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Starting on the Way

The first thing that is done when you seek a guide is for that person to assess your suitability to the path or approach he or she is offering. To do this one can act in an inner and direct manner by means of perception that is deeper than outward, ask questions, do a combination of both, assign duties or work, allow you to associate to some degree and sort yourself out, provide tests or obstacles for you to overcome, or any combination of these or other methods.

For you, certainly, it could be important and valuable to understand the methods or approaches to a certain degree, but really this is not necessary at all. More valuable is for you to understand what it is that you want, that you are seeking. In this manner, through being aware of that, you may more readily access those things or situations. It is, therefore, one of the first areas in which a guide may be of assistance. That is, to help point you toward what you are seeking or to provide the preliminaries so you may sort this out for yourself. This may mean you are rejected outwardly or subtly from the guidance until you are more ready and it is more appropriate. Or you could be pointed in the direction of others with whom you might associate and learn enough to go further. Or it also could mean not doing either but let you find your own way. In any case, it will be up to the guide to decide how to handle it. Just because you show up at the door does not mean you are ready to become part of the "household". There may be more preparation needed first.

Here is another approach to this process. It also many times should be or is a second major stage in assistance prior to guidance. This is to give you an opportunity to learn more about what is being offered and something about the approaches taken. This may be through a combination of readings, discussions, association, or work. Here you will find yourself sorting out your applicability to the process.

Yet all these stages of association with a real teaching are dependent upon you being in the presence of a true "teacher" or guide. How and what you get first depends upon you: your capacity and your real intention. So first, before you try to associate with a spiritual guide, would it not make sense to find - really assess - what you are seeking and what you want to give to reach that goal? In addition, would it not be reasonable for you to find out more about what so-called spiritual realization is all about?

There are many groups and organizations and so-called teachers and assistors, by all sorts of names. Most would welcome you with open arms in "their" processes, what "they" do and how they do it. The assumption is that you have gotten to the door, so you know about what they are doing and how they do it. And further, that you are ready for the "truth" as they see it.

A story of some relevance comes to mind. A seeker came to a person who really knew and asked that person what he could look for in finding a real teacher. The one who knew responded by saying something like: "It is difficult and subtle to discern and for me to tell you how to find a real guide. But I can tell you how to find one who is not". "How", replied the "seeker". The man then said, "If you find someone who will accept you now, in your current condition, then you will know that person is not a real teacher or guide."

Here is another perspective to consider. "Spiritual" has nothing to do with organizations, people telling you how to do something, or even religions. It has to do with learning to live again as you really are. It is about unfolding the potential of yourself as a person, not learning anything new. Further, it is more about remembering and regaining the capacity to be what you already truly are but simply have forgotten. There in nothing "new" to learn but how to reconnect with, perceive, and act knowingly with what already exists, what you already have "come from" and where you already are "going". In addition, it is mostly recognizing and remembering what you already have gone through, and Truth, being That Which Is, of which you also are. Then it is to application, so you become assisted in how to go further in life and do what you intended to do in fulfilment of yourself - not a trip for someone else. It would be very wise indeed for you to explore more of what is real and what is called the spiritual path and realization prior to becoming associated with some group, organization, or teaching simply because it is there, or feels good, or satisfies superficial desires.

Listen to a short talk on discourse on the path and realization: Click to Listen.

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