The King and I:
a theme of remembrance.

Consider that you decide to go to the movies. You don a strange costume (for a change) and immersed yourself in the film. You become so immeshed through interest in it that you forget yourself and become as a character in the movie.

At the end the lights come up and you realize that you are not in the film and are not the character. You look at your clothes and see they are of a maid or butler. You assume you are that, for you have forgotten putting these clothes on. Identifying as that, you move toward the lobby, at which time you remember that you entered the theater and there is a larger life outside.

As you leave, you recall that this place you see is part of kingdom; perceive and know and feel that kingdom is owned by a great king and you are in it, and it is everywhere you look. As you go further from the theater, looking out, your interest goes toward the king and you begin to see and feel his presence in all you touch upon. You are intrigued so much you forget about yourself as the maid or butler, and as you do, apprehend the sense of the king everywhere. You leave the theater behind, not thinking of yourself, but feeling and knowing, remembering something familiar and real about this king - as if you know him so closely and deeply, almost like oneself. As you go further from the theater and let go of all thought of self and identity, all of a sudden you perceive and glimpse - remember - "I am that king. And the kingdom is mine".

But still, the separation is there as you perceive it apart. However, your sense and desire is so strong to know if what you feel is actually true, you ask directions to the palace and go there with no other intention that to find out. Not thinking of the walk or the distance, you continue on, focused only on the goal. And as you do, somehow your get a greater and stronger sense and knowing and remembrance; a vision natural, both in from of you and even, at times, within you, of the king and yourself. Stronger and stronger it grows as you near the palace.

Finally, arriving at the gates you are welcomed in. "Your Highness" all of the guards and servants and advisers call you. And on entering, you look down and see the strange costume you are wearing and remember putting it on. Going to your room, you now change to your robes and crown, and as you do, you remember and see yourself in the mirror, and know who you are. Then, looking out, having put aside the garments you wore, you peruse your kingdom - all that you see - and know and look - see through your own eyes, real and true. It is then you again start to act and live as your real self, the King.

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