The traveler headed home, he said. He thought it was right - the direction, the road. "I will travel it 'til proved wrong", he said. He never got home. His destination otherwise.

"I will travel this path", he said. Surely it will carry me home. But in ever step a fear, a worry, a doubt. He arrived elsewhere.

"I will go by way of sea. Surely that will lead me to my home. But afraid of mountains that stood in the way, he never reached the water.

The road meanders, but the map says go this way, he read. But he was drawn to dates, to singing, and to the lights. He did no go through darkness as it was averse. "I like these things, they will help me reach my destination". But he ended know not where.

Every stop, every stage, every thought, every fear; each worry, desire, like or dislike kept him from following the signposts of the path before him. Following others he cam to many places, but none his home.

And one day he came to a river. "I can not cross", he thought. But the desire for home was so strong he felt nothing else. He tried and kept trying, yet couldn't cross the swift current. But stronger still the yearning came, and he thought of nothing else. His actions and knowing cleared. His goal came closer to his mind and prevailed over all other things. He set his mind, his heart, his days all to this one thing; yet still he could not cross this mighty river. Yes, as he yearned for his city of gold, of light, he somehow began to see it. First, far off in the distance, but each day it seemed to come nearer to him; until finally, on the dawn of one day, it appeared across the river. Yet still, he could not reach the other side.

Heartbroken, in despair, unable to do it himself - with all his work, his efforts not strong enough; he sat. "Oh, river, oh city of light, I cannot cross you myself. I have yearned for you so much that you yourself have come to me. What can I do? I can not do more. Guide me, and lead me, you have done. Now, if you mighty river, if you golden home, wish me to continue my journey and reach my home, then to you I give all. Lift me, and show me the way. Provide the means and the methods"

And at the very time, when despair was deepest, suddenly it also was gone. For placing himself in the hands of the river; and only seeing the golden city of light - with no other thought, no other wish, no distraction, no fear, no yearning for light, or sounds, or dates; suddenly - out of the mist, so it seemed, a raft - and upon it he climbed and was carried to the other side.

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