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Circle of Rememberings

Guidelines, Suggestions, and Reminders

The following are not a whole bunch of rules and requirements. They really are suggestions and a few requests. They are offered as a guide to make things easier and to help this process move smoothly so we are able to concentrate and focus on actually doing, attuning, and experiencing rather than talking about it. No instruction will be given at the actual Circle so it is up to you to be prepared when you come. Please email or call if there are problems or questions.

  1. Be aware of what the practice is and how the circle works. There is quite a lot of material on this web site about a Circle of Remembering, remembrance practices, recitation, and attunement. You can read about using the phrase, La I'llaha, Il Allah Hu in detail. You can also listen to some practices and two short talks on how the practice works and on attunement. Please familiarize yourself with these prior to coming.

  2. Try out a recitation. You will get more benefit if you follow along and recite with the group in an audio. Get a feeling for it.

  3. Try to arrive about 10 - 15 minutes before the scheduled start. This will give you time to come in, acclimate to the atmosphere and people, take care of greetings, find a chair, and settle in. Don't worry about knocking. Just come on in. There are coat trees for clothing.

  4. If you are late or arrive after the practice starts: Just come in without knocking. Pay attention to the situation. Find a chair and sit outside the circle for a few moments. Give yourself a chance to adapt and attune. Then when you feel it is appropriate, move toward an area and let people make room for you, or stay in the outer portion of the circle, close to it. For those within a circle, please try to accomodate another.

  5. Please do not use fragrances, incense, cologne, oils, essences, etc. Some people are sensitive to these. Some allergic. It is difficult to remove the smells from the house. This is a strong request.

  6. Please remove shoes and use hand sanitizer. This keeps the house cleaner, and cuts down on colds. It also removes some of the heavier energy carried in and helps put one in the frame of mind of what is being done.

  7. Keep greetings short and non-disruptive. This is not a social gathering. As all present keep pointing toward the intentions of the practice and gathering, more will move toward that in experience. There will be plenty of time to schmooze and chat after.

  8. Find a chair that is right. One that fits you and provides a straight back.

  9. Form a circle or oval. Be attentive to the energies. Try to even them out and help create an environment and focus that is correct, balanced, and with the highest potential. Shift positions of your chair as needed.

  10. Make two circles if needed. If there are too many people to comfortably form one large circle or oval, then form into two, one inside the other.

  11. Quiet mind and Balance breath. Settle in your chair and follow your breath, quieting the mind. Pay attention. Feel

  12. Attune to those present. Feel the breaths of those around you. Try to find a harmony of rhythm. Attune to the heart and breath of each one in turn until you begin to feel a unity of being and breath. Here is a link to an audio on attunement: Attunement in circle of remembering .

  13. Place your attention upon the Highest. Your Ideal, Beloved, The Only One. We move toward this. Feel.

  14. Breathe Love. The practice is clearly described on this site. Breathing Love Practice.

  15. Act through attunement, not mechanically. Try to find that feeling of breath/heart/light/sound which spurs or urges you to do and act from this sense.

  16. Attuning practices on beginning. There may be two or more practices of attunement to each other and increasing the scope of this to others not present in the physical and increasing the reach or extent of the energy of this process. These are described in the material on the site. Here is a link to an audio on attunement: Attunement in circle of remembering .

  17. Identify with the breath, heart, and light. This will open the way for you to become larger, and with your attention upon the Highest, move toward This.

  18. Remember in the silence. The practice is one of remembering. It is of experiencing, as much as your capacity, of what you already are. Give yourself the chance to experience this. This is touched upon in the audio.

  19. Keep grounded. It is easy to lose your focus and rooting. Stay connected to the earth also to bring the experience toward solidity.

  20. Be prepared to surrender or go through blocks or difficulties. The mind and lesser personality has an interest in keeping itself primary and alive. You are placing yourself in the condition and situation of not being satisfied with anything of the lesser or lower personality. You seek to rise higher in transmutation of the lesser. This can cause a fight. As you progress, you may find blocks or conditions which are negative coming to the surface. You may find yourself fidgety or feel you can't go further. It is then that you have the opportunity to loosen that block or condition, surrender it through surrendering your lesser self toward the Real. It is the process of becoming. Allow yourself the opportunity to grow should this happen. Be aware that it is possibility prior to taking part. More in the audio.

  21. Feel free to move, get up, take a break. If your body hurts or you need to take a short break, then go and do so. It will not destroy the process for the others. Just keep in contact and harmony while you stretch, use the rest room, take a drink, etc. Be comfortable doing this.

  22. Do not surrender to comfort or ease alone. This is not contradictory to the previous. There may be times where you feel uncomfortable and this reaction is as a result of the inner fight toward remembering. It is here that you focus again on the highest and your purpose and intention. Do not allow the lesser to control your motives.

  23. Connect through the earth when finished. Bring the energy, life, experience, perception of the presence, and remembrance into the world. Open your eyes. Keep the breath and condition of heart while you experience the world and others as part of yourself and your Ideal One.

  24. Remember your condition. If you are aware of the condition of your intention, breath, heart, and quietness of mind, then you have the tools and awareness of being able to place yourself in this again. The connection is through the breath. You can access and become to where this has now grown in any situation and place. This helps give you a key toward doing so any time in every day.

  25. Take time to breath and be. At the conclusion of the practice, feel comfortable in sitting and experiencing. You do not need to leave the circle area.

  26. Have a drink. When we are done, we will try to provide some tea, coffee, juice, or water. Feel free to enjoy.

  27. Visit. This is a good time to harmonize and let the experience gain solidity. Visit with your Beloved through the face of the others.

  28. We may chat. It is possible we may discuss some aspects of the path or process. Do feel free to bring things up and converse.

  29. Cost and/or Contributions. There is no fee or cost associated with attendance - other that placing yourself toward the One. However you are welcome to contribute through bringing something. Tea, coffee, cookies, a snack, fruit, etc. are always helpful. There are costs with hosting such a gathering. Feel free to make any monetary contribution. Anything more will be put toward the Work. There is a small cardboard box on the table by the door for that purpose. Contributions keep the continuum of giving and receiving.

  30. Be well and happy.