A Saying a Day

184. Life's deeds are reflections of your needs.

185. Desires are always filled. May yours ever be pure until they are no more.

186. As your desire and all need becomes the same, you then become efficient and part of the way.

187. Look for what needs to be done, and the way to do it will show itself.

188. Lend yourself to the cause and you will be led to the end.

189. Give of yourself as you would have others give of themselves if you were in need.

190. When you think, that is what you create.

191. Remember a whole universe is contained within a thought.

192. Impure thoughts return to the sender.

193. No thought is void.

194. Attune to the real thought that some one becomes oneself through activity.

195. There is but one thought; become it.

196. Blessed is the one who cares, for that person shall be cared for.

197. Blessed is the giver, for that one shall be given to.

198. Reciprocity works to fill a need.

199. One attracts or repels that which one's mind is upon depending upon personal desire.

200. Personal desire can always be filled, but is not always right.

201. The way to correct action is through selfless love.

202. To give when not wanting to give is taking.

203. To give fills the needs of the greedy when done with the desire to give.

204. Greed is not present when need is filled for its own sake: at the proper time, in the correct way, with the right people.

205. Listen to the heart. Let it guide you into activity.

206. There is as much to be said for not doing as there is for doing.

207. When you "do", let the doing take place. Do not try to cause all effects, as you no doubt will limit and misinterpret some of the real cause.

208. Doing is not necessarily right or wrong. Not doing is not necessarily right or wrong. What is right is doing or not doing as needed by real need.

209. Breathe regularly and fully in a refined manner. Feel the need and fill it through love by way of breath.

210. Expanding one's consciousness involves enlarging one's field of heart and connection through breath.

211. Understanding comes through doing.

212. When one walks through the world, one gives far more than is ordinarily noticed.

213. To leave your mark upon the world be aware of your breath, your thoughts, and your heart. If they are random, so too will be your results.

214. Desires color one's perception of reality and the effects or results of one's activity.

215. True desire to act in accord with what is needed is most beneficial. Sincerity brings clarity, understanding, and the ways and means to act.

216. The experience of reality is neither bound to this earth nor exclusive of it.

217. One should be careful in prayer, for one will always get what is really asked for; then it will have to be dealt with.

218. To bring something into manifestation is not hard. To perceive the manifestation is more difficult.

219. Powers, abilities, and knowledge are not reliable signs of spirituality.

220. Find the spiritual person in the refinement, beauty, and strength of that person's breath.

221. Find yourself through the goal of realization, tirelessly and effortlessly sought.

222. To yearn through every fiber of your being is a start toward realization, but not necessarily beneficial after that.

223. To follow a path, it is somewhat easier to trust one who has walked it before.

224. It is like the rudderless ship, blown about from port to port, to try and cross the ocean without compass and guide.

225. The student makes the teacher; and both make the ladder.

226. The ladder reaches far. Tread upon it with courage, faith, and a full heart - with refined breath tuned to the moment.

227. When the light of the soul is kindled, the breath is relived.

228. The light of the soul is found in the heart of the loving person.

229. Love changes from the goal, to the end, to the means: for it is all of this and more.

230. When the eye is clear the body is full of light.

231. When I become thou and both are no longer, I am.

232. The Son of Man is found in one's heart.

233. Belief foreshadows knowing, knowing - feeling, feeling - becoming, becoming - being.

234. When one's heart is turned to all, all is turned to one.

235. Believe in the One. Know it, feel it, become it, be it.

236. Walk not in the shadows of thought. Walk in the sunlight of being.

237. Prophethood is a stage upon the path. It is the blending of two poles.

238. The blessings of God show themselves in the little and big of the daily life.

239. The saint follows the path without reason. It leads to mastery.

240. The master makes a choice. It leads to sainthood.

241. The master and the saint lose themselves upon the real way, for that is the path of the prophet.

242. The prophet becomes human after ceasing to be spiritual.

243. The highest spiritual state is that of Humanity incarnate as oneself.

244. There is a "daily life". Do not mistake it for being mundane. It is the key to the mysteries.

245. One can find the path through one's breath and one's desires.

246. To give up all is not bad unless one has regrets.

247. To give nothing is not good unless one has love.

248. Leave yourself on the doorstep of service. It can be the fastest path of all.

249. To ask not what is in it for you, but rather to give what needs to be done is the real way.

250. What you identity with you become.

251. If "you" breathe the breath, you miss the breath.

252. Identity with the breath to become the breathed.

253. To go beyond breath, identity with the source of the breath.

254. Feel the inbreath - become it. Feel the outbreath - become that. Feel where the breath turns - become that.

255. Where all the breath leads to, and from where it comes - seek that continuity.

256. In the refinement of the breath is found the infinity of spirit.

257. A continuum is just that. Do not break it into pieces.

258. Follow the edges of the consciousness through the refinement of the breath.

259. The expansion of life is found in the eye of God.

260. Be neither here nor there. Just be.

261. Carry water, tote wood. That is all.

262. Life in this world is not different than any other world. There is no other world.

263. Love - breathe in. Love - breathe out. Be.

264. Hope is not uncalled for if it follows spirit.

265. When one is in love, one cares nothing for oneself.

266. To give everything to one's cause is to love it above oneself.

267. When in the mind of unity there is no diversity of one-self.

268. Loving oneself is the road to the highest form of action.

269. Meditation is as simple as breathing in.

270. Contemplation is simply breathing out.

271. Being is becoming.

272. Becoming is breathing in and out.

273. Realization is the same as becoming.

274. When you love you become the object of your love.

275. There is no love if there is still you.

276. To give fully - forget yourself, forget your life, become your beloved - now.

277. Die to be reborn.

278. Plant now, harvest later.

279. Life begets life. Love spawns love. Hope springs eternal.

280. The prophet comes at night when least expected.

281. Darkness leads to light.

282. The apparent is the bridge to the truth.

283. Hear - and be heard.

284. Fulfillment of one's destiny is through action.

285. The highest form of action is inaction. The highest form of inaction is doing.

286. When one seeks God one finds oneself.

287. To find the eternal one must lose the temporal.

288. The heart filled with love lights the world.

289. Have your greatest aspiration become your way of life.

290. To breathe is the highest activity.

291. To become, breathe in. To die, breathe out.

292. In love there is no being.

293. All being is found through love.

294. Divine love is an extension of human love. It is found in one who cares.

295. An aspirant to the spiritual life is just that: the function is found through the name.

296. When it seems darkest, remember that light comes next.

297. Hopes for the best; prepare for the divine.

298. The cup you make becomes the vessel of your expression.

299. To be able to give, one must learn how to receive.

300. Without pressure, without tension, without efforts - these are bywords on the path.

301. All paths lead to the Way.

302. The Way leads to God, which comes to oneself.

303. Becoming and being are not distinct.

304. If one desires gain, one also wants loss.

305. To lose yourself in the pursuit of happiness will lead to a more real goal.

306. Want what you will for yourself; apply it to all people equally.

307. Evenhandedness comes with patience. It is never forced.

308. To be the actor upon the stage is not the end. Be also the audience, the stage, and the play.

309. Heart appeals to heart. It resounds the divine song according to its naturalness.

310. Personal power is limited to the extent of the personality.

311. The divine personality is infinite. Taking it on is the spiritual path.

312. To take on any attribute, to take any step, one must first conceive it.

313. Conception follows inspiration.

314. Breathe in all the world, exhale love, purify the world, give birth to the new one.

315. The elements are the building blocks of creation. They have polarity, are self-regulating, and reflect from level to level.

316. The number of worlds one is aware of depends upon one's refinement of breath.

317. Sensitivity of mind, refinement of breath, and intuitive scope are co-incidental.

318. The building blocks of creation are used to fulfill one's creation.

319. Form yields structure, pattern, process, energy, and function. The dominant aspect at any time is only that which is perceived as such.

320. Create with will; motivate with feeling; temper with love; harmonize with breath.

321. Give power to the will through concentration. Generate activity through breath. Open the way through love.

322. The heart that blends with the divine is unique. It is not different, unusual, separate, or special.

323. When you feel the divine love welling within you, it is time to become it.

324. It is breath that connects, love that completes.

325. Power comes through love. Love is the conduit through which activity results.

326. Purify the intention to purify the result.

327. The form, shape, and filter of the conduit determine what can pass through it, and how much can flow.

328. The shades of emotion, desire, fear, and aspiration all color the consciousness as it flows through the conduit.

329. Conduit, channel, center of being, personality: all are related and are essentially the same thing.

330. To purify yourself you must consider your finest and highest intentions as the lowest you will allow yourself to be.

331.The Way is narrow and steep. One who would walk upon it must do it with care and with conservation of breath. For without care one may stumble and fall, and without breath one may fail to reach the top.

332. Be careful in how you reach for your goal; It may become a hindrance once you reach it.

333. The Way is like a man who sought a wife. He found her, but he lost his life.

334. To seek the highest one looks up, not down.

335. To walk upon the mountain one must leave the valley.

336. The river, the stream, the ocean: all part of one drop.

337. The river of rivers flows through all. Find that river and float upon it as it flows through you.

338. Blessed is the one who breathes in love. That person is the lifegiver of this world.

339. Blessed is the one who knows oneself. That person is cured of loneliness and helps every thing and every one.

340. She is the Mother who regards all as her offspring.

341. The Mother and the Father are turns of breath. Both beget and are created anew.

342. Love lets the world go round. Through it an impetus is given to action by will.

343. Follow the Way; it leads one to freedom and unity of being.

344. Paths lead to the Way. Ideas lead to concepts, concepts to understanding, understanding to certainty, certainty to doubt, doubt to a path, the Way to wisdom.

345. The Way of Love is the guide on the river of life.

346. The secret of the Way: Love, breathe love.

347. The Way is walked by all who truly wish to walk upon it. All others are only "talking'.

348. The Way is self-regulating: nothing is given or gained out of turn.

349. Necessity comes from sincerity.

350. Need is always filled.

351. The degree of sincerity in giving determines what will be gained.

352. The Way is like a woman seeking a husband. The more she looks the more she pushes the false lover away, until only the real remains.

353. Love yourself upon the path. It is kindness to one self that leads to patience, perseverance, and service.

354. Giving is the key to getting.

355. Service becomes an end when it is selfless. That is when what is done is what really is needed.

356. Service becomes a block to progress when it is selffull. That is when what is done is what one wants to give.

357. The covenant one makes is with oneself. Therefore only the self is blocked or progresses.

358. To walk upon the Way, give your heart to your breath: Realize.

359. The call of the Teacher is the intuition of humankind.

360. Breathe God - you are One.

361. Exhale Love - you are No-thing.

362. Breathe Love - you are One-No-thing.

363. Find the Breath that unites the universe within the thread of yourself.

364. Your own breath given becomes one breath gained.

365. Know yourself.

366. Be


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