Purpose of Regular Meetings

The following is quoted from "Knowing How to Know", by Idries Shah.

The purpose of regular meetings is to maintain the special contact already established between numbers of people, each body of people being in a sense distinct.

This special contact is inhibited by an over-development of the social element. These gatherings should be harmonious, but should not be allowed to become "clublike" or gossipy.

The special relationship is harmed by the assumption of status by individual members of the group. Each member should discharge the functions for the time being allotted to him, if any, as a communicator of material, as an organizer, or whatever it might be. The community has to develop a sense of unity of purpose learning and development in which each member is to be regarded as important for the success of the whole.

The special relationship is crippled by the exploitation of one member by another, so that co-operation between individual members must be kept within reasonable limits. The development of smaller, informal relationships between small numbers of people from within the grouping must not be encouraged, as such "sub-groups" without official sanction start to cause the group to operate in an unbalanced manner. The group will in such cases operate as an ideological, social, intellectual or other entity, of which in any culture there are enough already.

Each group is a sensitive organism.
Members of the group meet:

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