Orders and Organizations:

Their inception, development, maintenance, and demise.

Including their:
purposes and structure,
creation, establishment, and continuance,
densification, and deterioration.

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The following general areas or topics are included or touched on in this work. They are not necessarily sequential, and are both introduced and expanded upon within the entire series of writings. Interspersed are writings, called reflections, on attributes that may also be considered from the standpoint of practices and relate to the preceding section. There are 26 pages in all. The last page is a list of links to all the other pages in this writing.

The most useful, (and intended) manner to access this writing is to read it from the beginning to the end. The most comprehensive approach is to read and to also do the practices associated with each section. However, there are other approaches which are sometimes suggested and also may be beneficial.

As with other things, many people are reluctant to spend the time and effort to do the "most useful" thing or follow the intention of the work. If you prefer to read only the writings or browse, there are links on the bottom of each page to do so. If you do read this quickly for information, then it is possible this would be somewhat helpful.

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