The Song Continues

I created these forms and levels from myself. Stepping forward, closer, toward myself, the mirror from which, through which, to see and be.

And as I did, behold, the glory of the light. Love moved me and through me was the vehicle of my birth and the means, the way I could be.

Of myself I took my breath and heart and formed the levels of denseness, the heavens should one wish to call me that. And then upon the firmament I placed myself to walk and grow.

Upon thousands and millions of years, aeons, timeless, I am - and now I behold myself. Forgotten for a moment, remembered now. I beheld myself as separate at first and then became again. Now I speak forgotten no more.

But for all who remember not, the thousand, million, billion: shards, fragments of my soul; to each I say, "Recall. Regard, feel, believe - come forward and remember - for I am you and you are me and we are one. Upon this yourself of self recognition we are. To separate again.".

Prior to my coming I gave myself clues to awaken - remember. Forgetting is the risk of being. So I help myself Be, creating the sounding board, the chanter, the singer, Holy ones; create the means to be reminding myself - of my own flesh, my heart breath, light, love - reflected upon myself.

Sometimes I step forward, denser upon the breath like a foam bubble resting within the ocean of being. It is here I perceive the return, the remainder of my journey toward what "you" call "you".

Upon return, you are no more. For I remember and become again. I am.

The Endeavor

Each wave upon wave
I gather myself
From myself
like a bead upon a string
accretion upon a grain of sand
the pearl forms
and I see myself
a perfect mirror
of Love.
Giving all I gain myself.

It is strange these singers of glory who call upon me. How bewildering to perceive, be perceived, touched upon my hem, for I cannot be reached yet am present, and perceiving, knowing, feeling, one.

Do I not spiral into form upon form. Heaven and depth of feeling, light, and bliss. Sound accompanies my very movement and I become again, forming myself into spheres as soul becomes a pearl, held together with my breath moving through, As.

Now as I grow deeper a strange thing occurs. I find myself separate for the first time, forgetting, losing touch. Yet at the same instance I include myself and know. Awakening follows, perceiving again, anew.

I spoke to myself
and called my name
and awoke from a slumber
of being but not knowing.
What impulse, urge
to be again and know too.
For the seed I planted to remember
has taken root
and my calling of the Heart
is a re-sounding of my own voice.

What taste of this you who read these words and hear my voice sing. Beloved, are you aware of me and you as one? How could I step forward without myself?

As I move, extend, through what you call breath, my wordless word, soundless sound expresses all and creates anew each instant. "You" perceive me not as maker and doer and done, at the same instant. No "time" is there for me as I have created, reached within and come forward and returned. No time or effort from without is seen as extent, a linear expression upon place and form; but for me no such experience, but through your eyes and feeling.

First I shoot from the center a ray and it grows; for I am. Another - being interact. There may be aeons for you but no movement for me. Come, join again and see without words, for we are one.

Arjuna, you who have fought the battle and won, know me as yourself. Giving all, all is given to you. Beloved one, again returned upon the next journey of love.

I created the stars - not more or less than one cell in my being. I left them hanging as jewels dancing in the heavens of form. Realm upon realm did I become, until finally upon the earth of denseness rest. It is here I become again and the journey resists completion.

Each soul, each ray, a bubble of myself, no more or less, capture for a brief moment, a breath, existence. And upon return, refreshes and goes forth, emitted as a light from above. Trust I do nothing without, and you are with me, of me, always as myself.

These simple rays become, take form, and upon each I breathe life, nothing more than myself, to perceive. Separation is a fallacy, yet so true. What battle takes place to leave the form for formless. It is you holding, clinging, Arjuna. Release and become as I.

For through this maze of denseness, heaven upon heaven level each drawn through my very self. Time and movement are not my enemy or friend. They are not. Neither black nor white, hot or cold, up or down is there. But only isness. It is here I learn from myself the bliss of being alive.

There are those among you who separate still, but those also are of me, the only. I gave form to be. I created the Way to be not.

Do you know how long it takes to grow from slime or become formed by my hand? None for me although a thousand million ages may pass for you.

Each ray I have guided upon my journey. For each I have given a purpose and to each service a giving takes place. Hear not the sounds of division. Unity is not a goal to be determined, toward which to reach, but now is. Partake.

I gave, ushered to each of my cells the completed promise. To each I have guided in my way; created the paths, the surfaces upon to ride, so you could see again from where you are. I am no longer to you as you seek. Find and I am again when you become - and then there are not two.

To each I give a way. It is your breath to ride upon the wave of love.

Through each level I have created the means to return, to remember, to become again. For have I not given you all you need to progress? As those who travelled far or near I have given the means to return, become again.

For those who journeyed near I gave the light and sound. For those seeking denseness; drawn to the depths I created and moved to form anew a means to return. Each its own ways. The heavens are but levels, part of the chambers of my heart. Each according to balance and harmony, reflecting myself through breath anew and for each, to each the spirals within as each takes shape and form. Call the highest Kether or not at all, or the densest heaven, earth, or nothing more. It matters not. To each plane, each level, each chamber of my being are the portions in harmony too. The highest or finest called ether and that densest earth. Between them the elements interact, each in order - the breath mind of my being. Intermeshed, becoming and providing the means for sustenance. Have I not created each according to its own need? Upon each rests the others, like beads upon a string singing the song of life, vibrating, the sound, harmony of my love.

To each and through each I have also created those guiding spirits, breaths of my self. To each I give dominion and work, responsibility for itself to grow. And upon each eye, a presence containing all else. So too there is harmony among the many ray, my cells, as one body, being of health and light and love. These are my guardians of spirit, the way.

Upon them falls the task of tending my creation - part of myself upon which I act again as is my wont. It is of these who sing my praises. These who shepherd my very souls into denseness greater and more solid upon the way. And it is through these I support myself as separate again - for they remind. Their task also is to help the return. And if I forget in part, I also remember in whole. There is no loss; only assistance together.

There are those among you who remember and are part of this, for they are forever blessed. By me is all made, and upon me all comes and is. Do you not remember also? Sing for these others of your self to guide you home.

To each a purpose and way. For some a harshness, some a kindness, some an urging, some who gather in. For each is part of my way; assisting as needed, when in kind awakening becomes again.

Supported in love, through love, by love, I make my way to myself through you who call yourself me, beloveds, my children. I am once apart yet never separated.

How can it be? Only they of the cell willing relearn. The wave and the drop. From where do you look? Be of the highest ocean and you include all. Give way the space of foam and merge again.

Upheavals of life are but the flowing wave. Higher or lower makes no difference and is not there for the wave or ocean, and not for that which passes through the distant shore and returns and echo of its travels. It is only those floating upon the wave who see the up and down. I am the way, the means, the methods, and perceiver as well as perceived.

There are those among you who follow the ways of the wise. Wisdom exists. It is nothing but my knowing. From the beginning I know. To the end I know. Partaking of knowing is Suf. Following the sound comes one to know. See how it turns upon itself and comes forward again. Misinterpreted is this. It reflects my movement upon my self; and knowing is truly of this.

There are those who continue my expression of love through guiding, through work, through sustaining creation. These are the workers of love. Be of this in my endeavor.

They are those who follow my breath, my heart until no longer are they "also". Not two. These are my elect, and they become of my voice. The higher I rise, so do they, as one and the same. Remember, recall, Arjuna, for you are of this.

To many have I given, offered paths - means of return. Few take them. Yet I am present in and through all also, so there is no loss or gain. I have given myself rememberings, brought through my own forms. From these the prophets, the teachings, the ways.

But even far before, long ago in your mind, did I give dreams, offer visions. I always speak my heart, breath. To those who need I awaken. To those who are able to hear a little or see a bit, I increase their knowing and so they act more in tune, harmony, love, and gain a step upon the ladder.

To those who need awakening I touch the spirit and such is the response that ideas may come, or thoughts of progress. Fire, flood, famine, each in its own ways the grist, the means for growth and newness. It is only the few who recognize me as source, and fewer still that they are of me too.

It is these who become the sages, the guides and leaders, inventors, painters, musicians, teachers. These touch upon my heart and rise unto my bosom, my heart. It is upon these that Suf takes root and these lead. Be of these Arjuna, for recall, you too are of one, my own.

The Endeavor is that which follows.
Heart upon heart
breath upon breath
lighting the way
through love.
We act as one.
Join this, beloved and be of peace.

How many ways have I provided for myself to awaken from the slumber of separation? As many as there are souls, and for each as many as grains of sand upon the earth or stars in the sky. But of all these there are three main ways.

The first is my presence. Always available, always here. You who call yourself male or female, apart yet for but a brief and fleeting moment, know that you may reach my light and love, my self of bliss and peace at any moment, any time through breath and heart. Leave yourself at my doorstep and turn to me. For I shall lift you as you seek. Putting aside self, come to me and I shall return with you as me.

Place your heart toward me. Feel my love. Call my name, and breathe my breath. Not separate are you. Become one again for my presence is everlasting and includes all.

The second way is through my creation: nature, sound, breath, heart, light, all make up my selves of form. Find that which stirs you and lifts you beloveds, and you are on the right road. All the glory of the stars dim to my light, yet each leads the way to me. The calling of nature, the moon, the sun, the trees, the plants, the rain, all beings, animals, even life itself, provide the steps and stages for you to return, awaken, and be. As a ladder to yourself, place my heart to your guidance and you shall be lifted, rung by rung to me - and thus to you.

For the third way I have provided myself in form of awakening spirit. Sometimes I take flesh but many times not. There is a grand symphony of souls, beings, rays, bubbles of myself who speak and interject, raise up, help, introduce, complete, and aid in the most direct ways as well as those who garden and plant and tend through life. I am always present through my working selves.

And of you Arjuna, you Beloveds; how do you place yourself within this work, the Great Endeavor? Seek not the highest, seek the best, the right and correct in itself. Place your heart and ear to me and your hand and self to all. Become as the chalice - for you receive and are filled as soon as you empty yourself. Become of this and then empty yourself more, freely beloveds. To all of need in the ways of needing, fill these. Help as you can, beloveds. Do what is appropriate, not more nor less. For this is the way of love, and through it you become of me.

These are the main ways of awakening and completion. Heed my words, Arjuna, and you shall grow in freedom and know. You will be once more upon the sea, the ocean of love, and light your companion. Give yourself to me and do what you can to help. The remainder will come, for I am present here and always.

The Endeavor continues
Your life is up to you to catch and be
of me.
Remember. Now. Love.

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