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The writings and talks of Murshid Samuel Lewis

Sufi Murshid Samuel Lewis' Living Stream

The following material is here by permission of the Sufi Ruhaniat International, And can be found in its entirety on the website We wish to thank them for their kindness and all the many thousands of hours of work that went into making this available. The videos are not included here. Below is information from that website. You will please note that you have an opportunity to make a contribution to their work. We would appreciate it if you are so inclined, that you would use their link and make the contribution to them rather than through this site here. Again, we thank them and open our hearts and arms for you to enjoy this work, and from it learn and grow.

Welcome to Murshid Samuel Lewis's Living Stream, a digital archive of nearly every piece of writing from a most prolific spiritual guide, Sufi master, Zen teacher, Hindu guru, author, scientist, poet, horticulturalist, originator of the Dances of Universal Peace, and source of blessing to many all over the globe.

This archive is the result of over twenty years of work, of many, many hands and hearts, collecting, organizing and preparing over twenty file boxes of written material, scanning, then typing, and correcting. Profound gratitude to all who contributed!

The Ruhaniat has already dedicated over $100,000 so that this precious resource can be readily available for generations to come. ... If you enjoy the Living Stream site and have the ability and motivation, please make a donation through the Sufi Ruhaniat International.

All documents by Murshid Samuel Lewis are copyright Sufi Ruhaniat International.

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