The Spiritual Enterprise [1]

Imagine, if you will for a moment or so, that you are desirous or creating a world of peace, joy, love, beauty, harmony, and kindness in which everyone knows what is true and real and in which and through which all perceive both their real nature and correct relationships to all things.

Imagine also that you are creating a place in which people all get together and help each other, work for the betterment of all other people and things, respect and support the environment and create opportunities for all to advance and grow. This is the world you are creating. Sit with this and feel it for a few moments until you get a sense of what this could be and how it would feel to live in such a place.

Now add to this a feeling and knowing that you have all the resources available to help bring this about. You could create teachers, surgeons, librarians, helpers of all types operating on all levels. You could also create the means for going further and help out whenever you desired or when the need was there. You could do this directing while interacting in this creation as well as moving through those you are creating. Further, give yourself the opportunity and means to constantly communicate with all the people and things of this world; constantly guiding them. This is the world you are creating. Sit with this and feel it for a few minutes until you get a sense of how this process works.

Now add another dimension. Let us consider, feel, how it would be to not be constrained by time or by location. Add your presence, extend it, to all things and people in this world you a making - all at the same time. This is something like a conference call - a very large one. Further, let us add another aspect. Call yourself at the same time so you can talk to yourself from the vantage point of all those who can. Now you have feedback to yourself. As a matter of fact, make it easier for yourself. Create all those things and people from yourself, so you know them even better. It then becomes you calling yourself. Feel this for a little bit.

Now add one more thing. Pretend, or feel, that some of these things or people "pass away", get used up, or live for a little while until they wear out. Because of this, many persons have a very limited perception or idea of the length of time your world is or has been going on or their part in it. Further, they may not be aware of you or that you made them out of yourself. Can you sense that for a while?

Feel now, add to this, that you would likely find it useful to have a continuing perspective and knowing of what is needed to do, for you intend to grow long before and long after your creations may pass from it. So you have a very broad idea and feeling of how things progress and what is beneficial to take in the next step.

You would get a larger or greater sense of that if you would conceive of your people as inhabiting this world, full grown, for only a week before they would stop being, while you have a more inclusive sense, not limited in time. So you could see all the steps and stages taken, learn from them also, and continue to adapt the ways to progress and grow from what you have gained in addition to your original inclination and intents. Can you begin to feel how this all works? If not, sit with it a little more until you get a sense of it.

Now we are going to include another feature. We are going to self create in this world - you do it, for it is your world, another or other levels of workers and helpers in addition to the firemen, guides, farmers, teachers, and many others. These people will all have some of your own perspective and will be able to assist in your endeavors longer and more inclusively than the rest. They are able to be around for 2,3, or 4 weeks, and in some cases, many more than that. So now, you have a few, some others, who can be your associates, knowing and feeling some more of what you are doing, what you could be, their potential, and feeling the potentials of the others also. In other words, they would know more or your plan and intentions. Now you have created more helpers from yourself who are able to act as intermediaries to others who are less aware than them.

In this creation you have even given them all the opportunity to grow and be even more, larger, until they each can, according to their capacity, be close to what you are; for remember, you did make them, form them "from" yourself, so it is only reasonable that they can grow to remember that they are of that.

Now you have a whole entire structure in which you are able to help yourself in many ways and means through many forms, people, and things; all with the potential to come to awareness and grow to fulfilling you original intentions.

By now you are no doubt getting a greater feeling for your creation and how it includes many processes, functions, levels, and means of interactions with and through it. Also, you can see how there could be many different perspectives through all these forms, people, entities, beings - and each would be right, perfectly reflect, the state or situation of each. Fortunately, for all, you gave them each the opportunity and possibilities to grow back to, return, remember, and be aware again of being a part of you. You would sense more if you became greater. So your creations would also know you again as yourself if they could remember. You gave them that because you made them of yourself.

In addition to all this, remembering and becoming larger and fulfilling what you intended through them, by fulfilling your own and their own purposes; you are still greater than the world you created - more than your creation - at the same time as you include and are your creations, and they are of you and are you - as are all the methods and means of supporting this creation and giving it sustenance. It is why, by putting aside the limitations of each of your creations identifying as the effect, that it, they, may grow to be the cause. So here you have also given the dynamic, the means to become this again - for yourself through your creation to recall and be - grow to you. Itself is you, again rejoined, but only when it is and does actually remember does it come to fullness and is also in activeness.

So this is your process, your creation, and now it is up to the entire collection to work out and reach the fulfillment of your intention - with and through your own support, for you provide also the means. This is how you go about it in the larger sense, but from the smaller sense, through your creations eyes, it all can be a mystery, or not seen at all, or something aware of in part, or even be twisted and misinterpreted in many ways; or limited by perspective, attachment to a point of view, or not even considered. Remember, you provided them yourself in there forms with this freedom and these options. Now it is up to you to guide and awaken them as you need or feel to assist in their taking the next step to harmony, joy, love, being known and helping each other to fulfill your intention. We could call this process by many titles. Let us use this one: "The Spiritual Enterprise".

Now that you have a feeling for how this creation of yours can work and some of its scope, let us leave your fantasy behind and move toward the more Real.

There is a True, One Being. There is a spiritual hierarchy - just as you created one. There are means and processes for remembering, experiencing, re-becoming, and for fulfilling the intention of this One Being. Some of this we do call, or can call, the Spiritual Endeavor or Spiritual Enterprise.

There is one being from which many are made. Forms and life exists on many levels, and people, being of the One can remember their unity, experience what it is which created "them".

How can these things be said? Either through faith or hope, or fantasy and imagination, or Real Experience and the knowing which results. It is of this we speak; and only the re-membering, becoming aware, achieved again, can bring one to that. There are means to do so, and that is called the spiritual path, awakening, realization, and so forth. There are beings who help in this process from which and through which guidance flows. The face of the Creator acts as life guiding all, and there are specific means and forms with this. All this can be remembered, experienced, found again, and become again - as this is your nature and your being.

You have that within you and as you, and your as it, too. There is nothing hidden which can not be revealed as you step toward and become of this, you, again. This is why we point you toward the One, united with all, for you are of this and are this. It is through that remembering and re-becoming that you know yourself - as a by-product of knowing your Beloved, Creator, of which you are. This is through placing yourself toward That One, and then becoming, being, existing, knowing, feeling, loving - again - still, always. It is from this that you can say with certainty too that all this exists and there is truly and really a spiritual endeavor which leads to betterment for all, one, and re-becoming, liberty, realization, experience, knowing - Truth: That which is, is not, and from which all comes - manifests - and returns.

The spiritual enterprise is the process and means of assistance in becoming this again; promoting and doing what can be done, when it can be done, in the ways to do. This is what one puts oneself toward and becomes part of, as well as receiving guidance and assistance from other parts of this same body and being. This is life in action, serving itself, as itself, in and through all forms and means of itself. You are part of this.

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