into That Which Is. And this then is followed by the beginning of your return. You are made positive, strengthened, present, accepted, acknowledged, and then given you current work. You are bedecked of robes which reflect your station and your gains and honor you; and you are sent to continue.

From here you will re-examine your way, the paths you traveled, until you return to your physical senses. Here you will begin again true effort. Or, should you not go further, to your self of this world, you may remain in the Way and cease doing.

Beloved ones, journeyers on the path and the way; you who seek and take the journey to The Lord of Power and return therefrom, journeying upon journeys many; know that all these states and stations and the learning of them and that which comes between and goes further, do vary and can be, will be, a little different for all beings.

This is in accord with the backgrounds, experiences, desires, natures, and the processes, the means of their learning and travels. To one, a stage may come earlier or later. To one, each one, are revealed states and stages upon the Heart and Soul as ready and needed. So for many there will be glimpses or states of that which will come. One will be taken sooner or higher than another.

Know also that this depends not upon time or efforts so much as True Heart and Grace. For one, sincere or not, can not will oneself to glory or journey past what is opened and given. Know also that grace is the feature, the gift from The Only One, which streams through only Its mercy, truly that of Its' compassion, and is bestowed as That One sees fit. Or it flows through Its Messengers and Workers of The Way who comprise the body of the guiding spirit. They then may direct this grace through them, as one or many, as is seen fit to do.

It is not of your efforts alone that you are raised or chosen, selected to be given to or led higher. It is of the grace of The Only One and of your heart, if it is open to this, The Way.

And it is not time upon which this depends. For one may be lifted, carried to the Highest of Heavens, even to the Throne itself, in a moment of your time - which also may seem like forever. There is not time of this, and the means reflect the needs and purpose of The Only One.

Be careful to reflect upon this, for it is not of your effort but your surrender to the Will in which you are granted this grace. For this, we work and prepare ourself, so that we do no longer of ourself. Be careful to reflect upon the Way and prepare yourself to give all. By giving in part, and constantly growing upon this means we increase capacity to both receive and give. Yield to no temptation, bold or subtle, to pull you from your goal, your heart's true desire.

Be aware there is growth beyond the end of the Journey Toward. For then comes, to all those who are given to work, being of one effort, who also return, to assimilate and grow more. Higher does one rise who both returns and becomes the instrument of the Way.

To realize and experience, know that until in daily life there is no imbalance, that it is best to keep to the Way and deepen the station, more than the states which linger or tarry for a moment or breath, or time. That is what is called assimilation. It is the true becoming until one Is. And of this journey, this will take time and effort more upon your part, for you will grow in accord with the harmony of your heart with All. And here, too, grace plays a part. Indispensable is it in this traveling.

Be aware of yourself upon this stage of action, for you will grow more. Upon the Way there is no stopping, but for the one who Is. So to become of this is the only way to Be. This completes this stage of the journey toward. Now you begin again, to Live.

And now, should you go further you begin the journey called Becoming Of. This also continues the Greater Journey Toward, for this becoming has the nature of growing more and more to being as This One you sought. Annihilation is the stage upon experience. The next step of this is to be absorbed in personality; that you grow toward That Which Is. To be of this, identity must shift, change from that of the seeker to that of the Sought. For this, one is changed through working in daily life.

The perfection of self continues, growing more, daily toward the One. And of those who continue will be some who continue to perfect themselves more alone; and some who lead or guide, or transmit more openly. These, however, also come together at some point.

Each personality will also take on the resonance, the note, some of the attributes of a prophet or of many prophets. They are entrusted with continuing this work or effort divine. If one is of such or such a prophet and carries forward the word, the name, and the effort, it is said that if He or She is of this being; or two, or more, as the individual may be. But for one perfected in all the words or names, it is said that this person is of the seal of all the prophetic chain. This is of that Guiding Spirit which also formed and takes form through the personality. Here one becomes of The Way.

There are three divisions of those who return and continue the way of perfection. One is the gnostic or one who knows. This person may or may not guide or direct. The second is that one who follows a path to the Way, reaches that end, and then continues expression through a particular means. This second is the adept of states. Third is of the Universal; an adept of The Real.

And of these there are also different levels of function and being. For one may emphasize the way of service, another's attention is of mercy, another strength or power, and another the nature of the Highest. Of these are the master, saint, and prophet.

There are two main differences of the master and saint. The saint primarily receives through heart and follows the path of submission; doing the Will as presented and guided. This is through a prophet if one is of the lower stages of sainthood; and from The One, should he or she rise to this stage. The master primarily derives guidance and action of the light itself. And this too has several levels. The master is the doer, who follows the Will, yet primarily is the actor. The prophet blends the qualities of both, and then raises them together to a higher level. For that one the guidance and leading or warning may extend to the village; another to the nation or sect or culture; and for another the world, and even the worlds. Each prophet may go through many stages. And for each of these three, the scope and range of the effect, the extent of their vision and knowing of The Plan, and the calling of this work will vary. For each there are both higher and lower levels.

There are three areas in which all share. They are: one, in the gaining of knowledge through unfolding without outer learning; two, in action through intention of the heart; and three, in being aware of the unseen in the apparent.

And of the prophet and master and saint, their expressions also will be different. For the prophet guides and blends that of the master and saint; being positive to all creation and form, yet still subservient to The One. While the saint stays primarily in submission and then acts as called, and the master primarily acts; yet knows that all action comes through receiving and submission - still there is imbalance in these two. Either the master or saint may be hidden or shown. The prophet both balances these two and carries the message outwardly. To each also will come the day when the master will be led toward the receptivity and surrender of the saint, and the saint toward the master in action from the positive. To each then will grow the other, and both to the prophet. And of the prophet, as I have said, this one too shall grow in scope, and range, effort, and extent.

All the prophets and masters and saints, and all of those who follow them as saints and prophets in this age, have received their stations from The Light. The Heart of Light is that which exists and has before time and form. Of this the Light has been called many names: The light of Christ, or Nuri Mohammed, or others. For each path there is a name. All indicate the only One. And of each way has come the Light giving forth from The Only One. It is of this source that all have been given their work and all do in accord with with each other, building upon The Way. It is this transmission that culminated in blend through Mohammed; and of This the transmission continues through today. The one who continues on to here is of the same body and breath, heart, and light. There is one Work and it is of The One. While the person may be imperfect, That Which Is, and Is not, from which all comes, this Light and Love, is perfect indeed. It is to this that all come and become again.

Each seeker eventually will go through these states and reach these stages and more. Yet there is also, beyond the states, the development of the divine wisdom within one. That takes further attention, effort, and growth for it to unfold and to be present in the daily outer world. For one to know this in function one must continue to grow in The Way. It is up to each to seek the Higher.

The one who does this becomes even more and will surpass the limits of ordinary action. Events and activities will take place where this person goes, and will happen as they are requested or needed, or both. It is important not to be enamoured of this when it takes place, for it then becomes a trap of the personality. The sincere one will always seek to continue, thanking and praising The One of which all is, does, becomes and returns, and will rest in This breath which sustains all. Here the person will say "guide me, Beloved, as only You, to grow and learn, and be."

There will also come a time to each who continues far enough in which there is the realization of Being. This will be as a knowing and living in that which is now, the present. It is of this that one becomes and seeks to Be, as that breath which is always present and is of the One Being.

This moment should be remembered if one is to guide or lead. For it is important to know the relationships of the path and The Way, and how experience unfolds and to what one may rise. It is here that many never reach, yet guide or lead anyway; and it is here also that many forget. This takes one out of being that worker, or leader, or guide. It is such with most of those with titles like teacher or guru, or shaykh.

This moment of being, this flash of knowing is nothing less than being of the Breath and Being of the Only Beloved One. As a person remains in This, becomes of This, is as This, so then does this moment last and extend. It is up to each to find the way to stay and live as One.

For the person who is able to be only for a breath, he or she loses all other remembrance and being. But for the one who stays in this breath and being, all time and lengths of days or weeks, or months, or more are his or hers. There is no stopping of being in Now. This is the presence, and its length or shortness varies according to the individual capacity and attention. Here one rests and stays, Beloved, as One.

For some there are less times of knowing and being. It could be a year, or a month, or a day, or and hour. And for some, there are no moments of being in this life in earth. All this is shown through the identity of the person; and awareness of personal worth shows the smallness of the person's knowing.

The one who has no moment, no nowness of being, is as diseased. It too shall be cured. And then also this one will know and be. But this disease will stay as long as this person is ruled by the lower nature. For it is impossible for the gates of the unseen and the Garden of Mystery and Secrets to be opened and revealed as long as one still desires them. This door of knowing and being opens only when the Heart and Breath and Eye and mind and soul is only upon The One. And even here, one must give up the separation and difference; for the knocker upon the door must become The One Behind.

Know then that each one is entrusted to do the work in the manner and extent that is laid before him or her. If one seeks only to fulfill this, with no intention or desire beyond it, or for anything more, save the desires of salvation, redemption, remembrance, and becoming again; seeking only The One; that person is the true worshiper and is the companion of the Real Spirit. However, should someone's intention or desire be to more than that which is connected to true worship and is not prepared for this, then nothing will be revealed and this person will not reach the heights of this desire. This person too is as one diseased. His or her strength and capacity are diminished or lost for a time and the ability to act and accomplish is severely weakened. This will is reduced from that of the heart to that which is lower. It takes the true desire of heart toward the One, only; to serve and to do as called; and the preparation to receive of the Higher, for this this to take place. One must prepare the heart as well as the will.

And if this person does correctly and travels this path to the Way, following the Journey upon Journey of Love, he or she will reach the stage where all other intention is dissolved into the Will of the One. If he or she goes far enough, then this person will come to know that there is no limit to attainment and growth and the extent of Being. This one will say, "this is enough, and as it should be", and know the proper conduct upon this way and that it fulfills itself. And as one turns his or her face to the face of Truth, it is known and felt and perceived that the apparent is both the bridge to the Real, and also one of Its' infinite aspects; for there is only One, and all is of this, including oneself.

Here the one who truly knows, continuously seeks and grows. Always is this one surprised and there is more and greater awe in each breath and through the raising of each veil. Here one dwells forever until the final absorption. For this, leave those who do the Work to work; and those who seek to discuss or contend, to discuss or contend.

May grace and blessing be upon you, and to those who are of the One Work and Being. May you be guided toward The One and know, and may all glory come forward to The Only That Is.

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