Meditation, Spiritual Practices, and the Way

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There is nothing that can be gained from reading itself.


"In the Pursuit of learning one knows more every day, in the pursuit of the Way one does less every day. One loses every day until one does nothing at all, and when one does nothing at all there is nothing that is left undone. It is always through not meddling that the empire is won. Should you meddle, then you are not equal to the task of winning the empire." - Lao Tzu


The secret of the Way: Refine Your breath and breathe ONE. Exhale Love. Breathe Love. LOVE is the Way. That is all.

True growth comes from experience. What is gained and what is lost? What is true and what is false? What is real and what is unreal? That can only be Judged by you; and when you go beyond those pairs of seeming opposites, and experience and know from where these and all else comes, You will know yourself.

Meditation: a way, a practice, or is it life? You find out. No one can tell you. Don't try to get answers from what is written here. Seek beyond the words for their meanings. Their source holds the key, the key to Your own experience. Take from what comes here, and from the rest of life, those things for which you have an affinity, a harmony, a ringing of the bell of Soundless Sound. Take from these pages a sense of where the words come from and where they lead, what they truly are.


"You get more stinkin' from thinkin' than you do from drinkin', but when you feel you know it's real." - Joe Miller


Yet as unreal as these words are, they also are very real and point out the way. But it can't be found in their intellectual meaning or definition. It must be found in the blank spaces between the sounds. A Zen Roshi was asked by a traveler, "What is the secret of the Path?" He answered, "Attention". This is your work. But don't be like that traveler who, wanting more, asked again, so the Roshi replied, "Attention, attention" ; and on wanting an explanation of that, was told, "Attention, attention, attention".

Find your breath. Read with your ears. Sense with Your heart. Feel and be felt, There is a saying that "a book is like a dead teacher". Fortunately, like a dead teacher, writings and sayings can be a connecting link, touching a feeling which leads to the Way. For you, your own way, Your own breath - the One - follow it.

Quiet thought / follow breath / easily relax / no force / flow. In breath Joy. Out breath Peace. Look within for the answers that you seek. There is one guide and that is the guiding spirit within each one.
E X P E R I E N C E .


"A certain Bektashi dervish was respected for his piety and appearance of virtue. Whenever anyone asked him how he had become so holy, he always answered: "I know what is in the Koran."

One day he had just given this reply to an enquirer in a coffee-house, When an imbecile asked: "Well, what IS in the Koran?"

"In the Koran," said the Bektashi, "there are two pressed flowers and a letter from my friend Abdullah." - Sufi story (Idries Shah) forward

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