An open letter to those who initiate in the spiritual way:
A message of love, harmony, and beauty.


We are gathered today as one body. Made of innumerable souls, we recognize the unity of Being, by being. No mere words or philosophy are needed or of value upon which to rest when experience - living is done. It is necessary for us to speak out today regarding the next steps and stages for all humanity.

Humans, people everywhere, long for a leader to take them from the doldrums and drudgery of life. But the next step is not through being led by an outer guide who tells people what to do or reprimands them for not doing. Rather, it is found by taking on the qualities of the prophet, as this, within each of our lives. This will then lead the next generation to improve, grow, and build upon this one. Today is the starting point. Why? Because now is what we have to use.

How this works out will depend upon the willingness and consciousness, the intentions of all those beings within the framework of guidance and their attention and attunement to the one source from which it comes.

Indeed, we are one body and one being. The manifestation of separateness is an illusion. Once the veils of identity have been lifted, we find ourself/noself/oneself. It is this from which we, one, has moved, come, never left. But to all souls who have come from the same source and are but identifying as specks, it is sometimes a long and arduous journey to return - not a philosophy or series of states or stages, but a living reality to become.

It is this then that makes up the spiritual path. And as those who know and guide and lead; and who are a part of the one Being know, there is but one ordering of Light, Love, and Breath. It is this that has been "broken" into the ways or paths - the religions, schools toward mystic living and being, paths to the Way.

It is this one Being, ordered through Itself - oneself - in so many manners as to be useful to the time, place, and people of the day. Today being - carries on - a newer step of unity. For yesterday, division was needed to accommodate the many facets of the gem. Today the light needs to concentrate so the jewel may shine bright - as brightly as it can.

We may consider the facets, the sides of this jewel as the various activities, paths; seemingly separate, but not at all. Over the millennia, as people inhabited this planet and came together as tribes, races, and place holders; it was necessary that we provide means for them, for all of one, to come back, be guided to that which is both higher and greater than themselves, and yet at the same is themself. So we instituted spirits, gods. These grew to incorporate ritual and meaning, pointing to something toward which to grow and from which to receive. It was these that laid the foundation for the next framework: the coming of the Greater Prophets and world leaders; guides, or "teachers" if you will.

From these came many of the various schools and approaches we have today. From and through these beings, and many that followed, came also a transmission, a lineage, and initiations. As all who have followed the path of attainment far enough to unity know, these all lead to the same source, the same reality, the one and only Being. And as all know, through their experience, there is only one initiation from which all comes - and that is the natural progression of the being, through separateness, to return. It is the coming back together, so to speak.

This leads me to the current tone or note. It is one of harmony, reunion, and contains a chorus of voices within it. In the past we needed the steps and stages of separateness. Today we move more - for this movement has been taking place for a while now - toward greater unity. And this is found through Universal Initiation - without name, title, or form. It includes all; from which and to which all comes, returns, and is.

Does this mean that people should not follow the paths or ways? Not at all. Does this mean we do away with Buddhism, of Hinduism, of Suf, of Zen, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Nature Religions, Spirit following, or other paths? Not at all. And does this mean we can not or do not still initiate in and through the path or process of connection - and ladder? No, it does not mean that either. It only means that we recognize the One Source of all initiation and being, and we place this as an active part - in the forefront and also side-by-side with the "path" or "way". In this manner people become united as one being with one "allegiance"; and one identifies as part of one "group" from which all the paths and ways have come. No longer do we need to identify ourself by the names or titles of the paths - as a "this" or "that". Rather we identify, recognize, respect, and accept all the paths and ways as part of one larger being from which we have come and to which we return - through experience - using the way or path as "a" or "the" means to grow beyond it - to the one, the Universal.

It is here, concurrent with any initiation into the way or approach, the path and means, we make clear that it also is a part of a greater being and initiations, and we are of this one source - one being, using the means of the stepping stones of this tradition to reconnect, remember, re-become - consciously, with awareness. It is this Universal Initiation, given, conveyed, accepted, at the same time also as initiation of guidance, connection to the lineage and transmission of the "group" takes place that eventually breaks barriers from the inside out, so to speak, and lays the foundation for the continuous process of the working out of unity in today's life and world.

Indeed, we find this naturally taking place through the "bubbling up" of the message of unity through the daily actions of many people: philosophers, scientists, and those with an affinity for nature. It is coming to the fore as much through these people, and sometimes more so, than through the vestiges of yesterdays guidance.

The movement of the new souls in earth also shows us the way this is happening more each day. For the "advance guard" is already here and they will not settle for less than the unity that exists from which they "came". It is part of our own responsibility to ease the way for those coming and now unfolding. Let us continue this by putting separateness aside enough to accommodate a concurrent Universal Initiation along with and only limited through the way or path - the means or stage to universality.

If we begin more to breathe and accept ourself as one being, from one source, toward one source, we will accomplish a great step. It will go far toward breaking, dissolving, the barriers which keep one identifying as separate. It will, through inner form, provide another means to "love another as oneself".

Let us step forward in this process. The way is very simple. First, we just accept the Universal One as the source from which all comes and accept all the ways as part of that. Then, by simply placing ones heart and breath, united with all, toward the one, and letting this come through during initiation as one is accepted in the path or means you provide. Accommodate this and we shall grow more closely toward one human family. This is all that is needed: acceptance of the One source, One Being, One Initiation, One Ordering, and holding, keeping oneself as part of this in addition - side by side - with any other form or ritual initiation.

May all beings be well, happy, and of peace. Intention is the key to capacity.

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