A Saying a Day

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The sayings that make up this book can be used in many different ways. They are functionally active and can also have many different effects, from intellectual to sublime, depending upon how they are used.

For overall comprehensive benefit I suggest the following method:

1. Start at number one.

2. Take the sayings in order, one each day for a year.

3. Before actually starting to work with them, consider that the sayings will build upon each other and have a cumulative effect.

4. Read ahead only intellectually. Do not work with the sayings out of turn. Concern yourself only with what is at hand and what is needed.

5. In the morning contemplate on the saying of the day in your highest manner, with utmost singularity of mind, for a few (5 to 10) minutes.

6. After finishing your contemplation or meditation, accept that the function of the saying will take effect through the day and also become clearer in mind as the day goes on.

7. Pay attention to the intention of the saying and how it unfolds and applies functionally within your daily life.

8. In the evening, pause a few (3 to 5) minutes and let the daily saying come to mind. Remember how it unfolded and then let it grow more fully and deeply in understanding through meditating upon it for a few minutes more. Let this lead you to a deeper experience.

9. Keep a journal. After the previous meditation or contemplation write extemporaneously, intuitively, and without thought about the saying until the writing ends.

10. Complete the day by reiterating the saying.

11. Repeat the process the following year, adding

12. After writing in the evening, read what you wrote the previous year.

l. The one who knows oneself knows all.

2. The light of the world is the human.

3. The greater the capacity, the greater the outpouring.

4. Through heart one holds the world.

5. Life without love is not life at all.

6. Love of God starts with love of a person.

7. The greater the capacity to love, the more quickly one finds the Beloved.

8. The light that shines through the heart purifies the world.

9. The more one gives, the more one can receive.

10. The gift of the world results in being received in heaven.

11. Limitation in giving comes from lack of Charity of heart.

12. It is fear of loss that keeps one from giving.

13. In truth, all gain comes from a loss.

l4. The flower of spring is found in the caring heart.

15. The turmoil of the world reflects the people in it.

16. To change the world; change oneself.

17. A world of peace comes from one of peace.

18. Love binds all hearts together in one.

19. Unity is not found by looking at the parts; it is found through the whole.

20. A person, when given the chance, will always rise to the heights of being.

21. The nature of the soul is love, light, and sound.

22. Music is the key to the symphony of life; it is found in the harmony of the heart.

23. Turn one's attention to God; then turn one's love to humanity .

24. The love of God shows itself through love for the creation.

25. To purify one's heart - purify one's intention.

26. Concentration on a goal moves one toward that end.

27. Intention and concentration go hand in glove.

28. Real feeling results from real intention. Real intention comes from real feeling.

29. The strengthening of will leads to an increase in power.

30. Useful power is allied with a higher will.

3l. Align your intention with God's intention, your will with God's will.

32. To strengthen concentration tame the mind with the same kindness given to straightening the walk of a baby.

33. Always come back to your goal: strive to remember your source.

34. Tolerance is the root of kindness; it stems from a knowledge of unity.

35. When you are in human love no-thing matters. When you are in Love with the Divine, all things matter.

36. Love is the essence of being perfect.

37. How you react to hardship shows how you are able to take advantage of opportunities.

38. Life stemming from desire is bound to failure.

39. Love of service is tied to success.

40. When you worry, think not of yourself but the cause of the worry. It is that attachment to eliminate.

41. Eliminate all attachments through love.

42. Give yourself the chance to experience through another's eyes: love another as your self.

43. There are only three things you can do to an attachment: transmute it, keep it, or let it go.

44. There are only four things you can do to a desire: keep it, transmute it, fulfill it, or let it go.

45. All things come to one of faith.

46. Hope springs eternal, but it is lack of faith in reality that keeps it alive.

47. Put your life upon the line. Let it be sustained by the Divine.

48. In faith there is no hope, there is no striving; there is only a relaxed resting.

49. Faith broadens to knowing, knowing to wisdom, wisdom to believing, believing to faith.

50. The Way is through many paths. It unifies them all.

51. Enough has been said. Do. Do. Do.

52. Give yourself the opportunity to gain.

53. When desire is conquered, ego is mastered.

54. To conquer desire and master ego, go slow and easy, take your time, have fun, and play a little.

55. Give yourself a chance to grow while satisfying desire.

56. Desires are wants. What you really want is what your deepest desire is. '

57. To satisfy your deepest desire you must rid yourself of superficial ones.

58. Superficial desires are given away to the one behind all things.

59. Let them go, transmute them, or realize them; that is all you can do with desires.

60. When it comes to action, do not worry. Just breathe love and let it guide you to act. It is always right.

61. "Let go and let God": so simple, so easy, so hard to actually do.

62. Walk with the immediacy of today - now.

63. There is no other breath. Breathe now.

64. Tomorrow will never come. It is here - now.

65. The next breath is always here, now. It will never come to be.

66. Breathing love leads to being love.

67. When you love others you are separate unless you see them as yourself too in one.

68. Right or wrong, good or bad: poles of the same thing without merit or demerit.

69. Let love carry you. It will always be right.

70. Act with the mercy of love. Its impulse is found in the breath; its understanding in the soul.

71. Love is not the end. It is the beginning.

72. There is no end without love.

73. There is no seeking of self in love.

74. Nothing is left in love: no one, no thing - all one thing.

75. Giving up - so hard for it is so easy.

76. True renunciation comes when desires change.

77. To alter desire, do what you want to do.

78. Attachments are excess baggage: heavy, cumbersome, and in the way.

79. Attachments are the screens of perception, the shields of desire, and the filters of awareness.

80. Attachments are carried by those who would keep the mind from itself.

81. When you have attachments, let them carry you, so you would be master.

82. When you master attachments, let them stand alone. Then give them up.

83. To master attachments, breathe love and act upon its impulse and guidance.

84. There is no reality except the reality that there is.

85. Two poles of life: love and breath.

86. Two poles of sin: good and evil.

87. Two poles of delusion: right and wrong.

88. Two poles of love: giving and getting.

89. Two poles of breath: inhale and exhale.

90. One pole of being: being.

91. Perception is the bane of being. Being dispels illusion.

92. "Do" and you will be doing halfway.

93. "Be done to" and you will be acting part way.

94. "Do not do" and you are not yet complete.

95. Wholly do and not do, unto you and not unto you, being done to and not, with no change and with all change, yet the current remains the same.

96. The breath, the fish, the ocean, the stream, the breathed: all one.

97. Sands hide the river beneath, which resurfaces at will.

98. Oases of mind are found in all.

99. The bright flash of intuition is the river's surface.

100. The depth of the ocean is found in the heart, a single drop of which is all that is needed.

101. The way is found through relaxation, tension being the only sin.

102. Breath, love, mind, being. Start at the feet, go to the head. Don't forget the heart, rise up the spine.

103. How one holds oneself determines the flows, both within and without.

104. Be held by yourself without pressure. Let posture be an outgrowth of pressure's release.

105. Relax into mind. Be.

106. Desire transforms the best of intention into hell or heaven. Lack of desire raised to its next height encompasses them both.

107. It's enough to want to walk the path. That is all that is needed.

108. One step toward God; a thousand steps come to the seeker.

109. Breathe in the Way - let it penetrate - become it - be breathed. Find the breath within the breath within the ...

110. A circular sky outside, a nebula within. What difference is found in the spiral of life?

111. Look through the eye of God. See through the center. Breathe through the being. Be.

112. Work at what you do best. Do it until it is all encompassing.

113. Lovers on the walk forget the space they are within.

114. When brought to sobriety the lover encompasses a field of awareness.

115. The expansion of the heart is the limit of one's own universe.

116. Love of one life is Godliness.

117. Sound, tone, breath, feeling, quietness of mind: all of these can increase the field of awareness.

118. Concentrate! It is a key to function. Hold the mind steady, alert - without effort, pressure, or ease.

119. To focus on a symbol is to become what the signpost implies.

120. To unfold the mysteries of the religions pay attention to their "sacred" phrases.

121. Listen to their sounds. Repeat them. Find their resonance. It is there that you will find their meaning.

122. One can find a world in a single sound. Say "AH".

123. The heart is not found in a sound or the absence of a sound. It is both greater and smaller than any and all sounds.

124. Remember the central point. It is the key to the entire circle.

125. When breathing - being, attention is of utmost importance.

126. Re-member-ance of God comes when one remembers oneself.

127. Turn from yourself to service. Forgetting yourself is the quickest road to remembering.

128. What needs to be done? When is it to be done? How is it to be done - by whom, to whom, in what way? These are the real questions of doing or not doing in service.

129. Keep in mind the timeliness of action. What, when, how. Proper time, proper place, proper situation.

130. Right action comes from awareness of real need and how to fulfill that need.

13l. Without ego all dissolves away; activity is impossible.

132. Ego blessed is ego raised - to one, and beyond.

133. Refine your breath for the way to the Way.

134. Refine your breath and inhale One / exhale Love.

135. The eye that sees with love sees all.

136. The heart that yearns for love is loved.

137. The key to capacity is found in intention.

138. The heart's desires lead to the intentions of the mind and the body.

139. Real intention at its highest level comes through a purified heart in tune with the will of Divinity.

140. Purification of heart comes through love in action.

141. "Love your neighbor as yourself" is no theory. Its practice is the way toward divine intention.

142. Love opens the door, breath provides the way, action completes the cycle.

143. Keep in mind all things as they relate to the well-being of creatures, both great and small.

144. The small may be made great and the great diminished by the intention of God through involution.

145. Evolution is the result of involution in action. It leads to greatness in the unseen sphere.

146, What is seen re-presents only a small part of the whole. This is shown in light waves also.

147. Sound reproduces itself through octaves and tones as it drops lower and lower through the human ear. To hear the divine melody - listen.

148. To listen is a great art. All disturbance must be put away. Concentrate on your focus only, then love it more.

149. What you listen to carries you with itself as itself. You become the sound, the breath, the heart of the tonal quality. It is that which pulls you toward its source.

150. Life on this planet gets its light through the visible sun. Its life comes through the center as it also does through all its invisible suns located in the centers of its cells.

151. Cells are not unlike atoms, which are like people; and all are akin to complex organizations which show themselves in nature through scientific exploration.

152. The higher one goes, the broader is one's field of vision; and the further one can see.

153. Capacity determines the height to which one can rise.

154. Growth is perpetuated through selflessness - which is attunement to and identification with the infinite divine.

155. Breathe and be breathed simultaneously. Identify with the divine breathe - and become.

156. To deny any is to deny all. To accept all is to accept every.

157. Breath concentrated and focused brings into earth (creation). Breath expired goes into light.

158. Breath, light, sound, harmony, music, love: all lead one to another. Start where you are. Let it lead you to where you will go.

159. Following the divine guidance and inspiration through your life will lead you to where you already really are.

160. Recognize daily hints. The inspiration of the divine works through the mundane of life. Pay attention to the work of God through people's actions.

161. Go where the guidance leads you; if north, then north; if south, than south. In the end, do not question; just follow and love it.

162. To do something when you do not need to is a foolish action, a waste of time and energy. Efficiency comes through following inspiration.

163. Inspiration is God's voice through human ears.

164. When you are led, follow. When you are led to lead, lead. Do not lead until you are led to do so.

165. Rhythms of life are like the tides. They cannot be opposed successfully. Flow with the tides to success.

166. To find the rhythm of life you must put aside your personal desires and goals.

167. Attuning to the infinite is allowing life's rhythms to show itself through your daily activity.

168. "Where should this person be now?" or "what should I do now?" are effective questions to ask yourself to find the rhythms of life through you.

169. The higher the perspective the more your rhythm and the infinite process come together.

170. Do not be surprised if your attitudes or conclusions change as you climb higher. Vision above the trees allows you to see the next town.

171. Your actions and your abilities will reflect the rhythms to which you attune.

172. Capacity to love, give, and act non-personally in a self-less manner will determine the height to which you can ascend.

173. Reaching higher through attunement is like a balloon which floats into the air. The higher it goes the more it expands and the lighter it must be.

174. Desires are the anchors of the heart.

175. To remove weights on the heart, quiet thoughts and love.

176. That on which you place your attention is where your real desire lies.

177. The heart free of desires allows the desire of God to shine through it.

178. Service is the key to self-less-ness. Desire to serve or to be self-less is a block.

179. The key to activity is giving. Do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done - no more and no less.

180. A vacancy creates a need to be filled. Fill it through you, not because of you.

181. Balance is the goal of all movement. Disintegration is equally needed in order to have integration.

182. Bless another and you bless yourself.

183. Be aware of how you look upon another, for that is your blessing or what you are drawing to yourself.


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