40 day prayer cycle

10 prayers done with the 5 elements.

This 40 day meditation is based on 10 meditations done over two days at a Retreat. The prayers are below. Use each meditation for one day, which will take 10 days to complete all 10. Then repeat the cycle 4 times. So the complete practice will take 40 days.

In this practice apply the breaths of the elements to the meditations, from the finest to the most dense. These are the breaths that correspond with the Walks of the Elements. You may find it helpful to actually do the walks of the elements in order to catch the breath of them to begin with. It should not be too long before you are able to get a feeling and sense of the element by breathing it. An explanation of the way the breaths are done can be found on the Walks of the Elements Page.

The following process should be done for each of the meditations each day. You only are concerned with the specific daily meditation. So on the first day you start with number 1, the second day you do number 2, and so forth until you finish all 10 and then you start again. Because of the time frame you will need to check your own schedule and make sure this is something you can complete before you start the process.

Read the words over and contemplate them a bit until you have a good feeling, understanding, and sense of what they point toward. When you feel you do, then add the breath of Ether, and include your understanding and intention of the meditation within that breath. The breath of Ether is a very refined breath. One way you connect with the breath of Ether is to breath love and place your heart to the highest of your Ideal. Sit with this for a few minutes. Here you begin to experience the highest impulse and sense, the beginning of your meditation actually starting to take place in your life. When you feel this starting it is time to move on to the slightly more dense breath of Air. Breathing Love Practice.

At this point and between each of the elements, you may wish to read the meditation again so that it is clear in your mind. Now continue this meditation placing it within the breath of Air. Here you would begin to feel this process becoming more solid. Spend a few minutes breathing at this level and feeling the intent of your meditation actually getting stronger in your life. When you feel this taking place it is time to move on to the slightly more dense breath of Fire.

Fire is enlivening. This element adds energy and life. Continue the meditation as you place it within this breath. Feel the meaning of the words taking on more life and density. When you catch and strengthen this sense it is time to move on to the denser breath of Water.

Continue the meditation placing it within this more fluid and slightly more solid elemental breath. Now the meditation is beginning to take on more form as you begin to contemplate the actual thoughts, feelings, actions and activities of your daily life. This is where you relate more strongly those activities, actions, feelings, and thoughts to your meditation; to harmonize with the intention of your prayer, of your contemplation.

Moving into the breath of Earth, recognize this to be the most dense and solid of the elements. It corresponds with the manifestation of the meditation in your daily life. This is an important part of this process, for here, you open the door for your prayer, the meditation, to be fulfilled - and show up through what you do. You ask for, seek, this growth. Because of that, you open that way also for the possibility of real change in your actual living situation and your perception and consciousness of life.

The daily meditations are listed below.

Day 1: Beloved, To You do I put all my activities.
Open the way for my heart to merge with Yours;
until no longer is there You and I.

Day 2: My thoughts are upon only You.
May my reason reflect Your mind.

Day 3: Desiring only You
I come to Your door and knock.

Day 4: Feeling Your presence always
In all things,
through all life,
I recognize only You,
For You and I are one.

Day 5: Merging in love,
Bliss, Joy, and peace
losing myself into You,

Day 6: Only Love,
Upon this are all the worlds built;
Heaven and earth but reflections.
Come. Feel. Remember. As this one.

Day 7: Desiring heart extends peace.
Let "me" extend with You
as one.

Day 8: Solid action of the heart/breath
carries into the worlds.

Day 9: Forming deeper,
I become the instrument of Your will.

Day 10: Your actions are mine.
my life extends only You.

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