General information and partial list.

If you want to read more detail on practices and their use, please see An Introduction to Spiritual Practices. I suggest you do if you actually intend to use any of these. Among other things, it will give you some suggestions on how to approach them. It might also be helpful to read An Introduction to the walks of Allah.

Practices are best assigned by a teacher who knows what to do. Self diagnosis and prescription does not work very well in this area. It is like a person who has not sailed across the ocean trying to do so without any guidance. There is no telling what will happen with the choices he makes.

Please try to remember that using excercises or practices are like using medicines. One would reasonably take a medicine under the care of a physician who knows what is going on, and would tell the individual patient what to use in the proper dosage, at the proper time to achieve the proper effect. That same medication taken at the wrong time, or used by someone alergic to it, or in the wrong dosage can have harmful effects.

Spiritual practices have very specific uses for specific people under specific circumstances, for certain lengths of time, and in certain ways. They are not for everyone to do simply because they are here. Nor, because someone is drawn to a practice, does this mean that he or she should do it. This is like saying that the person who is drawn to listen to a certain type of music should hear it. It may be that the music is causing an imbalance or difficulty. It may be that it would be more beneficial to hear a different type of music - for any of many reasons. It may be even better to hear no music. Whatever the case, the individual is usually in the worst condition to self-diagnose and administer the proper corrective or balance to their own situation.

As to reviewing and seeing what practices are here from an intellectual veiwpoint; that likely will cause no problems. Nor will it do much good.

If you want to do practices, now that is another story. Why do you want to? Is this the way to achieve that end? Are there other, better ways, more suited to your needs now? It the fact that you are inclined to do something an indication of real need or personal desire? How are you able to discern the answer to these questions or your true condition? These are questions to consider.

Would you go into a pharmacy and, knowing that there are medicines for all sorts of ailments there, just take one because of superficial reasons? Perhaps you would. In that case, you are not dealing with health but rather other problems. But even if you knew what your condition was and what the medicine did, it may be that you would be better off with a different course of action. For example, a person who is overweight may feel to take a diet pill. Yet another approach that might be more appropriate would be first to change what he or she ate and did. Who knows, but the doctor, or the one who KNOWS?

Within the spiritual realm, that is one of the reasons for seeking first the assistance of a person who actually has traveled the path, reached the goals, assimilated the experiences, and is in the condition and has the job of assistance of others. They you may be in the right hands. Or, trust that things will work out, or just do whatever you want. You may find something out of benefit by doing that. Or you could just waste time or make yourself sicker, or ...

Following is a list of some practices that most people can do at most times and generally not be too detrimental.

1. Individual Harmony.
2. Walk of Allah.
3. Retrospection.
4. The Peace Darood.
5. Several Concentration practices.
6. Some Prayers.
7. Purification of the heart.

Here are many more practices.

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