Hail to the Heart

Hail to the Heart that lifts the world to the heights of Love. He who beholds himself. She who sees her own face. The one who knows all as one being, one face, one self - who remembers, knows, and is.

The one who reaches to the Soul of Souls - the true and only being raises the Earth and all within it and his heart. For he looks upon the faces and forms as being the Divine One in all its glory - showing its own face as the multitudes.

In diversity there is not unity. In unity no diversity. One Being - in all, as all, supporting all, supported by all, flowing and stationary, moving and still, silent and glorifying the word in song. This one comes to man in Glory.

Hail the heart that raises to itself the cup of remembrance; the joy of drinking itself. The breath and love coalesce as the spirit. The wine of sobriety extends to all who drink of this nectar - and there is but one mouth, one heart, one taste, and one Toast - for all the glasses are raised in unison sing the great song, the blessing of the Divine - Being, Love, Delight.

May the Peace and Joy of the Divine Spirit Raise all who enter into the world of darkness to the Light.

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