Learning Opportunities (1)

There are as many paths as there are hearts.

This work is of The Universal Way.
It is an opening of the door.
The Path to Realization is of the Heart and Breath.

Nothing is scheduled now. Please email if you want some real work.

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Information on General Classes

Through these classes and other work, assistance is offered in the process of spiritual higher realization, and of living in a mystic reality - grounded in this world. There is an understanding, freedom, and joy which results. Guidance assists in becoming functional on several levels and being able to help all people as you are inspired. It is that awakening which takes place in Real guidance and assistance toward mystic experience. This is a path of Love, Harmony, Unity, and Freedom. The soul remembers The Way.

INTRODUCTION: Please read the following note before proceeding with the rest of the information on this page. This will open in another window. Allow pop-ups. Click here to read.

A general meeting is a relaxed, semi-focused and still somewhat informal time to discuss, hear a talk or two about the spiritual path and experience, ask questions, perhaps to do some appropriate practices, and to get a feel for going further. It is an opportunity to meet and get a sense of this approach and if it is something that resonates with you and your heart. And it is a good chance to evaluate - if you pay attention and use some common sense. Although there may be several people here, it is also possible you could be the only person(s). The numbers are not that important at this time; rather the intention of those who are here are. It is a time to get a little "taste".

This is one part of a much larger work. It is an ongoing offering of real teachings and practices for those seriously seeking experience, knowing, and spiritual realization. This work is part of an expression of the initiatic process and effort, and is offered from the Universal Perspective. On the next learning opportunities page is more detail about the classes and perspective of this work, plus links to several writings and talks. If you are interested in attending, they would be well worth the time to read and hear and will explain much about this approach and process. A link to it is below. You would also find benefit by visiting the Associated sites. A link to them is on the home page.

If you do come, you can expect that there may be approaches toward Remembrance, Understanding, and Function. This could include talks, meditations, concentrations, walks, attunements, methods of breathing, and approaches toward going further. It is also possible that none of those things will take place. There will always be opportunities to ask questions. More than that, a way is open for persons to get involved in daily living of The Way and The Work.

Practices - if done at all in this setting - are tailored to the needs and potentials of those attending, for the purpose of taking the next step toward spiritual realization, understanding, experiencing, and becoming of The Real - Oneself. This is all toward developing more of that conscious path within the heart. It is the way of unfolding of oneself toward realizing and becoming again. Remember what you already are but have only forgotten for a short time.

A note on contributions: There is no set cost. An appropriate contribution is required. This does not necessarily mean money, but if it is, does not necessarily mean great or small; but rather whatever is contributed is appropriate for you at this given time in this given situation. A contribution is different than a donation. You may contribute through time, effort, a flower, a little food, or any other ways. The important aspect is that it is correct for you at the particular time. Sometimes discerning that it not easy. It continues the continuity of receiving and giving. Do not base this process upon comparison, habit, or any "ought or should". This is discussed more on the next page.

There is much lodging in the area. Mentone has two tourist hotels, B & B's, private cabins, camping at private campgrounds and Desoto State Park - which also has cabins and a motel. Fort Payne also has motels.

If you would like to attend, please first call or e-mail. If you are unable to attend and have interest in this work, you may set up a private meeting.

E-mail for driving directions or to confirm attendance.

If you are interested in attending class/meetings
read and consider
what is on the 2nd Learning Opportunities page,
suggested readings, and in the talks.

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