Circle of Remembering

Saturday, November 15, 2:00 P.M. Central Time
Saturday, April 5, 7:00 P.M. Central Time

This scheduled Circles of Remembering ["zikr" in Arabic] will be in Mentone, AL. Practices will last a couple hours and be followed by informal tea, coffee, and chat.

We will meet in heart, breath, and sound - Toward the Real. If you attend, please try to arrive about 10-15 minutes earlier to settle in and attune.

A Circle of Remembering is a coming together of people for the purpose of experiencing more of The Real, what one truly is. It is called Remembering, for one does not learn or experience something new. Rather, one remembers what one already is, but may have forgotten. It is an opportunity to go further in experience. This is done through attument Toward That Which Is. It is done through recitation of a sacred name or phrase, movement, and attunement of heart and breath. Eventually the sound and movement are ceased outwardly and the experience becomes finer and finer - and more real. It Becomes, when one Becomes. The intention is to help each other strengthen the process through group work. This is part of a central practice of the mystic and those seeking mystic realization; and is found in all true traditions, paths, and schools.

There is a writing and audio on the web site with detailed information, suggestions, and reminders about the practice and meeting. It deals with lots of little practical aspects. If at all possible, please read it and listen to the audio before coming. It is at: Guidelines and Suggestions for Circle and Attuning in a Circle.

This audio is about attunement. It is 20 Minutes long and describes the process of attuning when you first arrive and before we start the actual practice. It goes more deeply into the practical aspects and also touches on some of the higher experiences we point toward and some things which may take place during a practice.

Please feel free to come and bring a guest or guests. If you do plan to attend, a response is appreciated so we will know approximate numbers. This makes it easier to prepare.

We will provide tea and coffee after the practice. There will then be time to schmooze and chat, visit, and discuss seriously also.

Please E-mail for more details or driving directions.

There is no charge for any of this; however, contributions are always accepted, but not required. Tea, coffee, juice, cookies, money, or something else all are nice and helpful. Appropriate contributions defray some of the costs, but much more importantly keep a continuum of giving and receiving.

It is useful to read:

A Morning Prayer: used also at the start of certain group practices or gatherings.
Allah Huma: A short interpretation of the phrase.
Guidelines, Suggestions, and Reminders at a Circle of Remembering

These are not a whole bunch of rules and requirements. They really are suggestions and a few requests. They are offered as a guide to make things easier and to help this process move smoothly so we are able to concentrate and focus on actually doing, attuning, and experiencing rather than talking about it.

On Classes and Meetings and The Purpose of Regular Meetings.

Circle of Remembering

We place ourselves in one circle of heart and remember our source, our One Being. Return again and refresh those experiences of Light and Love toward the Real, of which we are and have only forgotten. This practice is a tuning of self through breath, movement and sound. We surrender the lesser of our identity and become. Larger than our being is One Being. We seek to become of That, again. For it is only remembering what one already is.

In breath and heart, movement and sound, tuning ourselves to each other and to the Highest; that taste leads us upon a journey of ourself. We surrender the lesser of our identity and join in a circle, a sphere, a light and love beyond limit. It is here we touch again and are home - for we never have left, only forgot.

Now we remember as much as we can - through surrender of self and through tuning ourself to That Which Is; becoming, not stopping, not ceasing, until there One. We remember and Be.

It is through this tuning; this tuning toward our Ideal - the one of our heart through Loves lifting, we experience, are.

We will start from the simple and add or subtract until it is simpler still. We support each other and become of a greater circle of Being. Remembering, experiencing, feeling, Beloved once more - present now. This is upon which we touch and become when we enter the circle of Love - remembering again.

Guidance will be given, step by step, easy and simply so you will be able to partake and help. For a few hours we put aside the mundane and join in the highest.

We join in support through breath and heart and tune ourself, catch the music of life, losing ourself, rising, remembering again - and it spreads to all the worlds.

This day we intend to use the phrase "La I'llaha, Il Allah Hu". It is a variation. One description may be as "there is nothing save that which is - and beyond". We become of this again, once more remembering, resting in love/light/breath/bliss/peace/joy of which we are.

There is no cost save giving yourself. Monetary contributions are accepted and welcome as you are guided with love.

Come, come as you are.

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