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Problems playing audios

Most, if not all, audios on this site are mp3's that are set up to stream. That means the link you click on is an m3u - not the actual mp3. If you are having problems playing, here is a quick fix to play it.

1. Right click on the link of the audio you want to play. (You should see a box with several options.

2. Copy the link address. (If you can't copy it, type the link as #3 below)

3. Paste the link address in the address bar on top of your browser. (This is what shows the page you are on)

4. Click in the box once.

5. Go to the end of the address which says: .m3u

6. Change that to read: .mp3

7. Hit to GO TO button or the ENTER KEY. At this point something should either start to play the audio or you will be given a prompt and asked if you want to open it or save it. Choose open to listen.

Note: There may be a delay for the entire file to download before it plays. If you are on dial-up internet, it will be a very long delay.

8. If this does not work, your computer is probably not set up to play mp3 files.

If you still are having problems, please send an email.

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