The Role of the Individual

The pattern and process is now set and in motion for the individual to become in function what the Priest of Priestess was in previous times. He and she can now become the intermediary in their local worlds. The saying "think globally and act locally" is an apt although limited description of this.

The individual who attains to an understanding will act to harmonize his life with that of his surroundings. Intuition was once the guiding process in the involution of the planet. As the world became more solid this was lost in the main by the inhabitants, whose attention and identification became more bound to the earth. Now, in the advent of the evolutionary cycle, this intuitive sense will be and is being seen more and more.

We can see this more readily in the young child. That one is less dense and more naturally attuned than in the past. There is more vision and hearing of adjacent planes - even if it is lower psychic rather than higher spirit. It is easy for the younger person, especially before the age of 7, but also extending to the 13-14 year old, to be aware intuitively and learn to function that way. Even though the mass consciousness and identity tend to pull this person deeper into the world very quickly. There is still, even then, traces of remembrances that are more active than in previous generations. This will grow more so over time, on an evolutionary basis and scale.

The individual will still need guidance and instruction, but there will be less attraction to and need for the structure of the physical church and the formal religion. There will be more guidance available from those who have gone before, as well as a stronger intuitive unfolding, as the individual points toward that. The heart is the factor most influential here.

It is much like the person who senses that something is missing in his life, or like the one who feels that somewhere there is a remembrance of a vague "greater thing". This is one of the lower stages of awakening that then motivates the individual to seek beyond the shadows and acceptance of this world as the whole of reality. The remembrance, aching, feeling of more, will and is becoming more prevalent and will continue to grow and become more of the norm of experience over many long years.

As this takes place there should be a corresponding increase in the knowledge and acceptance of those levels above the denseness of the earth. There are already studies of the "paranormal", and teaching methods that formerly were spiritual practices used as part of psychology and in self-help books and groups. It is not much to see that most of the practitioners are still missing the larger boat; or that in many cases this work is perverted for egotism or monetary gain; or that the helping group is generally acting with cultish behavior. But, all that notwithstanding, this is because the intuitive process is now becoming stronger.

The individual over time will be able, through remembrance, attunement to others, and application of the general works of society to grow to an understanding and feeling for the greater, that in the past was more reserved for the priest or intermediary. In this way the individual will begin to assume those functions for his own life, and apply that level of guidance in his activities. This will grow and become more formally recognized as natural or "normal" in society, just as other changes in mores and social conventions have changed.

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