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On the names of various paths and practices, including: The phrase "universal perspective", references to suggested reading material, and words or sounds used in practices.

The phrase "the universal perspective" is used in the title of this site. That is deliberate. It is not from "A" universal perspective. How many different ones can there be?

There are many various paths, or approaches to spiritual learning - as many as there are people. There is; however, only one "Way", and one "Source". There have been a succession of different faces to the paths; all essentially pointing in the same direction. Some of these different Inspirers, which can also be said are but different faces of the same being, founded what became more formalized schools, paths, or religions. They generally came for the purposes of updating the "teaching", revitalizing it, or spreading it to another group. Viewed in that way, one will not find basic contradiction in their works.

Here, The Way is referred to as where the various paths come together. It is here that the teaching and guidance unfolds from the Spirit - regardless of the outer forms. It is here that differentiation of the "ways" ceases. In all the great religions and teachings this is taught - at least from the founders.

So in this work, here, you will find it referred to as "the" universal perspective - without qualifiers. We have reached the point in human development where we can embrace ALL the different paths and ways as part of the greater to which we aspire and become partners in. Whether a person does embrace this or not is up to him or her, in accordance with their real intention and point of view. Part of this work then is to give a little feel or sense of this universal perspective.

The embracing of the various paths and even the drawing of practices or recitations which are common to all the approaches or particular to one, is not and can not be done in a haphazard or random way. In addition, the decision to use a particular approach or method is only based upon its efficacy in the particular situation - which includes, but is not limited to the person(s), place, and result sought. Nor, if it is used properly, will it be done without a clear understanding of function and how it fits in place. It is not done from the reference point of approach, but rather from that of goal. From there it is natural that it be applied as needed as an element of one single and continuous teaching.

However, on this site, many times writings or works from one area or approach may be emphasized more than another. This mainly stems from is needed to convey the appropriate message.

The fact that the "teaching" derives from the One Spirit does not preclude that it may be expressed through the forms of any particular path or religion, or that it is "less" for doing so. The opposite is the case. All teachings must have some form(s) through which they can be conveyed - no matter how refined that is. Indeed, that "Spirit of Guidance" may impel or urge one to express it through such a form.

In this case, here, these teachings and writings are expressed more from the "non-named", or without calling it anything. That does not mean from without or outside of the "stream" from which the traditions come; but rather without limiting this work to one form or labeling it something in particular. It is not a denial of the "truth" or basis of these traditions, but rather a celebration of them.

You will find here practices will be provided from time to time. Regardless of their sources, it is not so much a suggestion that this is the "right way", or endorsement of that form over others; but rather that it works, or more correctly - can work. However, even here, just because you are attracted to something does not mean that is should be taken on. It is a balance of potentials a practice is provided that you can read on this site.

Many times, refererence is made to other books and writings from various traditions or paths. In a page of suggested reading material you will find works from many of them. You will also find some common themes should you read some. One thing that will become obvious is that many of the writings are of so called "Sufi" origin. That does NOT mean that all groups calling themselves "sufi" are viable or alive. Indeed, that is not the case - just as it is not the case that all Jewish groups follow the real or basic teachings of their prophets; or not all Christian groups follow the teaching of Jesus.

In fact, although many of these "Sufi" works are often referred to, this at times is done somewhat reluctantly. That is so because it may be misleading to emphasize or point to what may have been useful at one time, or was done specifically for a limited situation as now universal and applicable. In some cases previously active works or groupings have become dead forms, or dying structure. Just because something has the name Sufi, it does not mean that it is vibrant and living. Crystallization and cultish behavior respects no name. The "problem" stems from the fact that as soon as there is form, crystallization begins. It is difficult to keep expansion in place without it, too, becoming a manifestation of solidity. This is in addition to the life of a teaching being related to time, place, and person.

Indeed, the name "Sufi" points toward and reflects function more so than sect; and that function has been around long before it was called something - anything. It so happens that many of the writers accepted under that umbrella name, experienced, and expressed "The universal point of view". As a matter of fact, more often than not, the intellectual or religious person does not include enough of them; regardless of their position, occupation, or "religion".

Having said that, the names "are" important as are differentiations of the paths or ways (with a little W). They indicate a reference point. Please try not to take it for more than that.

There are many illustrations of these statements from many people, but this should suffice. What is more important than trying to justify or provide extensive reference is to "get on with it". Try breath - connect.

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