Remembrance using:
La I'llaha, Il Allah Hu

This remembrance practice is based upon the phrase La I'llaha, Il Allah Hu. It is a variation of the "classical".

We begin in the name which points to the Real and become of that Which IS All: Mercy, Compassion, Love, Light, Being, Beyond, Oneself. We place ourself toward the Heart of Hearts, that Light of Lights, Love and One Which is and from which One comes and returns.

The phrase can be considered as "There is nothing that exists but that which exists and the unmanifest from which and to which it comes and returns."
"There is no reality except the reality that is - beyond the forms, beyond the IS and the IS NOT - pure Being.

We use forms to move beyond them; sound to tune until we be of the all pervading soundless sound; movement to connect to intention, intention to the Real. Start where you are. End where you truly Are.

There is motion, sound, direction, and intent to this practice of remembering and experience when it is done in its full form. They correspond and coordinate; and act and harmonize on several levels. As the practice or process refines, there is less and less of all these forms until there is none but Breath, Heart, and Being.

There are many methods of using these forms that. This, that is described, while perhaps different in some ways from that of other recitations of this phrase, has distinct similarities. And what is described is only a touch a little picture in a limited way. It may change. The phrase may change. The tune may be different. People may include more than who start. It may grow to quiet, and there is a resting in The Space of Being that is sought until no longer is there seeking. So do not get caught or be rigid in form or explanation. Find for yourself what works and is.

Following: One approach and explanation.

I sometimes use this phrase in this manner and with the approaches because it works well - especially with certain people under certain circumstances. Under other circumstances or with another set of people, or even at the same time, we may use a different phrase or word. There are many. The purpose of the practice is to experience. How one gets to that is not so important or valuable as is the experience itself. Do not get caught up in the forms or process. Seek the experience and then continue the deepening, becoming, remembrance, realizing, and living - Being.

If this is done in a group a circle is formed. Sit as you wish - properly. The first general step is to sit in meditation of the Heart. Breathing Love, one attunes to the Divine Ideal as much as possible. Stilling the mind, quieting the thoughts, putting ones heart toward the Infinite Being of Love and from which all comes and to which all returns. It is with the position of giving everything over to that in order to Remember and Become as much as possible - to Experience That Which one IS. It is here that nothing is so important as to stand in the way. All is given - crucified on the altar of Heart to be raised in the Resurrection of Love, Light, and Sound toward the Universe of Universes, Heart of Hearts, Breath of Breaths - the One Being of Beings. And everything is given and laid on the table for that One to lift to Itself in Remembrance of Being.

Depending upon the need, prior to this period of meditation there may be one or more concentrations. These could include walking and tuning, breath in a circle, AUM, Balancing Breath up and down spine, and various methods of attuning and harmonizing with each other toward one larger body. The attunement to each other, with intention, is necessary and of importance. We lift each other for as one rises all rise.

After the appropriate state and harmony is reached, I will many times begin by movement and breath only. This is followed by movement and intent on breath, and then finally sounding. However, this is not necessarily the case. Sometimes we will commence by singing and movement, standing or sitting, connected linking arms or hands, or not. You will need to follow your way and experience; so it is best learned through experience with others who know.

The movements, focus, and intentions of this practice are:
LA - Breathe out. Head downward on the left side - negation. There is nothing of the Ultimate Reality here - in any form.
IL - Breathe in. Head up on right. Moving toward positive. IL resounding in center of forehead. Seeing and knowing from higher - more inclusive, wider, above.
LA - Breathe out. (As above).
HA - Breathe in. The beginning of the H is treated as an EH. Head straight up. Breath up spine to heart. Expands on A and continues to top of head and above.
IL - Breathe out. Sharp dropping of head straight down. There is a focus of Breath, Light, Energy initially into the solar plexus area. This is somewhat similar to the fire purification of lesser personality. No attachment to personality, or attachment to or identification with form or person or bodies. Thrust of light from the forehead at the same time that thins and removes the veil of the cosmic. This is all purified and any lesser attachment and identification is burned, cleared, cleansed. Veil is dissolved. This grows in space and refinement to include all form, all identity seperate. PAUSE. Still in outbreath. Now breath and intent changes . It turns cold and raises up through the heart. It changes from removing, attachment to lesser personality and raises. The ash of what was burned and cleanses is expelled and purified through the heart. The head continues upward in this expansion until it is level.
AL - Breathe in. Heart expands - rises up and Become bigger. Becoming That which is. Head is upright.
LA - Breathe out. Expands more without edges toward That which is not. Head is upright.
EH - Breathe in. Beginning of HU. Refining toward the Source.
HU - Breathe out. Start the tone on the front of the mouth as a vibrating breathing HWWUU and quickly rising and expanding to Being.
Breathe in. Remember.
Breath out. Remember.
Breathe in. Remember.
Breath out. Remember.
Breathe in. Remember.
LA - Breathe out. Repeat cycle.

This may continue for some time, possibly adding strength on sound to words for a while, perhaps changing cadence or extending remembrance time and number of in and out breaths. Then the entire process is refined to motion and sounds on the breath. Then the motion is refined and the sounds are let go. The breath correlates with intention and function. After a bit, during this process, one no longer need pay attention to the functions - for they will continue, similar to priming the pump, continuing on there own as one experiences and breathes.

There is then a change is the elimination of some of the practice. It now moves to IL AL LA HU. This follows the same course of refining as did the entire phrase.

Then this is is shortened to AL - LA HU.

And then finally to HU.

There is then a period of resting in Being and Remembering. Finally, the leader may signal and end by audibly grounding his or her breath.

More in depth on approach and intention.

Zikr of The Heart Hear a recitation using the phrase La I'llaha, Il Allah Hu. 6:39.

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