Examples of Remembrance

Do you recall something that happened to you some time ago? Put your attention on it. Breathe it - the event. Breathe in. The feeling of it grows stronger. It comes toward you. You feel and remember what it was like - more.

Breathe out. You go toward the experience. Feel yourself becoming it. You expand more toward it, losing attachment to yourself and letting go of limitation - of form, person, space, time.

IN. You feel it toward yourself more - becoming you. OUT. You become it, lessening division of observer and observed; being drawn into experience again of what it is.

Remembering is experiencing anew that which was and is.

It is the end of a busy day. You still have more work to do and dinner to eat, but you have gone to the movie theater. There, you have become immersed in a picture, forgetting all about what you have been doing before. Forgetting the time. Forgetting your obligations. The movie ends. You are struck that you were in another world. Slowly you return to awareness of your seat and that you are in a theater. You walk out and pass several other doors. It is clear now that you are in a large building.

You see the lobby and go through the main door. It is now dark. You start to get hungry and remember - oh, yes, I need to cook dinner. Your thoughts go to those things you need to do. They come to your mind. The feeling of the day gets stronger. You have returned to you car. You remember. This world has returned. You are in it. The movie continues to fade away as you continue your new world.

To Remember: Attention - Feel - Breathe.
Breath is the connecting link.

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