The Purpose of this Transmission

The purpose of this un-named transmission is to assist in the reunification of the ways.

For many years the Way has been segmented, for good purposes. This can be seen through a study, internally and experientially, as well as outwardly through examination of scriptures, teachings, and revelation. When one goes beyond the differences there becomes, on the path of realization, that which may be called Truth, The One, The Real, and so forth. It is this the mystic lives. The theorist is the philosopher. Philosophy is not living. It is speaking about life. So the mystic becomes of the Way, and eventually, That Which Is. He or she is no longer the personality of the smaller person or being usually seen in this world; but rather is of the Nature of Being Itself. This is what many point toward in the name or word "realization": experiencing, living, as of the Real.

It was because there were so many various cultures, or tribes, and the development of changing times and growth in settlement of lands, areas, with many languages and approaches to life that the ways, or paths, were formed - came in to being.

There was, and is, one continuous work, or effort, in which all people of Heart, being of one body and breath take part. It is of this which some have called a hierarchy, leading and guiding all humanity, as well as working with all souls and beings on various levels other than the material, physical plane. It was and is this that guides and assists through the Work of the day, or days.

This unity has turned toward a stage of expansion and unification. This can be now seen through many avenues. Advancements in science point out the unity and interrelationship of all life, as part of one great process and being. Globalization, the effects of trade, travel, through technological evolution, developments in communication, all point and move us closer toward one common society. It is so in the outer world. This reflects the inner.

Having come so far in the process of dissemination and separation of The Way into some of its many aspects or qualities for the use and ease of relating to various aspects or qualities of people; we now find a turning toward their unification - right along with the uniting of the people on this planet. We represent, in this form, what which exists more fully in the Truth - real unity of being.

It is this that this transmission seeks to assist and for which it is being brought in to existence. Its purpose is to support and help in this reassimilation; guiding where needed, confirming where appropriate, helping people, groups, organisms, remember, recall, and re-fulfill their own teaching and reasons for being; and to interject, into this world, the understanding and awareness of the unity of all being.

This is done through many other means at the same time. If you examine some of the mystic or inner teachings of various schools or paths, in addition to the outer "non-spiritual" activities previously referred to, you will find statements of this unity.

There have been, and are, some inherent weaknesses, problems, and difficulties in the reassembly when people "belong to" or consider themselves as part of a path or way - no matter how universal is its basis or toward which it may lead. Here, separateness still exists. So we find it is only the realized, experienced one within the tradition - or more precisely, that one who has grown from within the tradition to the universal - who fully appreciates and lives the Way, the One. From this all appreciation and understanding emanates, and acceptance of one body, one being, oneself, exists. So Truth finds its way back to itself and accepts all else, not as separate, but one. Here is the overcoming of duality through experience.

So it is by the step by step, stage by stage progression of the individual that unity again comes forward. This is repeated through many forms and means. So too, is the continuance of separation through those forms.

So this transmission is charged with attempting to do two main things. One is to assist people to grow in realization and experience to the state of unity of being, and to take ones place in the Real, functionally; and remembering oneself, fulfilling his or her purpose(s) for living.

The other is to do this in a framework of Universal means and to minimize the differences through forms. This is the work of the one of the Universal. In so doing a pattern and process is formed which aides in the reunion of self with a minimization of crystallization.

This takes people of real heart and being to accomplish. It takes persons who seek to work together as one toward this goal and who are able to reach a level of realization and experience in which they are able to be free and perceive themself - oneself - as part of all. In addition, it requires people willing to put aside themself and their attachment or reliance upon the path or ways - the means - and become of, harmonizing with, the Great One from which they came. It is of this that identity grows toward. It is of this one body that people grow, and it of this one functioning being that guides and assists all humanity in its many forms, and on and through many levels.

The creation of a body, or group of people who can work together in harmony, not only with each other as persons, but also as part of that one body which makes up the Guiding Spirit is part of the aim of this transmission.

If there can be six or eight, or ten people able to live like this and fulfill their "individual" life, willing to work together as one, and assist others to grow toward this also, then this starting process can survive and take further root and grow. This is the beginning of the seeds of the tree.

So through this transmission, as well as the work and efforts continuing on many planes and levels, including other mystic schools and paths, a greater harmony may grow that eventually will put the names and separateness aside, and from which, through which, all may be.

This is a grand aspiration. But all life is on this track and sooner or later will move toward this. One more means and helpful step is through the addition and success of this endeavor.

That is why we have started it in this manner - with a minimal structure and with no name. Let us be of the One and all are within it.

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