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Oh Jerusalem: a vision of peace

Oh, Jerusalem, a star in the East, you who shined so brightly, now dimmed by war and discord. You, whose beauty will reveal to all those to come, unified under the banner of love, cooperation, and peace. Now darkened somewhat by discord, hope continues, for you are chosen as a Holy Place, uniting the East and the West, North and the South.

Races come to your doorstep only to be turned away in hate. You who are the birthplace, cradle of civilizations, home to teachers, prophets, and seers. You who will once more shine brightly in the heavens and through the Earth; we bless you, guide you, and include you in prayer for a safe and unifying return.

You of the East and West, blending the best and the worst of the races and religions; you shall stand again as a mecca, a holy city of unity.

Here we shall find people in harmony sharing your walls, and the Temple Mount shall again be restored for all, to humble themselves and sing Your praises, my Love, The Only One.

Here we shall find East, West, North, South, merged again upon the Cross, upon the Star of 6 points, and upon the crescent Moon and star. Here we shall find again the holding of hands, united in heart, surrendering self, toward That Unity, One from which all comes, has come, and shall return.

We bless you and hold you in our heart; for peace and blessings shall again reign through this land, of hope and glory, as Moses, and Jesus, and Mohammed also hold hands, and in heart sing Halleluja - Amen; Allah Huma, Ya Hu, Yahuva, Abwoon.

Now is the time we move closer to this unity. Unity in heart and breath, we come. Open the hearts of all who care, who know the Way. Feed the hungry, lift the downtrodden, and give succor to the poor. For you are our hope, Jerusalem, city of the sea, that Ocean of Love and Joy, we unite in you, and you again, united, shall bless the world.

And I was raised higher, above the Sea of Galilee, over the peaks of Ararat, overlooking all the desert and the spaces developed below; seeing the discord and disharmony present in so many minds, and the darkness through so many souls, hearts breaking and hard and soft, yet frail.

Here, overlooking the seaside and lands, sensing the squalor of camps and ramshackles, hopes crushed and hate festering and growing fear and loathing; yet still there is hope - and as the phoenix rising from it's ashes, so too do I see in the City of Jerusalem that hope and joy, and love. There is a flame, embers in the ashes, to be stoked by love. And as we gather in heart, coming to aid all who would be taken higher, raised in Love, through Love, we see again this movement to unity, collective love, joy pleasing, singing a song - blessing the land and the people thereof. And this shall spread through all the world. Again Jerusalem, Oh, once more proud, joyously spreading the message of love; peace shall reign once more as you are united in the religions and paths of The Way, to The One. Here we shall find peace.

Unite, those of you who care. Hold each other dear and honor their ways and paths. Share your heart, your walls, your temples, and respect each other, for you are the keys to peace. Become, as people, share your meals, share your breath, become. Dance that Song of Love. Sing Allah, Abwoon, Ya Huva. Ya Hu, Allah Huma, Ya Hu.

In the name of Allah, most compassionate and merciful

Sitting one evening with my attention, breath, and heart upon the Messengers and the ones of The One Guide, my consciousness upon old and very familiar souls, I journeyed with them, together, and soon there came in to focus the presence of this planet.

I look out upon the world, over seas and land, filled with people of innumerable faiths and those of little faith. Violence runs supreme among the lowlands, but upon the hills light and love come forward through never ending glory.

Now I see upon the land rivers of blood as heart purifies. The blood is the crucifixion of the Lamb of God. The light, His light. Upon all the world comes this glory and it penetrates above and below. No longer separation, there is but the unity of Love.

Upon all the earth the religions run their course. Having been brought by many messengers, no longer is their need. Holy is the Heart, Holy makes the heart, which no longer fears nor sees separation in form. Through all runs all, only One.

To those who come seeking religion we say seek love instead. Look toward One, the only being, of which we have come, and are, and shall be. To this we turn our heart.

And then I saw upon the earth, the whole of this world as an orb, the Heart-Breath the Light/Love/Breath extend to all 4 corners, making a cross in the center, and as a star radiating through all the heavens.

It is here I paused and heard the choir of angels, the voices of Jinns, That Love made manifest, saying Allah Huma. Returning into the earth, raising higher the praises by calling the Nameless Name of Love and Its resounding, echoing into the manifest planes, the levels again, and solidity of forms - how fragile and transitory. Here return the calls, Allah Huma.

"Follow the breath, follow the heart, become of this also" told one of this Heart, speaking to all who would read or hear these words. "Become of this and bless the presence of the world through you. Act as one of us and, one only of that which IS, for this is the blessing unto Itself, of which we are." Allah Huma.

And continuing on, speaking to all who read or hear these words, "In daily life, in every day, we act as one. Together is the chain and the Way: beads upon the string of love, reverberating and lifting all to whom it touches. It is here the world expands to Light, Love, Breath; being the way of One." Allah Huma.

"Return again to work, that work of life for which we, all, each, comes into the world. Forget not, if you remember why you have come and what you are to do. For you will grow into and with the remembering and your actions may fulfill your purposes. Allah Huma."

"And if you do not yet now remember why you are here, then touch your heart and put your breath and desire upon that union which comes of self to Non-Self, toward That One, that you may forget your "self" as falseness and remember That Which Is True, or Truth, of That One which is and of which you also are." Allah Huma.

"Thus will open the way for action; for you to do as called. Place yourself upon the road to service as you would be asked, for this is the way of Love. And as actions, the path and your purpose shall unfold of its own accord as is your selflessness. Try and do place yourself within this realm. Serve as you are guided, according to that which you can, according to what is needed, and it shall grow, and all the world will be lifted as you too are risen and join as one."

Allah Huma

And I was raised higher, encompassing the world and becoming aware of four poles emanating from the center as rods and staffs. And then the full vision of all twelve poles emanating from the center as a support and structure for all that web of light and love intertwined and interspersing through the matrix of this orb.

Through it all, the points upon which those rods and staffs fell, intersections with the surface of the globe, are nodes of Love and Light to be strengthened and connected in daily activity as well as through the inner. Each has its meaning and function.

To the North, awakening and lighting of The Way. To the West, an establishment of peace. To the South, a blessing of love and healing. And to the East, a transmission, unifying the ways.

And I saw upon the city of Jerusalem a great light circling and encompassing this city through the Great Heart. Within this heart was the presence and attention of Archangel Gabriel blowing the Horn of Reconciliation and peace, focusing upon helping bring unity to all the world.

And upon this city and within its boundary, within the Greater, becomes the presence of the Prophets. And I saw Mohammed and Jesus and Moses all in a circle, twirling together as one great light, holding hands in forms, but truly entwined in Heart, this Love and Peace. And here the voices as one voice again, meant for all who read or hear these words, "Join with us. Focus upon this city, for peace is near. Let it grow upon your consciousness and that of others. Let us join in the harmony needed to progress to unity. Focus upon this as a healing of Light, Love, and Breath and let it grow to fruition today. For it will become tomorrow. Be the vehicles through which we become known once more and accepted all as the faces of The One. To this we place our heart. To this also become of us and let your actions in daily life, through this world, reflect the inner Peace. From here will come Real peace to the Mid-East. May it be through you and all to come."

"When the city is unified and open and home equally to all of heart and breath, and way, the peace shall be. Open the door to this and you shall become the vehicle for change and growth for all."

"Walk upon the ground chanting Allah, Allah Huma, Ya Akbar Allah Huma. Say Ya Huva, being The Only Light. Repeat and resonate Abwoon, the Love made manifest. And as you walk through this city, become our emissary letting this Love, Light, Breath, this Joy and Peace, Harmony, take root. All action will come of this."

"Let your heart join in this whether far from its physical center or near in step. Let yourself become of ourself and sing the Song of Love and Joy: Allah Huma, Awboon, Ya Hu, Yahuva, Ya Hu. Become, and peace shall be - forthcoming, and is now."

And I see this city together and all in Joy and Harmony, open to all, accepting of all. Let action come of breath and heart and love will conquer and express. May you be well. All is well. And peace shall reign through all.



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