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On Remembering

Remembering Practice, Circle of Remembering

Both are means to become again. Through what? Remembering what you already are; what one is. This is the purpose for tuning, toning, sounding, and placing oneself within this framework: for becoming again, not learning anything new.

Here we find our heart, breath, intention, activity, forms, movement, experience, is all directed toward That Only Being, Beloved, of Life, Truth, That Is. And toward This alone do we place ourself without ceasing, interruption, or in difference. We seek to become again, grow to and toward in as much capacity we can. Forgetting all else, leaving all the world of separateness behind; to This alone we attune and become - remember One Self; being as, not longer toward.

This is re-member-ing. Again becoming of that member, until one experiences as part of the One Body and Being, and then going further leaving this behind, two no longer. One. We seek this through many means. Sounds are of the universal. Tones reflect conditions and functions. Toward these we put ourself.

Upon which we place our self: one's attention, heart, breath, love, being only absorbed in This, does one become. Here we place ourself not through words or tones alone, but also breath. And leaving the internal sounds alone, behind, we go further, Toward the One. Ride the heart and breath, becoming of That from which it comes and to which it returns, now - being again.

And to this we place ourself, in service, giving, becoming once more the transferrer for One to One, as one, cycling, back again, filling needs as needed. To this one places one's life, as sustaining does. Now we have knowing, to do. Become, know, do. Placing oneself to remember. Become, live, be. Let one self be.

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